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A Republican finally has the courage to speak

  Republicans have a lot of problems.  Perhaps the biggest is that most of the Republican leaders won’t speak up.   One Republican has s…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

A time to choose: 2016

  Every four years, the race for President begins earlier and earlier.  The official start is Labor Day.  The reality is the race for…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

Sarah Palin and 2016.

  The buzz for 2016 has already begun.  The usual suspects are already out there. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are already staking out thei…

Started by Judson PhillipsLatest Reply

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The Democrat nominee will be….

  The race for the Presidency is well underway.   Most of the focus has been on the Republican side.  There are a lot of Republicans run…

Started by Judson Phillips

28 11 minutes ago
Reply by Steve Merkel

Netanyahu and Jewish Survival

By Alan Caruba   In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, representing 1.7% of the total European population which, in turn…

Started by Alan Caruba

15 19 minutes ago
Reply by Donna

Excuses Of The Obvious Rat

Let’s take a wild guess…Racism!  Racism will be the excuse that the GOP leadership will use for not initiating impeachment proceedings agai…

Started by Jeff Dover

46 3 hours ago
Reply by Rick Butkowski

Why would we be against NET NEUTRALITY??

I keep seeing posts on here about being against Net Neutrality, but I can't figure out why. Everything that I have read in the paper, in jo…

Started by Tom Miller

26 5 hours ago
Reply by Vern Shotwell

The upcoming Republican civil war.

  CPAC 2015 is over.  The first shots in the latest round of the Republican civil war were fired at CPAC.   The RINO wing of the party h…

Started by Judson Phillips

134 8 hours ago
Reply by ilona Trommler

Obama Negotiates Israel's Destruction

By Alan Caruba   The strangest thing about Obama’s efforts to achieve friendly relations with Iran, something he has tried to do since he f…

Started by Alan Caruba

17 9 hours ago
Reply by Agi Yaeger

"Politicians - Worthless, Toothless, Spineless and Honorless"

Reprinted with permission from Ron Ewert; "Politicians - Worthless, Toothless, Spineless and Honorless" from "In Defense of Rural America…

Started by M

7 10 hours ago
Reply by Paul R. Bedard

The Hearts and Minds of Our Children

Hearts and Minds of Our Children Time is running short for legislative change here in Tennessee and we need some help. No, I'm not asking…

Started by Dr. Arthur W. Carpenter

5 10 hours ago
Reply by Dr. Arthur W. Carpenter

The Eligibility Issue

    The left likes to call it the “birther” issue.   The term birther is used as a derisive term by the left, much as truther is.   Of cou…

Started by Judson Phillips

15319 12 hours ago
Reply by Elizabeth Shea

Muslim uses religion to file lawsuit against Cosco for not allowing him to work in electronics department VIDEO

Please watch OBAMA'S AMERICA!!!!!! This i…

Started by Barry Forceton

0 20 hours ago


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