BREAKING: RNC Admits Donald Trump is “Not Really A Republican”

By  |  July 29, 2016, 12:35am


That is one h*ll of a concession from the Republican National Committee. After declaring Donald Trump their nominee, the GOP is now admitting that Donald Trump is “not really a Republican.”

In a research paper on Doug Elmets, a Republican critic of Trump’s, the GOP notes that Elmets has given $2200.00 to Democrats over six years. Because of that giving, the RNC says that Elmets is not really a Republican.

Donald Trump has given more than $100,000.00 to Democrats, including to Hillary Clinton, including helping fund the Democrats in 2010 against the GOP in Congress. Based on the RNC’s own standards, Donald Trump is “not really a Republican.”



There ya have it…if giving $2,200 to Dems means you are NOT a Republican- then giving HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND OF DOLLARS to DEMOCRATS not only means you are NOT Republican it means you ARE a hard-Left, Liberal! 

Thanks G.O.P./R.I.N.O.s and Trump-Bots for giving us a arrogant, lying, corrupt, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT for the G.O.P. nominee!!

Now you wonder why REAL CONSERVATIVES CAN NOT vote for such a fraud.

We WARNED you- you wouldn’t listen.



 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.





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  1. MUG

    It almost seems like Trump is deliberately doing his best to destroy himself and elect Hillary.

    The RINO Establishment has been shooting themselves in the foot each of the last several elections. It looks like this time they missed their foot and hit a vital organ that will bleed out and be fatal. I’m talking about their testicles that they haven’t used in years anyway.

  2. Dennis LaGrua

    You’re wrongly assuming the Republicans have done a great job for this country! They haven’t! The people obviously want a change from the same old rhetoric. American’s need jobs and so called “Conservatives” have done little to help create them. They talk about the Constitution ( important) but never about putting people back to work and creating opportunity. Is it any wonder why Donald trumps message is resonating with the American people? Trump may be part conservative and part populist and that will help him reach disaffected Democrats and people who never vote Republican. Trump has re-energized the Republican base and draws thousands to his rallies. Hillary draws few. Go back and look at news interviews with Donald Trump over the years. He has changed a few positions but still espouses much the same message today. Either Trump or Hillary will win the November election. CHOOSE!

    1. MUG

      I don’t know anyone who posts on this site who thinks the Republican Party has done a great job for our country. You say either Trump or Hillary will win. I ask you, what’s the difference? Neither is about doing a “great job for this country.” They both are about doing a great job for themself. Neither is one of the CHOICEs.

    2. Larry Wallenmeyer Post author

      I have NEVER voted for a Liberal- NEVER.
      I will NOT vote for either Hitlary NOR El Trampo- both hard-Left, corrupt to the core, lying Liberals.

      I will vote for the ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL-CONSERVATIVE in the race- Ted Cruz.

      Right and wrong STILL MATTER.
      Principles STILL MATTER.

      If they don’t matter to YOU then YOU are THE PROBLEM.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.