Is Harry Reid totally crazy?  Is he nuts?  Has he been smoking something?  Or is he just your typical lying politician?


Today Harry Reid was once again pushing for ever increasing taxes to fuel spending by the Party of Corruption.  Now he claims the Tea Party supports higher taxes!


From The Daily Caller:


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has proposed a 5 percent tax increase on millionaires to pay for President Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill, arguing that even the tea party supports his idea.

“More than 50 percent of the tea party and about 75 percent of other people in America agree that we need to do something about this so we’re going to propose to pay for this important jobs legislation by asking people who make more than a million dollars a year to pay 5 percent more to fund job creation to ensure this country’s economic success,” Reid said at the Capitol on Wednesday.

When announcing the proposal with Reid at the press conference, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said the 5% surtax would affect earned yearly income above $1 million. The problem, Reid said, is that none of his Senate Republican colleagues support tax increases on millionaires.

“Seventy five percent of Republicans support this tax; the problem is none of them are in the Senate, so they’re going to have to listen to their constituents. Their constituents — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — and as I’ve already said, even the tea party believe that taxes should be assessed on a fair basis,” Reid said.



Harry Reid is simply lying, delusional or both.


The Tea Party does not want to see anyone’s taxes increased.  What we want to see is the government returning to what it is supposed to be.  What we want to see is the end of the endless waste, fraud and abuse that is government spending.  We are tired of the political class squandering our money and everyone else’s.  We are tired of the political class using their positions to enrich themselves and buy their reelections.


In short, we are tired of people like Harry Reid.


Just for the record Harry, you are not going to find a single Tea Party member who supports raising taxes.


One thing we will all agree on.  It is time for Harry Reid to be voted out of Washington!

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This is not about telling the truth. It is about saying something that the media will
repeat without question and might get the Democrat base to go along with him.
When it comes to LYING, Harry Reid has been pardoned more times than a blind man at a nun convention!  How this despicable democrat can continue to even be taken seriously is amazing.  The liberals tell their lies and their followers eat it up and forgive no matter how untrue.  More sickening than anything is that we now live in a society where lying is a way of life and these politicians make so much money doing it.
Isn't he the one that invented the phrase "pardoned Me Sir"




The sad thing is they have a sickness that makes them even believe their own lies they tell.

The snake isn't a pathological liar, he is a purposeful liar with a huge fan base, that would be the main stream media and those easily duped by media stories.  In truth there is no difference between newspapers pretending to be serious publications and the grocery shelf rags with headlines blaring problems of celebrities and the television media is no different, why would a person with half an intellect care what the Kardashian twits or people like lesbian Ellen DeGeneres are doing this week? We are no longer a serious people, we are pried and prodded like hogs to slaughter, forever settling for the easy way out and that is supplied by the political whores.  

This ties in with Van Jones plans of absconding the Tea Party. Create confusion, dilute the other sides message, cause chaos and achievement success of the marxist plans. Harry helps him by telling lies and Durbin seems to be calling for a run on banks. Chaos will soon be upon us.

Van who?..............


sorry, just quoting Joe Biteme.

No, Harry is not lying.  He is desperate and thinks we are stupid.

Let this play out and fail in the congressional vote.  It would be suicide for dems to vote for this.

I do have a question for Harry.   obama has been running around saying his jobs bill is totally paid for...

Harry, why do we need this new tax if it is already paid for??


You are right.  Obama has said repeatedly stated that his Jobs Bill is paid for.  Even though I know the MSM is rolling over and doing the Lefts bidding, it never fails to make me wonder how they (Obama and other Left-Wing nutty leaders) say one thing one day and a different one the next day or the next time they have the opportunity to get in front of a microphone, and very few people pick up on it. AAAAARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have posed a great question for Dingy Harry.  Hopefully someone will confront him with it publicly.

Be nice if they would answer that question.
He should have been voted out a long time ago!


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