You have probably heard the story that has been all over the conservative blogosphere the last few days about Dan Savage, the radical nut job who is allegedly an “anti-bullying” advocate. 


Savage addressed a group of teenagers at a journalism conference.  Allegedly he was to talk about his “anti-bullying” message.   Instead, he did what he normally does.  He became a bully.


Perhaps the more important question is, who thought it was a good idea to have this clown as the speaker at a conference for teenagers?


The National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalistic Education Association put on the conference.


Savage verbally abused the teenagers there, particularly the Christian teenagers.  When confronted with complaints about Savage, the NSPA said:


“We appreciate the level of thoughtfulness and deliberation regarding Dan Savage’s keynote address.  Some audience members who felt hurt by his words and tone decided to leave in the middle of his speech, and to this, we want to make our point very clear: While as a journalist it’s important to be able to listen to speech that offends you, these students and advisers had simply reached their tolerance level for what they were willing to hear.”


Listen to speech that offends?


Savage is a radical homosexual activist.  His list of “hits” including back in 2000, licking doorknobs to try and give then presidential candidate Gary Bauer the flu.  He is known for obscene rants against conservatives and republicans, wishing they were all dead.  His greatest hit was in 2006, where he ran a contest to pick a sexual act to associate with Rick Santorum.  Once he picked something suitably disgusting, he encouraged others to use search engines to make certain that every time someone “Googled” the name Santorum, that was all that came up.


Rick Santorum’s campaign had to spend a lot of time and money fixing that problem last year for his campaign.


Who is the genius that thought he would be a good choice for teenagers?  For that matter, who thinks he is a decent speaker for any group?


The NSPA thinks that students should listen to that offends them.  Savage is a radical homosexual activist who is using bullying to advance his agenda.  Savage is the equivalent of the freaks from Westboro Baptist Church. Does anyone think they would have invited that offensive founder of Westboro Baptist Church?


How about inviting some real speakers? How about Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who recently burned the Koran?   How about someone like Phyllis Schlafly?  How about Joseph Farah of WND?  Not only is he a real journalist but he is the polar opposite of Dan Savage?


No, the NSPA has an agenda.  Much as Savage has an agenda, so do these groups.  Like many so called educational groups, their speaking roster is only open to liberals. 


The Dan Savage presentation was not about teaching kids about covering bullying, as the NSPA originally claimed the purpose of the seminar was.  It was never about that.  It was about advancing an agenda.   There is a message they are trying to promote.  If you want to be a journalist, you must be a liberal.


In a perfect world, no one would give Dan Savage the time of day.  The world is not perfect.  All parents, concerned educators and citizens can do is stay involved with their local schools and make certain the schools are not wasting money on programs that are simply indoctrination seminars.

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It's so sad that we have been over-run by our own misgivings. We as a whole have allowed this to happen and it will take years to correct it. They are in control of every aspect of our lives and should we continue to lay back and let it run it's course, we will be run over by a freight train. Look at our Congress and Senate, every day knowing Obama is not eligible to be in office they keep their mouth's shut and say absolutely nothing for they are afraid and soon we will be afraid if this crap continues. You will be harrassed and thrown behind bars until you come around to their way of thinking. I am ashamed of what has happened to America but I think we will eventually turn it around as soon as this evil group of people are removed from office. They all have to be replaced for they have all failed to defend the Constitution and the American people.

The one statement about having to be a liberal to be a reporter is truer than we would like to think. If you are conservative or something other than liberal you are faced with an uphill battle to pursue your career path. The majority of the professors are liberal and the journalism instructors are even more idealistic.

As a result look at what we have in the journalistic society to day, many employed by CBS,NBC,ABC, and unfortunately some at FNC but at least FNC does balance it's agenda and coverage of political affairs. In the written media you have the number #1 liberal rag The New York Times, Then the Washington Times, Time magazine and Rolling stones Mag. These are just a few.

With this kind of people that we depend on (at your own risk) for the news of the day you are going to only hear one side of the story and that is the liberal agenda at best.

The same is true for those who would like to pursue a teaching career.  Teaching certification is nothing more than a weeding out process, designed so that only those with the proper mind-set go on to the classroom.  The results are the same. 


   It's time a Seminat for Christian / Conservative Journalistic  to take place. You can invite

   people to speak who are of our ilk.  I belive that Seminar would be a full house . So just ignore

  the Dan Savage's as you will not change them, They will be judged by s Higher Power. Boy,

  are the Dan Savages of the world in for a suprise.  frankly, they need to get "fire insurance" before

  they die...

  Paul - Naples Fl.



As a friend and I have frequently envisioned, a red X (trap door) on the ground near the entry gate of heaven, St. Peter is the "gatekeeper" his 1 question to all is "why should I open the gate for you to enter?"  With his hand on the tripping mechanism waits for their answer - asking the party to please stand on the red X while awaiting their answer. Any answer other than Jesus is my Lord and Savior gets the trap door opened with a "sorry, you have answered incorrectly" and they are "dropped" into satans waiting arms for a "warm" reception.

The liberals, as a whole, are bullies. They only do these "anti-bullying" things to make sure the gays and "so-called" victims--because all are not victims--vote Democrat. They could care less what happens to the child or the family that is conservative.

They should not have walked out. They should have shouted him down. It is time for us to quit running from a fight and start giving it back to them.

Fight fire with fire. 49 of 50 states have conceal carry laws. If you feel threatened, defend yourself. The law abiding citizens must organize just as the Obama zombies have. The Giant is awake. Evil exists when good men stand around and do nothing. Arm yourselves with camcorders if you don't have weapons.Don't go quietly into the night !

These teens should have performed an ows "mic check". However, the liberal "adult" nspa leaders would probably have called the police. 

I've written about my area, Vero Beach and Sebastian, Florida, in the past.  Our local papers, the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, cover an area from Sebastian to West Palm Beach.

Like many other papers, stories and letters may be responded to via "comments" and I have been a regular commenter for several years.  Democrats consistently bully the conservatives and then have the nerve to cry, saying they are targeted.

I am one of the very few people who actually has the guts to post under my real name and I am constantly criticised because I do not believe the President deserves a second term.  Hell, I don't believe he deserved a first term but since I don't have my head up his backside, I'm considered the bad guy.

Good lord - you just can't even make this stuff up...and there's a lot more of this insanity out there, just look at the occupy idiots...but Obama and Pelosi support these idiots - I understand how Pelosi can get elected in San Francisco but if Obama gets reelected in November then I fear for the future of the US.


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