The Restoring Common Sense tour continues to roll through Wisconsin as we try to beat back a well-organized well-funded leftist effort to remove 6 Republican State Senators from office for, well, doing their jobs. 


You may remember back in February 14 Democratic State Senators fled the state to deny the State Senate a quorum.    You would think they are the one’s being recalled in next week’s recall election.


You would be wrong. 


The fleeing 14 could confess to anything except loving and being proud of their country and they would be reelected in their overwhelmingly Democratic districts. 


The Six Republicans who did what they were asked to do by their constituents are the ones facing recall.  They took Wisconsin from billions in the hole to a surplus.  Under the previous Democratic governor, who Republican Scott Walker replaced, Wisconsin hemorrhaged jobs.   Now, under the Republican administration, Wisconsin is showing an increase in employment.


A few days ago, Governor Walker showed up to open the state fair.  This was not a political event.  It is one of those ceremonial events that a governor is obligated to do.  His remarks were not political and in fact, consisted mostly of saying, “I declare the state fair to be open.”


The Wisconsin Red shirts, the left’s modern version of Brown shirts were there to shout Walker down and generally ruin the fair for as many people as they could. 


The left has been out as The Restoring Common Sense Tour traveled through the state on Day 1. 


In Hudson Wisconsin, about 50 paid liberal protestors showed up and tried to shout us down.  They gathered around our loudspeaker, trying to some how block the sound.   Short of cutting a wire, that wasn’t going to happen but then again, liberals are not the brightest people.


Showing typical liberal tolerance, they repeatedly told Tea Partiers to leave and shut up.   In the end, we had a great rally and the paid union protestors went away frustrated.  But at least they had some of George Soros’ money in their pockets!


Our second stop of the day was in Lacrosse.  Since the rally was after five, union rules prevented most of the Union protestors from showing up.  I guess time and a half was not in the budget.   A few from moveon or one of those other groups showed up.  Their idea of debate was to shout obscenities.  A couple of retired Marines ended that problem.


Today we roll on with more stops.   We need everyone we can get out to help.  If you cannot make it to Wisconsin and still want to help, there is a way you can.


Darla Dawald over at Patriot Action Network sent me an email with information on how you can help:





Get involved across the country!!! Make calls to get every last Wisconsin voter to the polls. There are 6 state Senate Repubs facing election challenges this Tuesday August 9th and 2 state senate Dems on August 16th. If the dems win 3 seats, they get control of the state senate. We NEED to stop the unions again.

Americans for Prosperity has a national phone bank running and if we all make a few calls we can make a huge difference.

If you are interested in phonebanking for the Wisconsin AFP nonpartisan GOTV effort, contact the AFP Wisconsin headquarters at 414-476-7900 or email at infoWI@afphq.org.



Get involved and help any way you can. This Tuesday is the election and getting out the vote will be crucial.  As much as I despise everything the left stands for, I have to respect their ability to get out the vote.  They do that very well, along with getting dead people to vote and people who never existed to vote as well.


Each of these six is going to have to win his election not only by a majority but by a fraud proof majority.


These fine people need your help.  If you are not in Wisconsin and cannot get to Wisconsin, join the phonebanking efforts.


Help today.  Otherwise you may see this type of thing happening in your state!


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Roll On....TPXpress!
G-d Bless those Marines. Semper Phi from an old soldier.
I was very happy to have those guys there. it is a great feeling knowing Marines have your back.
"You would think they (the runaway Democrats) are the ones being recalled in next week's recall election." Well, why not? If they can do it, so can we! I don't reside in Wisconsin, but a branch of the Tea Party there ought to start recalls on all of the Democrat cowards. What's good for the goose...

Tana, Barry, Ron, and other readers of this...  I challenge all to join in the phone banking request Judson pleaded about.  I'm gonna do more than vent, I'm calling!  Thanks to Judson and you feisty Marines!

You betcha!

I donated last night on this site last night!  (unable to phone bank.....hearing impaired).

Yeah!  That's what I'm talking about.  Go Tea.
I will be on the phone bank until the election is over.

If you can, get a copy of the 1945 C.S. Lewis book "That Hideous Strength".  It's a theological sci-fi novel which takes place in then (1945) modern-day England.  A secret society originating in academia wishes to change the British society into essentially a non-democratic, anti-freedom society.  What is chilling about the novel are the parallels with what I believe is happening today.   C.S. Lewis was a Christian, so his novel was based on the Biblical premise that we "fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places (spirits)".  Even though I am a Christian, I confess I have unconsciously rejected to a certain degree that Biblical teaching, and believed that through logic, observation, and common sense, liberals would see the flaws in their ideologies and pass legislation accordingly.  I'm admitting I was wrong.  I believe what we are witnessing is mostly a spiritual cause, not a "flesh and blood" cause.  That can only explain the bizarre and paradoxical world-view of many liberals, two glaring examples of which are their pro-abortion arguments and their "spend/borrow more to reduce spending/debt" argument.  They are either spiritually blinded or controlled, stupid, literally insane, cold-blooded selfish narcissists, or a combination of those.  Others are just too distracted and busy to care, so they form their opinion by the media and go back to the process of simply existing.  The ones I am referring to are those who actually take the time to gather information and apply thought to support their strange beliefs.

In the novel, the members of the secret society are driven and influenced by one or a combination of three things: simple greed/ambition, naive belief in their ideology as being beneficial to society, and direct spiritual influence to the point where some were utterly possessed by a spirit.  The ones possessed or controlled by a spirit would act strangely and say nonsensical things which were completely illogical and irrational.  They influenced the media to spin reports in their favor and orchestrated "crises" to accelerate their evil plan.  I'm always reminded of one particular character in the novel whenever I see a photo of Kagan, the Supreme Court justice that Obama appointed.

Sounds good. But let's do this phone bank first, then go to the library! Go Tea!

two glaring examples of which are their pro-abortion arguments and their "spend/borrow more to reduce spending/debt" argument.


I'll discuss these, and lay out the rational, logical case:

1. Pro-abortion

This is stated about a woman's right-to-choose to be pregnant.

There seems to be a dichotomy where one can insist on the woman bringing a child into the world, into poverty. It sees wrong, immoral, to bring the child into the world and not provide the child every opportunity to grow up into decent, honest, and law-abiding person.


If there is the demand that the child be born, it follows the mother needs support (welfare) for the child and herself. Society owns this child an education, the ability for the mother to raise the child (stay at home mom), safe housing, a safe neighborhood, the expectation of education for a productive job, and a job.


Right-to-live extends beyond the womb through the child's life until becoming a productive adult. Right-to-life does not stop at birth, leaving the child, and the child's mother are "on their own". Absent that support, and that support is provided in Europe in its Social Democracies by taxes,  the woman has a right-to-choose abortion.


If you want right-to-life, then society, has to provide the means, taxes, for raising the child. The alternative is high infant mortality, and high rates of crime from children not brought up with a good set of values, but left by a mother forced to work to lean bad habits in a unsafe environment; that is, the situation in the US.


You cannot have you cake and eat it. Right-to-life has to be accompanied by the social programs to support mother and child for society's benefit. The alternative is either death, unproductive adulthood, or future expensive imprisonment for the child.


2. Spend/borrow more the reduce the debt


First it does not reduce spending, let's make that clear.


Growth of the economy is the underlying assumption to this economics.


Growth is feuled by demand from consumers in the US economy. This concept was invented in the US by Henry Ford, who raised wages in his factory to enable his workers to buy one of his cards.


Without demand from customer, no entrepreneur or business succeeds. The very first question in any business plan is either "who will buy that" followed by "what is the benefit to the customer".


When private employment and thus private spending falls, as it has in this recession, that only entity that can reverse this trend, the so called counter cyclical trend, is the Government, by spending and creating jobs, which then create demand.


The supply side (business and private investment) reacts to the increase demand with more products, which increases employment from the mines to the factories to the distribution system and to the stores, in conjunction with a increase in demand for services, one prime example being remodeling and improving one's home. Eventually new products and services are delivered into this existing market. The business cycle is not led by new products and services, in is led by an expansion in demand for existing products and services (e.g. Let's buy a new car). The huge investment necessary for expansion is driven from the revenue generated by the increasing demand for products and services.


An example of an industry that must continually change is the fashion industry, which has a huge failure rate fro new products (latest fashions). Their cost of failure is small, a few custom made (prototype garments). When the trend (demand) is established, the demand proven, then there is the investment in the clothing faction to produce the new line of clothes.


The increased economic activity is taxed to provide increased taxes for the repayment of the money borrowed for our bebefit by the government to start the new business cycle.


We and the Government are in this system together. The Government provide the money, the investment, for the demand to get the business cycle started, and we repay the government in the rise and peak of the business cycle in the form of taxes, to repay the government's investment (retire debt).


Some forms of Government investment are better than others. Infrastructure is good because there is a tangible use for rods, water lines, sewers, and so on. War is a poor investment because noting is built for future use (except lingering anger and resentment of those who suffered from the war).


The Bush spending was investment in war, which impoverishes us all. It built no highways or bridges in the US, no sewers for us, and destroyed many cities in Iraq and Afghanistan.


AN example of private infrastructure is the US electrical grid, which is acknowledged to be old, failing, and requires huge investment to increase its capacity and make it more reliable and efficient. The US electrical grid is mostly private owned by power companies, and they have extracted their profits and done a poor job in improving this vital part of our infrastructure.


One final point: Governments like the US Government, whose debt is good (no possibility of default) borrow at very low rates, and actually do not need to borrow (pay interest) at all. They could just increase the money supply, because in the case of the US T-Bills are effectively interest bearing money. They are back, just as our money by the good faith and credit of the US Government, used to buy items, settle debts, and can be exchange for non-interest bearing paper (money) at any time.

In other words, kill 'em off because they hurt your wallet... how very "progressive".  Do you think they would object if you could ask them?

I don't really like the term "right to life", because it has since taken on an inference of a future state of being.  Pre-born human beings should have the right to STAY alive since they already have life.  Pre-born human beings are not "potential" persons that are merely a tissue growth.  The warm fuzzy semantics like "choice", "reproductive rights", etc. all sound so very liberating in an American way, but are only diversions from what abortion is: killing a living human being.


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