No Hank, no Monday Night Football,


ESPN, owned by far left leaning Disney struck back at Hank Williams today, taking his trademark, “Are you ready for some football?” song off fo the opening of Monday night football.


Why?  Williams dared to insult Disney darling Obama.


From the Daily Caller:


The name Hank Williams, Jr. isn’t usual associated with political insight and expert analysis of current events. But the “Are you ready for some football?” singer has some strong political views, and he shared them on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning. Among other things, he compared the president to Adolph Hitler.

Williams said Monday morning that a pivotal moment for him was the so-called golf summit in June between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner.

“You remember the golf game they had, ladies and gentlemen? Remember the golf game? That was one of the biggest political mistakes ever,” Williams said. “That turned a lot of people off. It just didn’t go over.”

“Come on, come on,” the country performer continued. “It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu, OK? Not hardly. In the country this shape it’s in, the shape this country is in, I mean, no, I don’t think so.”

Host Brian Kilmeade said he didn’t understand that analogy, but Williams insisted that others would.

“Well, I’m glad you don’t, brother, because a lot of people do,” he said. “They’re the enemy” – meaning Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.



Earlier this year, ESPN reprimanded Golf commentator Paul Azinger for an anti-Obama tweet.


From USA Today in August:


UPDATE: ESPN is coming down on Paul Azinger for mocking President Obama on Twitter. The golf analyst tweeted Thursday the commander in chief plays more golf than he does -- and that Azinger has created more jobs this month than Obama has.


Of course ESPN has no problem when far left leaning Kenny Mayne tweeted this jewel:





Of course since it is hate directed towards a conservative, nothing happened to Mayne. 


As much as I love sports, I have just about had it with ESPN.  Until Hank Williams is brought back to sing the intro to MNF, I won’t watch it and I encourage everyone else to turn off MNF.


Hank Williams, Jr. is rumored to be thinking about running for the US Senate in Tennessee.  As a Tennessean, all I can say is, “Run Hank Run!”

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I just read this and it really surprised me. Wondering what's up with Cain??? Not a fan of his. Thinking if he got in with his 999 plan I would be paying our TN State sales tax of over 9% plus his National tax of 9% meaning for every dollar I spend almost 20% would go for sales tax. Here is the article.


As Decoder wrote last week, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain is romping in straw polls (Florida, and, this weekend, the National Federation of Republican Women), killing it on social media, climbing in at least one national poll, and promoting a new book. Columnists at the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Examiner have both given him love.

It’s momentum and recognition that the Rick Santorums and Jon Huntsmans of the GOP world must be lusting after.

But Cain seems destined to squander it. And here’s why.

As NBC’s thoughtful First Read points out this morning, Cain's promoting a book - and appears to be taking himself off the campaign trail for almost a month.

Cain won’t be back in the key state of Iowa until November. With all of the jiggering of the Republican primary calendar, that means he’ll have six weeks (at best) to pound the trail before the Iowa caucuses in early January.

Perhaps equally telling, Cain's well-regarded communications director and her deputy are both leaving the campaign, with the director headed to… run press operations for Louisiana Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne in a tough primary election. That’s not exactly a vote of confidence in Cain’s presidential prospects.

Herman Cain's campaign isn’t dead by any means. But look at the difference between his campaign and that of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. With Paul rising in the polls, the congressman started cutting aggressive broadcast ads pounding Texas Gov. Rick Perry, among others, and hauling in campaign dollars. Paul’s got two events in New Hampshire today.

When you peel off the campaign trail for four weeks in the heat of the fight, it raises questions about just what the heck a candidate is doing in the race anyway. As Decoder previously wrote, all candidates not named Rick Perry or Mitt Romney have another goal in running for president to keep them going in the face of their slim poll numbers. For Ron Paul, it’s moving the national conversation toward his libertarian themes. For Jon Huntsman, it’s setting up a potential bid in 2016. For Michele Bachmann, it’s enshrining herself as a leading light of the GOP’s most hard-right members.

When you take yourself off the campaign trail just to flog a book, it raises the question: Why are you still around, Herman Cain? And what’s the real motive behind this run?


Darlene -  The odd part of the Fox interview with Hank William Jr. was the part he stated Herman Cain was the only current Presidential candidate for whom he would be able to vote.

Darlene, what you have posted (from the Christian Science Monitor) is an opinion, and a very biased opinion, masquerading as news. I was surprised at the Christian Science Monitor for printing it. I was not aware they had not gone bankrupt. Anyway, Herman Cain is hot on the campaign trail. He is most certainly not "suspending his campaign". He is also promoting his new book, "I Am Herman Cain", just released today, at the same time he campaigns. It's a smart business move, and a smart political move. I'm looking forward to his visit to Florida tomorrow. Also, fortunately, I am not the only one to "bust" the Christian Science Monitor on their "article":





Btw, I would ask you, and every other Perry supporter, to please read Herman's 9-9-9 plan before you post about it. It will not do what you say it will.

I watched the Fox News program yesterday and although it was apparent that Hank Jr was mad as hell (as are most Americans these days) he did NOT call Obama Hitler..he just used a strong analogy to make a point.   It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu...to make a point 


Where is the outrage when the far left compares conservatives to Hitler and worse? 

The analogy was clumsy at best and at least to me, it is borderline non-sensical. 


.....But do you think ABC and Disney intend to pull the plug on Morgan Freeman and Eva Longoria because of their wrong headed, at least borderline non-sensical comments about TEA Parties?

Talk about non-sensical TV shows with radical celebrities.  How about "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" starring Janeane Garofala as an FBI agent?  We somehow are able to watch Whoopi Goldberg and separate her political views from her excellent acting abilities.  But even Whoopi has had to apologize for going overboard with her political comments.  Hank Williams Jr. should stick to performing country music and keep out of making extreme political statements making him and the Tea Party look like a bunch of rednecks.
What an idiot this guy is, thats you Bob
I  go along with  No  Hank Williams  no ESPN ....Since  when does  a Liberal Groups   (10%) rule this  country... We have young  heads full of mush  sitting in down on Wall Street  and not  one of them know  the reason they are there.. 



Hank Williams, Jr. is right. Obama ia a power hungry Anti-America who rerally dosen't know what a real job is. I wish they would pay my green fees, since under Obama and his regulatons my business is shut down waiting for approvals.
And yet, the teaparty  can be maligned, demonized, lies told by black congressman, Obama and his regime calling us names, and nothing happens....no backlash.....amazing!!
Go to usatoday website.....they have a poll on this question, if Hank Williams should have been fired.....of course, my answer was "no, itis free speech".....which has gotten the vast majority of hits


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