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Sarah Palin and 2016.

  The buzz for 2016 has already begun.  The usual suspects are already out there. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are already staking out thei…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

The Senate is doing something right.

    The Unites States Senate is now being run by the Republicans again.   After 8 long years, Harry Reid is reduced to irrelevance.  As t…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Anatomy of a failure: Why the revolt against John Boehner failed.

  Two days ago, the war for the heart and soul of the Republican Party took a strange turn.   The despite polling data that showed rank…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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Will New AG Support Civil Forfeiture Reform?

By Alan Caruba The Wednesday hearings on the confirmation of a new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, lasted hours because members of the S…

Started by Alan Caruba

23 37 seconds ago
Reply by william e grant

A time to choose: 2016

  Every four years, the race for President begins earlier and earlier.  The official start is Labor Day.  The reality is the race for…

Started by Judson Phillips

83 2 minutes ago
Reply by Agi Yaeger

Declaration and Secession, OR, Article V----You Decide.....

Reprinted with permission; In A Joint Effort With  Declaration and Secession, OR, Article V----You Decide PART 1 Our Founding It star…

Started by M

0 3 minutes ago

Obama lies to America again.

Barack Obama really wants the Trans Pacific Partnership deal. This deal will be terrible for America and real Americans.   In the “No g…

Started by Judson Phillips

16 1 hour ago
Reply by Al Premo

Is Romney really gone?

  In what can only be described as a stunning development, Mitt Romney, the most unsuccessful Presidential candidate in recent history…

Started by Judson Phillips

43 1 hour ago
Reply by Sunny

Obama and Clinton Scuttle 1st Amendment for Islam

By Bob Bennett      There’s a new ailment going around the White House, which has puzzled many. White House figures suddenly are incapable…

Started by BL Bennett

9 3 hours ago
Reply by Steve Merkel

AG Nominee: 'Right To Work Is Shared By Everyone In This Country Regardless' Of Immigration Status

During questioning by Senator Sessions today, Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch was asked about the President’s decision to bypass Con…

Started by Vern Shotwell

34 5 hours ago
Reply by KathleenSt

Should Obama be Impeached?

Should Obama be Impeached for crimes against the US Constitution? The power he is now using does not belong to the President until precisel…

Started by David Farrar

1 6 hours ago
Reply by John Wiant

Scientific Basis of a Nuclear Weapons Program, Basics

The following two quotes are typical of articles about the impending Nuclear threat designed to destroy much if not all of the western worl…

Started by Dr. Arthur W. Carpenter

10 8 hours ago
Reply by Vern Shotwell

"The Embedded and Institutionalized Corruption At The IRS"

Reprinted with permission from our friend at posted on the site…

Started by M

0 9 hours ago


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