Trump To Order Investigation Into FBI/DOJ Surveillance Of His Campaign And liar-nObama Admin Involvement


{ } ~ President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that he is planning to order an investigation into the Department of Justice’s surveillance of his campaign… The president’s tweet comes after numerous reports of a spy monitoring the Trump campaign in 2016, before the FBI opened an official investigation. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported that the reported description of the spy matches with Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor and former CIA spy. Rep. Devin Nunes said on Fox News Sunday that a spy in the Trump campaign would be an “absolute red line.”…


Trump’s Fed Up With Mueller ‘Scam,’ Blasts FBI For Ignoring liar-Hillary


{ } ~ President Donald Trump railed against special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation… and the FBI for not investigating alleged crimes by his former opponent liar-Hillary Clinton in a series of Sunday morning tweets. Trump has been particularly incensed in recent days and appears to be reacting to a recent story from The New York Times detailing alleged attempts by other foreign governments to influence the 2016 presidential election. The NYT story detailed a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a group of emissaries from the Middle East eager to help Trump win the presidential election…All you have to do is order Session to release the documents.


Donald Trump Jr. Slams scum-Adam Schiff — ‘He’s Got Some Soul Searching To Do’


{ } ~ Donald Trump Jr. blasted Democratic “McCarthyism” and said Rep. scum-Adam Schiff was a leaker… on Fox News’ “Watters’ World” Saturday. “You see the Democratic senators, ‘This is McCarthyism.’ I’m like what? You have a guy that’s been screaming Russia, Russia, Russia, with no evidence, obvious collusion, all this shade, for 18 months, screaming about McCarthyism? I mean, The irony is ridiculous at this point,” Trump Jr. said. Host Jesse Waters asked, “One of the people that’s been giving you a hard time is scum-Schiff, one of the House Intelligence Committee minority leaders, Democrat. What would you like to say to scum-Adam Schiff right now?”…

VIDEO at the site.


Iran’s Leaders at War with Western Civilization

by Giulio Meotti

{ } ~ The United States just withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal. The move is fully justified not only on the grounds security… but primarily because Iran’s Iranian Khomeinist revolution is a deadly and propulsive ideology that the West cannot allow to become a nuclearized one. At the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, everything changed when Said and Sharif Kouachi murdered 11 people in its Paris office. Among the texts recovered on the Kouachi brothers’ laptop was the Iranian call for death against the novelist Salman Rushdie, calling it “fully justified”. The killers were inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini’s deadly edict against Rushdie. The bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo is one of the poisoned fruits of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian ayatollahs fear the allure of Western culture. That is why, since 1979, they are at war with it. Never, before Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power, was a writer forced to live under the threat of deliberate murder, with a bounty on his head, for criticizing Islam. Before the Iranian Revolution, no Arab was marked for death. Since Khomeini, murdering literary dissidents has become a routine: the Algerian writer Tahar Djaout, the Egyptian intellectual Farag Foda, Turkish writers murdered in Sivas, and recently butchered bloggers from Bangladesh. The fatwa against Rushdie was one of Iran’s most successful attacks on Western civilization and efforts to intimidate the West…


This Trump Advisor Is About To Shut Down The Russia Investigation For Good


{ } ~ “An attorney for Jason Sullivan, a Republican consultant based in Southern California, confirmed to POLITICO that his client received… the subpoenas in recent days for both documents and his testimony before the Mueller-charged grand jury in Washington. A firm date for Sullivan’s grand jury appearance is still being negotiated, said Knut Johnson, one of the consultant’s personal attorneys. Reuters first reported the news of the subpoenas earlier Wednesday. Sullivan said in an interview that he worked for Stone’s Committee to Restore America’s Greatness during the final four months of the 2016 White House race, assisting the pro-Trump group with social media strategy namely around Twitter. According to records filed with the Federal Election Commission, Stone’s super PAC reported making two payments of $1,500 payments to Sullivan in July and August 2016. “All I can say is no collusion,” Sullivan said. He added that he did not know Stone before working on his super PAC.”…


The Leftist Duumvirate Is Subverting, Not Protecting, ‘Our Democracy’

by David Limbaugh

{ } ~ It is increasingly clear that the Trump-hating holdovers from the liar-nObama administration and their media enablers — together, the duumvirate — are not protecting “our democracy” but subverting it by fraudulently scandalizing and delegitimizing President Trump.

To avoid an email avalanche, let me emphasize that I know the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic, but I am using the terminology of the Trump-hating left, which, by the way, prefers a democracy to a constitutional republic. But I digress.

As often happens, the truly bad actors (the duumvirate, in this case) are benefiting from the factual complexity involved, which they have exacerbated through disinformation, slanted reporting and outright lies.

They went ballistic when candidate Donald Trump wouldn’t definitively answer in advance whether he would accept the presidential election results. Their fake outrage was purportedly over Trump’s ostensible willingness to allow a cloud to hang over the liar-Clinton presidency in the event she won. But Trump was just saying that he wasn’t going to prematurely concede that no chicanery would occur that could result in his defeat.

I only bring this up to highlight the phoniness of liberals’ outrage, as shown by their engaging in exactly the same behavior for which they savaged Trump for merely considering. Ever since Trump was elected, they’ve tried to destroy and remove him and obstruct his agenda based on a mythical storyline and phantom “facts” concerning his supposed collusion with Russia to steal the election. Actually, we now know their nefarious behavior preceded the election because they needed “insurance” in case he won. As former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy says, the government used its covert powers to investigate Trump despite having no evidence of a crime. There still is zero evidence.

Notwithstanding their misdirection to lead us off the scent, it’s becoming clear that they bootstrapped the case against Trump based on thirdhand rumors elicited from a government-placed spy in the Trump campaign and on a dossier full of innuendo and lies that was procured and purchased by the liar-Clinton campaign under cover of a law firm and shadow corporation. What utter sleaze! Though fully aware Trump’s opponents bought the dossier and that its contents were salacious and unsubstantiated, they brazenly presented it to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to get a warrant, without disclosing any of these damning details. This duplicitous dossier was an indispensable component of the government’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application.

James Comey, former FBI director and current self-promoter, denies that the dossier was crucial to the warrant application and pretends it was funded by Republicans. If he really believes that and reasonable people really don’t believe he really believes that, then he is betraying a disqualifying ignorance , showing he had no business heading up this investigation — or the FBI, for that matter. This same James Comey, who is so zealous to ensnare Trump for Russian collusion that exists only in fevered leftist minds, bent over backward to exonerate liar-Clinton for real crimes concerning the willful destruction of her emails. This same sanctimonious James Comey perniciously gamed the system by leaking memos he prepared while in the FBI to a law professor friend for the admitted purpose of triggering a special counsel investigation. Is this behavior we should expect from the nation’s top law enforcement officer, or are these the actions of some disgruntled two-bit Deep Throat wannabe trying to even the score against President Trump for firing him?

Though we know that the duumvirate will support darn near anything to advance its beloved leftist agenda, can we even fathom the magnitude of its hypocrisy in looking the other way at the gross conflicts of interest of the deep-state Trump investigators? How can anyone with a scintilla of decency not read with abject horror the email exchanges between the adulterously love-struck FBI agent Peter Strzok and top FBI aide Lisa Page? It’s undeniable that they were hellbent on shielding liar-Clinton from justice and inflicting injustices upon Trump.

Throughout this ordeal, the government has thwarted legitimate congressional information requests by speciously invoking national security concerns and then deceitfully redacting documents it was ultimately forced to turn over — not to protect national security but to cover its own rear end. With one hand, the government claims it can’t release information concerning its spying on the Trump campaign even claiming that congressional investigators are extorting it for the information, and with the other, it leaks this same information to friendly news outlets to mitigate the outrage coming its way when the unredacted documents are released and their duplicity is revealed.

If even a fraction of our disturbing suspicions concerning the government’s actions in this Trump investigation and pretend liar-Clinton investigation are true, the liar-nObama administration not only conspired to surveil, undermine and criminalize the opposition party’s presidential candidate but also has holdovers in government who are still engaged in a massive cover-up that in purpose, scope and the sheer number of important officials participating makes Watergate look like child’s play.


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