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What if we win Nov 2014?

What are you going to do if you win?  If the GOP wins the Senate in 2014, let the backstabbing and infighting begin.  This isn’t anything…

Started by Brian ParksLatest Reply

Obama’s red state revenge

  Barack Obama has a lot of qualities that make him a terrible leader.  He is narcissistic on an unimaginable scale.  Dr. Gina Loudon,…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

A statement from Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips on the Tea Party and Amnesty

  Yesterday, Sal Russo the co-founder of Tea Party Express, penned an op-ed piece in Roll Call where he called for conservatives to embr…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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Solving the Gaza war

  Israel is almost a month into its war against Hamas in the Gaza strip.  The results are unfortunately predictable.  Israel is winning…

Started by Judson Phillips

25 5 minutes ago
Reply by Joel Garcia

Washington Shakedown

In a politically motivated attack, Rick Perry has been indicted on specious “felony” charges for exercising his constitutional right as go…

Started by Jeff Dover

21 59 minutes ago
Reply by Frank Chance Chenoweth

Genocide! A Christian Holocaust

  By Alan Caruba  In the last century and now this one, I have lived long enough to have been alive when the Nazis killed six millio…

Started by Alan Caruba

21 3 hours ago
Reply by David Farrar

Our Govt. Selling Us Out to Radical Islam

With Bob Bennett There’s no longer any doubt that we are engaged in a world war against Radical Islam. That should have been obvious on t…

Started by Myrnalynn Bennett

19 3 hours ago
Reply by Richard Harper

There is a reason why liberals should never be in charge of law enforcement

  Liberal Democrats should be neither seen nor heard.  Nor should they be in a place of power or responsibility.   This is especially…

Started by Judson Phillips

19 3 hours ago
Reply by Sally Furgerson

Romney Shows His Hand

Mitt Romney’s recent assertion that Obama is “worse than even I had imagined” tells us much about who Romney is and how he would have view…

Started by Jeff Dover

0 5 hours ago

Ferguson's Old Grievances

By Alan Caruba   Ferguson, Missouri and its re-run of 1950s civil rights grievances has now achieved national stature with the dispatch of…

Started by Alan Caruba

12 5 hours ago
Reply by Verl Farnsworth

Welcome to racist America

  It has now been fifty years since Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous “I have a dream” speech.  That was the speech where he dreame…

Started by Judson Phillips

24 7 hours ago
Reply by Peter Ballard

Renewing the American Idea

.   Imprimus July/August 2014 Renewing the American Idea Paul Ryan U.S. House of Representatives PAUL RYAN is the United States Representa…

Started by Jack Coleman

0 18 hours ago

Monitoring Genocide from the Golf Course in the year of our Lord, 2014

The White House sent me an email today:  Update on the Situation in Iraq On Saturday morning, President Obama delivered an update on the si…

Started by John Wiant

20 18 hours ago
Reply by Lou Green


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