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Irony alert!

  Does anyone remember the Obama Regime’s claims it would be the most ethical and transparent administration in history?   Yeah, that’s…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

What if we win Nov 2014?

What are you going to do if you win?  If the GOP wins the Senate in 2014, let the backstabbing and infighting begin.  This isn’t anything…

Started by Brian ParksLatest Reply

Obama’s red state revenge

  Barack Obama has a lot of qualities that make him a terrible leader.  He is narcissistic on an unimaginable scale.  Dr. Gina Loudon,…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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Is America already past the point of no return?

  Anyone who has ever studied the left knows a few things about the left.  First, they hate America and want to turn America into a soci…

Started by Judson Phillips

47 8 minutes ago
Reply by John Wiant

The Eligibility Issue

    The left likes to call it the “birther” issue.   The term birther is used as a derisive term by the left, much as truther is.   Of cou…

Started by Judson Phillips

15235 42 minutes ago
Reply by Diogenes

Prepare for a Deluge of Climate Change Hype

By Alan Caruba   Despite the several thousands who will participate in a Climate March and the world leaders who will do so in a UN Climate…

Started by Alan Caruba

11 3 hours ago
Reply by Phil McConathy

Denying the Islamic Ideology Behind Homegrown Jihadists

“Ever since the jihadists terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001″, writes Jefferey Bale of the Investigative Project, “western policy-ma…

Started by Nick Short

9 17 hours ago
Reply by Ann G

The end of America?

    Americans and many others around the world watched with interest as Scotland held a referendum to decide if they would remain part…

Started by Judson Phillips

33 yesterday
Reply by william e grant

No, Newt Doesn’t Get It! The above links to an article which c…

Started by Jeff Dover

29 yesterday
Reply by Neil Thomas Goeckerman

Go Away, Hillary

By Alan Caruba   Other than earning her law degree, name one thing that Hillary Clinton has accomplished on her own. Her accomplishments—sl…

Started by Alan Caruba

23 yesterday
Reply by Charolette Willoughby

A Bad Week For Americans

This week two incredibly stupid things were put upon the nation by our ruling class in Washington.  I’ll begin with our military. How many…

Started by Jeff Dover

16 yesterday
Reply by david chaney

Will We Pass Muster...Or...Will We Fail And Fall?

I found this on the Tradesmans blog on the site WE MUST RETURN to our FO…

Started by Mike

0 yesterday

John Kerry thinks Iran should lead the world!

  The Obama Regime is a trainwreck.  Clearly functioning brain cells are a disqualifier for higher office within the Regime.   There is…

Started by Judson Phillips

19 yesterday
Reply by John R. Lancellotti


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