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How the Chamber of Commerce beat the Tea Party

    That is the headline of a story in Poltico.   Politico is seriously left of center.  But they have a great story that is worth readi…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Targeting the liberal-cronyist complex

  President Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address to the nation warned of the growing “Military-Industrial” complex and the power i…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

It is time to ban flights from Ebola countries

  It is simple common sense.  We want to make it as difficult as possible for Ebola carriers to make it to America.   Can someone explai…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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Obama works to make America a Third World Nation.

  Only a liberal could miss the obvious.  Barack Obama’s Amnesty has one major goal. He wants to bring down America.  He wants to trans…

Started by Judson Phillips

13 33 minutes ago
Reply by Jack Bacsenko

Our Mission: In response to the Executive Immigration Action of a Dictator

Seems to me a simple but effective statement we can make in response to the Executive Immigration Actions of a President who acts like a Di…

Started by Gene

33 3 hours ago
Reply by Thomas Carroll

The RINOs try to surrender

Barack Obama announced his plan to destroy America last night and what is the response of the RINO wing of the GOP?   The RINOs want Am…

Started by Judson Phillips

39 4 hours ago
Reply by robert barnes

Obama destroys America

  Today, Barack Obama is going to announce his long cherished goal of destroying America.   In a speech tonight, guaranteed to be so pa…

Started by Judson Phillips

39 6 hours ago
Reply by Pamela Harper


Last night, Obama went in front of the nation and tipped his hand. He made a foolish political play that will leave him in agony.  Not onl…

Started by Rob Bachmann

0 7 hours ago

Silencing people is what they do best.

  Anyone remember when the homosexual movement went mainstream about twenty years ago?   All they said they wanted was “tolerance.” They…

Started by Judson Phillips

9 10 hours ago
Reply by Paul R. Bedard

What Was The GOP Deal With Obama?

It’s no secret that the GOP Establishment wants Amnesty.  Neither is it a secret that their voters don’t want it, including most of us rea…

Started by Jeff Dover

48 12 hours ago
Reply by Jeff Dover


IS it true that the great depression is about to enter in 2015? i found some interesting facts on great depression... http://25yeargreatdep…

Started by indiancalculate

3 18 hours ago
Reply by indiancalculate

It isn’t just illegals

  When Barack Obama announces his executive Amnesty tonight, it is not just illegal aliens who will benefit from the Amnesty. Many oth…

Started by Judson Phillips

3 yesterday
Reply by Genevieve J. Douma

When do we shut the government down?

In January, the Republicans will take to the Hill. The majority of the nation, over 150 million of us, voted them into office to change the…

Started by Rob Bachmann

41 yesterday
Reply by Rob Bachmann


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