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The coming surrender of the Republican Party

  You heard it here first.   The Republican Party is working on its surrender.  All the Democrats want for Christmas is the complete su…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

How the Chamber of Commerce beat the Tea Party

    That is the headline of a story in Poltico.   Politico is seriously left of center.  But they have a great story that is worth readi…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Targeting the liberal-cronyist complex

  President Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address to the nation warned of the growing “Military-Industrial” complex and the power i…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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Obama and the dangerous times for Americans.

  The next two years are going to be dangerous years for America.  But worse, it will be dangerous times to be an America.   Thanks to th…

Started by Judson Phillips

3 12 minutes ago
Reply by Paul R. Bedard

Sliding down a 40 foot razor blade into a bucket of alcohol.

  America was greeted yesterday with the news every American has been clamoring for.  There were spontaneous demonstrations on every str…

Started by Judson Phillips

37 3 hours ago
Reply by Dr. Arthur W. Carpenter

This just maybe a plain of action for the Tea Party in 2016

This just came in from a blogger over at Breitbart. The article is entitled: "The pro-amnesty and open borders Wall Street Journal wants fo…

Started by David Farrar

0 8 hours ago

The bothersome clarity of Senator Ted Cruz

The bothersome clarity of Senator Ted Cruz by Stephen Z. Nemo, as posed at Communities Digital News (CDN) WASHINGTON, December 16, 2014 —…

Started by David Farrar

2 9 hours ago
Reply by David Farrar

The Appalling Surrender of Democrat House Speaker John Boehner.

  No, John Boehner isn’t a Democrat.  But he might as well be.  The American people spoke loudly in November.   Real Americans are sick…

Started by Judson Phillips

29 22 hours ago
Reply by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty

We're Number Two

By Alan Caruba   The U.S. was the world's number one economy prior to World War II, but it took off bigtime after the war and there has not…

Started by Alan Caruba

7 22 hours ago
Reply by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty

Sydney will happen here

    For the last 24 hours, the media was fixated on a hostage crisis in Sydney Australia.  A Moslem who shockingly enough supported Jiha…

Started by Judson Phillips

15 yesterday
Reply by Steve Merkel


  Last night there was another shooting.  This one involved a black teenager and a white police officer.   This shooting happened in Na…

Started by Judson Phillips

17 yesterday
Reply by Dennis L

A Democrat We Should Listen To

It’s all about 2016 now.  And we can see that the GOP Establishment is already revving up a few of their RINOs for candidacy.  Those would…

Started by Jeff Dover

15 yesterday
Reply by David Lee Malone

Fighting John Boehner and other fairy tales.

  Late on Thursday evening, the House of Representatives passed the $1.1 Trillion dollar “Cromnibus” bill.   Only weeks after the Americ…

Started by Judson Phillips

37 yesterday
Reply by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty


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