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Ted Cruz and what the Democrats really want.

  The Hill Newspaper is an organ of the Washington establishment.  It is certainly left of center but represents the big government esta…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Making a big announcement.

  On Monday, someone is making a big announcement.  Actually the announcement is bigger than big for several reasons. It shows initiati…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Is Ted Cruz Eligible?

  When Barack Obama came on the scene running for President in 2008, a number of people began to question his eligibility to be Presiden…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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The next attack on Donald Trump

  The attacks on Donald Trump have risen steadily in the last few weeks.  Trump scares the political establishment because he is saying…

Started by Judson Phillips

13 1 minute ago

THE PEOPLES’ NULLIFICATION Resistance to the Stamp Act of 1765

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from the book, Conceived in Liberty – Murray Rothbard’s a full treatment of the Colonial period…

Started by Nathan

0 3 hours ago

Want to get rid of Boehner? Rep. Mark Meadows Makes Motion to Remove Him

You can help. Please Share By Bob Bennett     Eleventh District U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows filed a motion Tuesday to remove House Speaker John…

Started by Bob Bennett

1 10 hours ago
Reply by David Farrar

How many more?

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina are the only three Republican candidates who are daring to ask an important question.  There i…

Started by Judson Phillips

55 23 hours ago
Reply by tony newbill

Thrown under the bus again

    The United States Senate met in a rare Sunday session yesterday.  The reason for the meeting was to vote on the multi-year Highway B…

Started by Judson Phillips

37 23 hours ago
Reply by Michael Bartowski

Do you wonder why conservatives are losing?

  Do you wonder why conservatives are losing the culture wars as well as the political wars?   Conservatives are losing wars on both fr…

Started by Judson Phillips

49 yesterday
Reply by Nathan

Smearing the Tea Party

When lunatic John Houser opened fire on a Louisiana movie theater Thursday night, the left went into immediate overdrive.  They first…

Started by Judson Phillips

19 yesterday
Reply by Frank Chance Chenoweth

This may end JEB's presidential plans.

Bush`s Maid Deported MIAMI -- While presidential scion Jeb Bush was out jogging last week, Miami immigration officials deported his maid t…

Started by David Farrar

0 yesterday

How to Cull RINOs from Elephants: Cut Those Who Act Like Donkeys

Reprinted from Instigator News Network By Bob Bennett The upcoming Fox News debate is all-important for Republican presidential hopefuls.…

Started by Bob Bennett

18 yesterday
Reply by Linny Redd

Obama screws America again.

  There is one thing that can be taken to the bank.  If Barack Obama has the chance, he will screw America.  He never misses a chance t…

Started by Judson Phillips

25 yesterday
Reply by Paul M Yoder


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