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Welcome to the Sneak Preview of the Coming Health Care Nightmare

With Bob Bennett You heard it here first: the shocking deaths from treatment delays at VA hospitals is only a preview of government health…

Started by Myrnalynn Bennett

20 yesterday
Reply by Nancy

How many years will it take for America to recover from Obamma?

The last 6 years have been the worst America has seen since a Liberal plunged us into the Great Depression. We have been stuck in an endles…

Started by Rob Bachmann

0 yesterday

What if we win Nov 2014?

What are you going to do if you win?  If the GOP wins the Senate in 2014, let the backstabbing and infighting begin.  This isn’t anything…

Started by Brian Parks

80 yesterday
Reply by Brian Parks

Obama’s war to kill Americans.

  Barack Obama may be opening another front in his war to kill Americans.   Liberal heads will explode if we dare mention the obvious an…

Started by Judson Phillips

65 yesterday
Reply by Paul R. Bedard

Kudos to Tea Party Express

  One of our long time friends in this movement has been the folks at Tea Party Express.   Sal Russo is the head of Tea Party Express. …

Started by Judson Phillips

27 yesterday
Reply by Brian Parks

Perhaps we should call it “Ebolacare.”

    The same geniuses who are handling the Ebola outbreak are the same clowns who are going to be taking over our healthcare under Oba…

Started by Judson Phillips

27 on Sunday
Reply by Mary Jones

If a vaccine for Ebola came out tomorrow WOULD YOU TAKE IT?

Hi I was watching these 2 video's on Ebola: And this video from Congressman Ron Paul: Here is the question I am asking to my f…

Started by Janet Klien

2 on Saturday
Reply by Nancy

Is a New World Currency Taking Shape ???????

  what do you make of this ?

Started by tony newbill

0 on Saturday

Obama lied, Americans will die.

  Barack Obama lied to America.   He said Ebola could not come here.  Then his policies made it possible for just that to happen.   Afte…

Started by Judson Phillips

49 on Friday
Reply by Nancy

Heritage has Michelle Bachman talking about the Tea Party people...... I guess that's YOU ALL! :)

 Here's an email I just got from Heritage:  Michele Bachmann Explains Why the Tea Party Is Important by Tyler McArthur In remarks this…

Started by John Wiant

0 on Friday


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