by Burt Prelutsky


If there’s anything more annoying than a liberal, it’s a liberal who pretends to be a conservative. Consider Sen. rino-Jeff Flake of Arizona, who, having read the writing on the wall, has announced he won’t be seeking re-election in November. First off, he had the audacity to swipe Barry Goldwater’s title “Conscience of a Conservative” for his own recent book, which carries the high-falutin’ sub-title “A Rejection of Destructive Politics and A Return to Principle,” but it turns out that he regards being a Never-Trumper as a prime example of his principles.

As Alex Newman wrote in his October review of rino-Flake’s self-promoting tome: “His stunning ignorance, naiveté, or dishonesty, is on full display in this book. For instance, he parrots the debunked narrative that communist Lech Walesa was the ‘David who slew the Goliath of the USSR’s puppet regime in Warsaw.’ In reality, Walesa was an agent of that very regime, code-named ‘Block’ in official documents. Interestingly, rino-Flake recounts how Walesa told him that the U.S. government should normalize relations with the mass-murdering Castro regime in Cuba, something rino-Flake strongly supports.”

All reality-based Arizona conservatives derided rino-Flake for condemning Trump’s pardon of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio while praising liar-nObama’s release of convicted communist Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez, an accessory to the slaughter of innocent U.S. citizens.”

The best thing you can say about Arizona’s soon to be former senator is that his name gave fair warning of the sort of nincompoop he is. It’s hardly his fault that Arizona’s Republican voters didn’t recognize and reject a flake when they saw one on the ballot. I can only assume they figured he was a younger version of rino-John McCain, who has had a bizarre hold on their affections for several decades.

⦿ It’s not just the Grand Canyon State’s voters who appear to be hopelessly out to lunch when it comes to recognizing the difference between those who are conservatives when it comes to voting in the Senate and those who only don a conservative sheepskin at election time. And while anyone can be fooled once, there’s really no excuse for Republicans to have allowed rino-John McCain, the self-proclaimed maverick, to spend 28 years in the U.S. Senate. They really should apologize to the rest of us.

On the other hand, there’s no getting around the fact that Americans in general must be among the most gullible people on earth. Consider the fact that Bill Cosby was regarded as “America’s favorite dad,” Walter Cronkite was “America’s most trusted man,” Barack liar-nObama was “America’s healer of racial wounds” and liar-Hillary Clinton was “Wonder Woman, breaker of glass ceilings.”

⦿ At least nobody can ever say that the foolish, foppish Richard Fowler flies under false colors. The man appears to revel in being one of the dumbest of the black liberals who pop up all too frequently on Fox News panels.

The other evening, while debating a female who was arguing on behalf of Right-to-Lifers, Fowler defended a woman’s inalienable right to have an abortion by comparing it to a man, suffering from prostate cancer, having an operation.

Even if you ignore the rather comical aspect of a man taking the pro-abortion side of the argument with a woman, his analogy is worse than childish. Only a card-carrying, brain-dead, liberal could fail to see a world of difference between killing a baby and killing cancer cells.

But, then, ever since the immoral feminists first began insisting that an abortion is really no different from a woman’s decision to remove a wart, it’s fallen to sane people to point out that nobody ever decorated a nursery in anticipation of a wart, nobody ever celebrated the arrival of a wart and nobody ever named a wart in honor of a parent or a beloved grandparent.

⦿ In the Left’s never-ending campaign to separate law-abiding Americans from their guns, it was reported in The New American that Seattle approved of what the City Council called a “gun violence tax.”

The tax affects both gun owners and gun retailers by placing a $25 tax on every firearm sold and between two and five cents for each round of ammunition. Predictably, the uberliberal Washington Supreme Court gave the law its Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

As Alan Gottlieb, the founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, warned: “The Court essentially handed the gun prohibition lobby and its allies in government a new strategy: If they can’t ban or regulate gun ownership out of existence, they will simply tax it into oblivion.”

Quoting Daniel Webster, Gottlieb concluded with “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

⦿ Patrick Miano, who has never forgotten his Sicilian roots, recently shared these nuggets of wisdom with me:

“All good things must come to an end, but the crappy stuff goes on forever.”

“Anything is possible if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“Where there are six cooks, there’s nothing to eat.”

“A man with both feet firmly on the ground is a man who can’t get his pants off.”



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