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Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington

By Bob Bennett President Obama has done everything possible to reduce America’s footprint in the world. Although candidate Donald Trump…

Started by Bob BennettLatest Reply

A Wronged Man

A Wronged Man By Paul Beston . . {city-journal.org} ~ What will they say about us when we’re gone? We’ve all wondered at one point or anot…

Started by Rudy TirreLatest Reply

New Feature - Comment Of The Day

After reading a couple of exceptional posts today, I wanted to add this as a bit of fun for everyone. Here are the rules and how it will w…

Started by Scot SheelyLatest Reply

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Let’s put the 2nd Amendment ON THE TABLE and ask WHY do we NEED IT?

  The Trump campaign rolled out Ben Carson and stuck him in front of a camera again, and the world’s worst presidential surrogate ever prov…

Started by BLADES

67 1 hour ago
Reply by Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Why Conservatism Is Losing

The Democrat Media Complex REPRINTED WITH FULL PERMISSION FROM  THE COUNTER-JIHAD REPORT. Politically Short, by Nick Short, June 2…

Started by Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer

38 1 hour ago
Reply by Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Just The Facts On The ONLY Constitutional-Conservative STILL IN The Race

Ted Cruz’s Resume is Very Impressive, Should Make him Standout Amongst Other Candidates An open book, common knowledge list of just WHO…

Started by Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer

330 1 hour ago
Reply by Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Here’s the new Benghazi Report from the Select Committee on Benghazi

Below is the new Benghazi report issued by the Select Committee on Benghazi. The summary report is on top and the links to the different PD…

Started by BLADES

3 2 hours ago
Reply by BLADES

Megachurch pastor Jack Graham says Donald Trump would make 'a great president'

Megachurch pastor Jack Graham expressed his support for Donald Trump following the meeting on Tuesday, where nearly 1,000 Christian leaders…

Started by Frank L. Worth

7 3 hours ago
Reply by BLADES


Ted Cruz is going to chair a hearing at 2:30PM ET today that is called Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts To Deemphasize…

Started by BLADES

1 5 hours ago
Reply by BLADES

Hey Everyone THIS IS SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey Everyone THIS IS SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Its time to come together and STOP HILARY and the Communist Democrats from TAKING OVER THE…

Started by tony newbill

29 5 hours ago
Reply by BLADES

How a Convention of States Will Work

How a Convention of States Will Work  Convention of States Project   Published on Jun 10, 2016 An Article V Convention of States h…

Started by BLADES

10 9 hours ago
Reply by BLADES


Many want out  The PM, the EU, Obama and, of course, Wall Street, you know, the "global" community, wants te stay IN. This morning the Dow…

Started by Luis522

20 10 hours ago
Reply by Luis522

Veteran Federal Judge’s Stunning Declaration About the Constitution

A veteran federal judge claimed that he sees “absolutely no value” for a judge to study the Constitution in a recent op-ed for Slate. Richa…

Started by BLADES

5 15 hours ago
Reply by John Bellaire


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