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http://dancingczars.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/operation-gut-the-military/#more-66595 Why are so many generals and admirals being fired, dem…


19 Jan 9, 2015
Reply by Nancy

Pravda from Russia

  In Russian, the word “Pravda” means truth.  During the Cold War, Pravda was the name of the leading Russian newspaper.  That was somet…

Started by Judson Phillips

63 May 19, 2014
Reply by dean meason

The power of failure: Obama, the Ukraine and the decline of America

  Have the Russians invaded the Ukraine or haven’t they?   That is the question, isn’t it?   There are Russian speaking troops in the Cr…

Started by Judson Phillips

22 Mar 4, 2014
Reply by Frank Chance Chenoweth

The standing army of our times?

  Our founding fathers feared a standing Army.  That is why every two years, spending for the Army must be reauthorized.   Now we have t…

Started by Judson Phillips

15 Jan 25, 2014
Reply by John Wiant

I did not pay my taxes or vote Republican for America to become Al-Qaeda’s military.

  It is not too often that a blog, or even a major political idea can be summed up in one sentence but this one can.   I did not pay my…

Started by Judson Phillips

62 Dec 5, 2013
Reply by David Farrar

China! China! China!

By Alan Caruba   “Doom is one of the oldest stories of mankind,” says Josef Joffe in his excellent new book, “The Myth of America’s Decline…

Started by Alan Caruba

24 Nov 25, 2013
Reply by tony newbill

The Clinton Legacy

  Bill Clinton left America a legacy.  Unfortunate for America this legacy keeps coming back to haunt us.  In the age of Obama, the cha…

Started by Judson Phillips

32 Sep 19, 2013
Reply by tony newbill

Contempt of Obama

  Barack Obama holds real Americans in absolute contempt. Considering his background, that is no great shock,.  He was raised by a mothe…

Started by Judson Phillips

60 Sep 11, 2013
Reply by Bob Newton

Why military aid to Egypt must continue

  Military aid or for that matter foreign aid to almost any nation in the world is a subject that generally gets conservatives riled up.…

Started by Judson Phillips

43 Aug 20, 2013
Reply by tony newbill

Obama’s Orwellian world.

  The Obama Regime must be reading its Orwell.  Anyone remember 1984?  War is peace.  Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength.   The…

Started by Judson Phillips

23 May 1, 2013
Reply by George Albert Cornelson


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