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What can you say about Newt Gingrich?   When he speaks, he is almost always right.


Now he is speaking out on behalf of Congressman Michele Bachmann. 




Since first asking U.S. intelligence and security agencies to look into possible ties between Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood, the personal attacks on Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) have been relentless. First from Senator John McCain (R-AZ), and then from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). Bachmann quickly indicated he too should be under investigation along with Abedin.

In the middle of this spat, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has emerged in Bachmann's defense and is literally striking down the arguments against her in broad daylight. 

For example, whereas McCain had described Bachmann's question about Abedin as an "attack," Gingrich made it clear that it wasn't an attack, nor was it an "allegation," rather it was simply a "question." And as Gingrich pointed out, "the question ought to be asked across the board. What's the role of the Muslim Brotherhood, what are its various networks and to what degree does it now influence the United States?" 


It is a legitimate question.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization that seeks to impose an Islamic state world wide, with Sharia law.


If you like Iran, you will love what the Muslim Brotherhood has in mind.  They freely admit their highest goal is “Jihad” and to “die in the way of Allah.”  In other words they want to die in Jihad.  In plain English, they want to conquer, kill and subjugate the infidels.  That is you and me for anyone who misses the finer point.


It is not shocking that the Party of Treason is attacking Michele Bachmann.  They attach anyone who loves this nation and believes in patriotic values.  What is very disturbing is Republicans are turning on her.


Perhaps it is not shocking that John Boehner has turned on Michele Bachmann.  Boehner acts like he takes his orders from Obama, not the people who put him in the speaker’s chair. 


Michele Bachmann has been a courageous voice in the Congress.  She has stood for America and American values, even when it has been hard to do.


Where the hell is the Republican establishment?  They are putting John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender into the breeze to see which way it is blowing.


Is it asking John Boehner and the rest of the Republican leadership too much to grow a pair?


Michele Bachmann, contrary to what the drive by media is saying, has not accused anyone of anything.  She has simply raised some important questions.


Those questions should be answered. 


If those questions were raised about the influence of communist China or North Korea or any other group, there would be no argument.  There should be none here either.


Newt said Michele Bachmann was asking questions not making accusations.


Once again, Newt is right.


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Newt is Right. 

Michele Bachmann and "Few Others in The Congress" are not "Members of The Same Club as Obama".  They may wear different colored uniforms and party symbols but "They are Good Old Fratenity Boys" with a wink and secret hand shake "They All get Their Piece of the Pie and We The People get Home Cooking" !

Michele Bachmann is Honest and  they all know it and "They Hate Her For It" !  It takes the "Tenacity of Newt" to put their asses in the right lane !

Michele and the Rest of "The Intelligence Committee" should run down every lead to "The Muslim Brotherhood Influence in the Government".  How can we fight it if we can't see them??

Semper Fi,


I am not shocked at all that the GOP is turning their back on Michelle Bachmann.

She is a REAL AMERICAN and they are a bunch of WORMS.  If the Tea Party had any brains or sense, Michelle would be the Republican nominee for President instead of Mitt.  I notice Mitt hasn't spoken up for her either.  GOP cowardice knows no bounds.

Get on the phone and call the republican leadership now and tell them to stop bashing Michelle and to support her. If the still refuse.  Call them back and then tell them if they do not then we will vote them out of office for sure in the coming election.  If not this one, then we will in the next one.  

James: How many phone calls,e-mails,letters have American people done? We have to recognize that most are not on our side and could care less what we think or believe. If we don't stand up in numbers and go face to face with these people our days of free society are limited. They believe Americans have very short attention spans. I do also or why would so many follow the establishment during recent primaries. They told us who to vote for and being good little fools we followed. People can't or won't think for themselves,need someone tell us  how to act. Michelle is getting lots of support now,but where was that support in primaries. We have only a handful of conservatives who will stand up for us,but we can't seem to support them,why?

James I am calling Coats and Buschon my Senator and Congressman and tell them both to not get on the bandwagon! In fact a fair question no matter how hot the topic needs to be asked and deserves and answer! Lets go for it folks.

Very right and we need to support Bachmann. When simple questions cause a defense response you know they are avoiding telling the truth. They want to distract as usual rather than converse. Sal did a good job!

Act For America is an excellent website and is on top of this issue. If you go to their site, which I linked, you can send an email to your representatives in DC for free, telling them that you support Cong. Bachmann and the other signers of the letter.

Ocassionally for amusement purposes, I watch the Communist News Network. 


Last week as this news was breaking, I was just astounded that the Wolfman Blitzer

not 5 minutes before the Bachman report, was going on in a separate news story about

how "negligent the FBI and other agencies were as to the signs pointing to Army Maj. Nidal Hasan

as turning into a radical muslim extremist.  How could they possibly have missed this? He asks.


Answer is simply by ignoring signs that are right in front of them and believing that questions the motives

of muslim extremist and their great silent majority who is complicit with them just as is illustrated

with the Bachman story.


To this day, this tragic occurence is not referred to as a "terrorist act".    Such BS


AMERICANS MUST START ASKING THEMSELVES WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY DOING, WE IN AMERICA NEED LEADERSHIP THAT WILL ASK THE QUESTIONS AND POST GUARD ON OUR SOVEREIGN, HONESTY IS NOTHING TO QUESTION, WE SHOULD ALL BE SEEKING HONESTY IN OUR LEADERSHIP, ASK YOURSELF AND ANSWER HONESTLY, HAS ROMNEY OR OBAMA BEEN HONEST WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE CAUGHT THEM IN LIES? WHAT ARE THEY LYING ABOUT NOW WHILE THEY SEEK YOUR VOTE? ARE YOU READY TO SNUB YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS TO SUPPORT EITHER OF THESE CANDIDATES THAT DELIBERATELY GO AGAINST GOD'S WORD'S? Why do we as Americans continue to go against our own personal beliefs, to support those who lie to us to get our vote? Why do we consistently tell other voters to go against their values and vote for candidate that clearly does not uphold our values? DO YOU REALLY think for one minute that our individual right to vote belongs to a party? Why do YOU agree to go along with electing people that do not have our best interest at heart? Anyone that can give a person the right to kill their own unborn, yet take away the rights of the church and the unborn are not upholding our God given rights, Anyone that can impose more regulations on gun control (set to protect the rights of Americans), and go against the American family are not upholding our rights as American citizens..IF THE PEOPLE OF THE US OF A ARE WILLING TO GIVE UP THEIR OWN RIGHTS TO ALLOW A POLITICAL PARTY TO WIN THE WHITE HOUSE THEN AMERICA WILL GET WHAT THEY DESERVE...UNFORTUNATELY, for the future of America the horizon will look pretty bleak..we will be known as the generation that gave away our country...good job people.......It is time to stand in opposition to what is being forced on the American people, we need to have a brokered convention and expel those that wish to usurp OUR rights..Romney is one such usurper and Obama is Obviously a fraud.


I agree with you.

We have not come to this "Position of Complicity...Over night".  I finished high school 50 years ago (28 May 1962).  I joine the United States Marine Corps on 9 June 1962. We were "On the Threshhold of World War III"...we thought...and probablty so".  JFK told Khruschev that he would pull the missiles out of Cuba and Khruschev threatened "War" and JFK told him that "Then there will be War".

The Civil Rights movement was "Beginning to evolve" and "The Civil Rights Act 1964.

The "Peace Movement" began due to our involvement in South East Asia (Viet Nam primarily).

Biirth Control pills were developed and "Free Love became Freer".

Beverly....I equate the "Evolution of the Sorry State that we are in to The Spoiling of a Child".  Because when they are little and so cute and not much trouble...1st it is a candy bar when they want it...kicking the ball in the street, dominating the family phone, some parents letting their children call them by their first names, no requirement to say please or may I be excused..... "Just one little thing is not so bad".  Until it becomes "convenient" to "lose the battle in hopes of winning the war.

The Church became silent on Political Matters and primarily "rubber stamped the Republican Party". They received "Tax-Free Status" and Their numbers increased and so did their "Money" until they began to "Use the mnoey that Wealthy Christians donated to the church (deduction on taxes)  To Finance "Christitian Mega Churches, Christian Sports Facilities, Christian Private Schools and The Christians "went into isolation to get away from a society that was not willing to follow Christian Principles". Therefore, the Republican Party had most of "The Churches in their Hip Pocket" and they became corrupt and "self Righteous "Like The Pharisees in The Holy Bible".  The "Common Folks" followed the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party became a "Socialist Party" that "Gave Services to the schools, welfare Departments, and many other agencies and the "Common Labor and Lower Classes were in the Democratic Party's Pocket".

Now, we "Awake 50 years later" and all of the "Tax-Free Benefits and Labor Driven Government and Private Benefits financed by the American Taxpayer and The Use of Inflation as the "Most Hidden of All Taxes" has placed The USA into a "Mortgaged System whereby This House Has been Living Above its Income for 50 years. The American People are spoiled and have traded "Their Freedom for the american Lifestyle".

There some a time to tell the spoiled children that "Dad and Mom are Broke".  all the big houses, cars, boats, clothes, and "Vanity" is over.  Now we are lo9oking around for those with more than we and saying "They must be to blame for our poverty and we will take some of their excess".

Solomon said that hew had experience the best of all worldly things and end the end it is "All Vanity and Vexation to My Spirit" (relationship to GOD),

So, we have choice of not "Participating in "The New World Order" and returning to Our Roots of "The Pilgrims".   (1) Trust GOD (2) Help Others  (3) Clean House.

The "World Believes that We had rather die than giveup our Lifestyles"......Well, I am from a Generation that Believes that GOD is Enough and  I had rather "Go Back To Ox Carts & Flintlocks & Log Cabins and "Be Free & Sovereign" than ALL THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER.

Semper Fidelis,




Ron, You have expressed the progressive deterioration of the family and public very well.

Regarding churches, you have lost the details, and I cannot really follow your condemnations there.  I believe you should rerun your explanation.

I think he is saying the churches covet the tax exempt status more than preaching the truth.

They "trimmed" to Word as to not offend people and looked at attendance numbers (plus tithes checks).

They spent money on huge and extravagant churches instead of spending it on things that work towards saving others.

They did not like the world so the drew inwards to protect themselves it.

Forgive me if I misinterpreted your post Ronald.


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