Sad! Breitbart commissions poll to unskew "mainstream media filter," still finds Trump losing to Clinton



Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters, following their candidate’s lead,have rejected the ever more ominous post-convention polls showing rival Hillary Clinton widening her advantage over the GOP nominee. While Republicans were forced to “unskew” the polls in the final weeks leading up to the 2012 election, in order to deal with the impending loss for Mitt Romney, Trump’s supporters, primed to rage against the librul media, were quick to cast aside poll results from mainstream media outlets — now even commissioning their own polls.

Right-wing website and top Trump booster Breitbart News released its own poll Sunday, the first for the conservative site.

“It’s an open secret that polls are often manipulated and spun to create momentum for a particular candidate or issue,” Alex Marlow, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, said in a statement announcing the poll. “Breitbart News Network’s first national poll marks the start of a major initiative to give our readers an accurate assessment on where the American people stand on the key topics and people of the day — without the mainstream media filter.”

Breitbart’s poll was conducted with Gravis, a Florida-based marketing firm, that according to TPM’s Allegra Kirkland “has a less than stellar record of tracking state congressional races”:

In the 2014 midterm elections, Gravis published polls that were way off in predicting the results of Senate races in Kentucky and Texas. An “informed ballot” survey conducted by Gravis this spring was mocked for getting a Maryland congressional race wrong by 96 percentage points.

But despite their efforts to develop a more Trump friendly survey, according to Breitbart’s poll, Clinton is leading a four-way contest with 42 percent of the vote to Trump’s 37 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson earned 9 percent of the vote, while the Green Party’s Jill Stein received 3 percent.


This may surprise Trump-Bots, aka R.I.N.O.s and O.A.L (Other Assorted Liberals)…BUT is no surprise to we true Conservatives who have warned since LAST JULY- over a year!- that Little, Lying, Liberal Donnie El Trampo was, is and always will be a hard-Left, corrupt LIBERAL…

EITHER immediately reject El Trampo and support a REAL Conservative and, maybe, save America-
OR continue to be stubborn and bull-headed and assist in the destruction of America.

YOU have been warned….AGAIN…

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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    1. Agi Yaeger

      Sorry to disappoint you, Kenny, but here are the headlines from two very reputable true conservative media, who are not in the tank for Trump. So let the conservatives decide for themselves.
      Roger Ailes has moved from his unofficial job as water-carrying campaign aide to official advisor for the Trump campaign, it has been revealed.
      Despite faked disputes cooked up by Trump and co. and swallowed whole cloth by his gullible base, Fox News has been blatantly in the tank for Donald Trump all along under the direction of former honcho Roger Ailes. But now that Ailes has been fired for sexually harassing two hundred billion employees (approximately), he’s dropped the phony “dispute” facade and taken up permanent residence in the Trump camp.
      How low can a news media, we thought was conservative, sink?

      This bad joke keeps getting worse. As Donald Trump tries to keep his campaign afloat he made a bold move. Trump hired (or promoted) Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, who will become the Republican campaign’s chief executive, and Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser and pollster for Mr. Trump and his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, will become the campaign manager.
      In Trump’s struggling campaign nothing is out of bounds. Two major so called conservative medias were paid off by Trump and have lied to us and played us for fools. You still think Trump is NOT a politician, but an outsider? Think again! Who can conservatives trust?

      1. MUG

        Steve, the Reverend certainly uses inflammatory language that is insulting to Trump supporters. I would like to see him tone it down a bit. They have a Constitutional right to to be gullible – LOL.

        1. steve blades

          all I ask is they do not tell a lie….after that just ignore them…as I do the rev…

          just as they have a right to be gullible he has a right to be annoying…again just ignore them or give a rational opposing view…

          but to accuse him/some one of supporting some one without proof is a dishonest and progressive tactic and should be called out at every occasion

          1. MUG

            Agreed, Steve. A disturbing thing about most Liberals and some of the Trump supporters is that they viciously attack and slander those who disagree with them. We need to be careful to avoid our own inclination to respond in kind. We need to stay on the high road as much as possible.

          2. Larry Wallenmeyer Post author

            Blades, I’m annoying?
            How so?
            I can see a Trump-Bot/O.A.L. thinking I’m annoying, even thinking I’m the Anti-Christ…but truth is only “mean” to those who reject truth.

            -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

          3. steve blades

            larry its your constant repeated cartoons photos and other decorative posts…I agree trump is a cluster duck and deserves no respect…along with his humpers…
            but when your posts are 3 miles long and you’ve repeated them over and over…well thats just annoying and rude to the forum…

            but like I said I just ignore you and your posts….
            but I will not let others accuse you or anyone else without proof…
            for all I know you are a hilary wart but I will not call you that without proof