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Another Republican Potemkin Village

  In the heyday of Barack Obama’s favorite country, the old Soviet Union; the commissars would show off “Potemkin Villages.”  They wer…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Ted Cruz and what the Democrats really want.

  The Hill Newspaper is an organ of the Washington establishment.  It is certainly left of center but represents the big government esta…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Making a big announcement.

  On Monday, someone is making a big announcement.  Actually the announcement is bigger than big for several reasons. It shows initiati…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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Democrats Call on Obama to Bring in Muslim Refugees—But not Christians

By Bob Bennett    What is the allure of Islamic immigration to Democrats? First, we have to realize what the Democratic Party is not, and…

Started by Bob Bennett

26 45 minutes ago
Reply by robert barnes

Conservatives And The Doors’ Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, the crazed talent who led the sixties rock band “The Doors” to the top of the heap penned a lot of pretty far out lyrics.  P…

Started by Jeff Dover

11 1 hour ago
Reply by riverdave

The Eligibility Issue

    The left likes to call it the “birther” issue.   The term birther is used as a derisive term by the left, much as truther is.   Of cou…

Started by Judson Phillips

15488 2 hours ago
Reply by Elizabeth Shea

It is shocking when the White House admits the truth.

  The Obama White House might as well be called the “Ministry of lies.” How often does the Obama Regime tell the truth?   The answer i…

Started by Judson Phillips

15 4 hours ago
Reply by Robert H. Woodman

Ted Cruz interview with Megyn Kelly: Once again Cruz dodges question on Amnesty. WHY? Convenience?

On Wednesday August 25, 2015 Ted Cruz was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on the issue of Birthright Citizenship. Ted Cruz had already answered…

Started by Gene

1 5 hours ago
Reply by David Farrar

The Show Stunk

Demeaning, disrespectful and stupid.  That was the farce played out on Fox last night, the so-called “debate”, where no debating occurred.…

Started by Jeff Dover

106 6 hours ago
Reply by Victoria Thiel

How many more?

The Republicans are asking one very simple question.  How many more Americans will be killed by illegal aliens?   It is a great questio…

Started by Judson Phillips

28 11 hours ago
Reply by Victoria Thiel

The next attack on Donald Trump

  The attacks on Donald Trump have risen steadily in the last few weeks.  Trump scares the political establishment because he is saying…

Started by Judson Phillips

103 11 hours ago
Reply by tony newbill

He Must Want Government By The People

Donald Trump is shaking up the Establishment cadres in the Democrat and Republican parties, two organizations neither of which are serving…

Started by Jeff Dover

108 13 hours ago
Reply by Jeanine Kincheloe

"We've Charged the IRS With Mail Fraud and Extortion!"

Reprinted with permission from author; "We've Charged the IRS With Mail Fraud and Extortion!"from "In Defense of Rural America"By Ron Ewar…

Started by M

0 18 hours ago


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