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The Bundy Ranch and the War on Real Americans.

  When armed men in uniform show up to take your property, it is hard to call it anything other than war.    When the government invade…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Just Sit Down and Shut Up.

 You can't saber-rattle with a broken sword.  Since day one of his administration, President Obama has done everything in his power to dimi…

Started by Myrnalynn BennettLatest Reply

Calling the Global Warming Charlatans "Nazis"

By Alan Caruba   On February 20th, the noted meteorologist, Dr. Roy W. Spencer, fed up with being called a “denier” of global warming, post…

Started by Alan CarubaLatest Reply

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Times, they are a’changin........ Millennial Generation continue to show their enthusiasm for the Tea Party

Times, they are a’changin........ Millennial Generation continue to show their enthusiasm for the Tea Party Posted by Lance Thate on April…

Started by Lance Thate

8 3 hours ago
Reply by Dennis L. Kolb Sr.

Ann Coulter gets one right.

There are a lot of times when Ann Coulter leaves conservatives shaking their heads.  Her love of northeastern RINO’s is simply bafflin…

Started by Judson Phillips

15 3 hours ago
Reply by Jo Gonzalez

Hero of the day: Ron Paul

  I don’t always agree with Ron Paul but he has made a stand against the government.  This is a stand that takes some courage and ever…

Started by Judson Phillips

53 5 hours ago
Reply by Judy Masserano

Declaring War on Americans

By Alan Caruba   You have to be extremely stupid to send a couple of hundred armed government agents to confiscate some bullheaded rancher’…

Started by Alan Caruba

84 6 hours ago
Reply by Elaine Jex

Gay Supremacy In America

When white supremacy  tried to make a mark in American history it was viciously attacked quickly put down by the people of our nation . But…

Started by Mary Baker

269 7 hours ago
Reply by Mary Baker

The Eligibility Issue

    The left likes to call it the “birther” issue.   The term birther is used as a derisive term by the left, much as truther is.   Of cou…

Started by Judson Phillips

15126 8 hours ago
Reply by Diogenes

A letter from the Donald

  The Donald has written a letter that every American should pay attention to.   When the Donald writes, people listen.   No, this lette…

Started by Judson Phillips

9 9 hours ago
Reply by Fitzhugh Havens

The Real Reason Jay Leno Retired . . . . one-liners?‏

These one liners might be why NBC retired Jay Leno! NBC was upset by the fact Leno's comments were ALWAYS right on target. "I was going to…

Started by John Wiant

24 10 hours ago
Reply by John Wiant

Another liberal hypocrite!

  The funny thing about liberals is they are such hypocrites.  They claim to despise guns but wealth liberals want their families prote…

Started by Judson Phillips

15 10 hours ago
Reply by Robbi

!!!!!!!!Democrats Rigging Electoral College, Law Passed in 9 States So Far !!!!!!!! NATIONAL ACTION ALERT !!!!!

A plan, now stealthily making its way through state legislatures with astonishing speed, would junk the Electoral College and award the pre…

Started by Sage Brush

0 23 hours ago


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