by Rick Wells

{} ~ Hillary Clinton created through her various criminal acts which are gradually coming to light… including her information recently released by the FBI, part of which was their summary of her interview. The FBI interviewed liar-Clinton on the long holiday Independence Day weekend and released their summary and other information on the Labor Day holiday weekend, in order to hide the negative information from the public. Yet they want us to believe there is no collusion between nObama’s FBI, DOJ and his appointed successor. Pemmaraju plays a few clips of liar-Clinton lying about her email and mishandling of classified material as a background for the discussion. General Flynn says, “She should have known better and she should have known better from day one. And I think that there’s a reason why we’re continuing to find out more and more about this.” That would be an easy comment to let pass by, but with General Flynn’s specialty of secret information, it could be that he is aware or suspicious of deliberate leaks by patriots within NSA as has been reported by high ranking whistleblower William Binney. Flynn continues, “And I also think that there’s a reason why that we have 33,000 emails that were essentially bleach washed so that nobody could get access to them. Why would you bleach wash yoga lessons and wedding plans?”…



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