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President Trump found himself being attacked from all sides for referring to the members of the media as enemies of the people. Once his daughter Ivanka joined the angry chorus, he changed his charge from the general to the specific, claiming it’s only those who engage in fake news that he had in mind. It was a difference without a distinction.

With very few exceptions, if you’re pulling down a salary as a reporter, an editor, a publisher or appear on TV anywhere but Fox, you are a dispenser of fake news, otherwise known as lies and propaganda.

If you or Ivanka have any reason to doubt this, please explain why it is that North Korea’s returning the remains of 55 American soldiers 65 years after war’s end received short shrift in the media. Although Vice President Pence flew to Hawaii to honor their return, the ceremony wasn’t even covered on TV, except, again, on Fox. Instead, the other media outlets were too busy covering the tax evasion case of Paul Manafort, something of absolutely no importance except that Manafort worked briefly in 2016 as Trump’s campaign manager.

Can you imagine the coverage the solemn ceremony in Hawaii would have received if it had been Barack scumbag/liar-nObama who would have been credited with the return, especially after he had obtained the release of three American hostages from North Korea. I guarantee the yokels would have been insisting he deserved a second Nobel Peace Prize.

⦿ I was sent a picture of Rod Rosenstein, who looks like the kid in junior high who regularly coughed up his lunch money if anyone even looked at him cross-eyed, that was captioned: “I recommended in a letter to President Trump that he fire scumbag-James Comey and then I told Robert Mueller to investigate Trump for firing scumbag-Comey.”

⦿ Frankly, I am amazed that the global warming/climate change fad is still going strong. Inasmuch as scumbag-Al Gore predicted that by 2010, the oceans would rise 20 feet, I would have thought by now that he wouldn’t even risk going outdoors, lest little kids and even their pet dogs would laugh at him. The very idea that a guy who had taken only one science class in college would have the gall to pass himself off as a weather maven is ludicrous. The fact that tens of millions of people continue to take him seriously is downright frightening. At which point, I’m reminded that 64 million Americans voted for liar-Hillary Clinton and it all begins to make sense.

The fact is, weather is always changing, just as it always has, long before the man-made Industrial Revolution came along.

In the past, we noted these changes by labeling them summer, winter, spring and fall. Even here, in southern California, where we have only two seasons, summer and not summer, we recognize huge swings in the temperature and refer to them as day and night.

⦿ After reading one of my articles regarding the loons who run my state, a lady in Texas let me know that she had had an aunt we’ll call Jane who was, to use the vernacular, nutty as a fruitcake. Because her children feared that her paranoia might lead her to attack someone before they could attack her, they had her committed to a mental hospital in Rusk.

The way it worked, every three months, the patient would be evaluated. If it was determined she was cured, she would be released. If the doctors weren’t convinced she had made progress, she would be re-evaluated in three months, and so on and so forth, as Mark Levin is wont to say.

One day, Jane’s sister came for a visit. The doctor said that Jane had made such wonderful progress, she would be released in a couple of weeks.

When her sister shared the good news with Jane, the patient smiled and said: “Of course …. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. I just tell them what I know they want to hear.”

As the woman’s niece wrote: “Sure enough, she was released and was as crazy as ever.”

My reaction to the story was that it had a familiar ring to it. I’m sure that’s the same game that conservative college students have to play with their left-wing professors if they want to receive a decent grade.”

⦿ When I recently wrote that I doubted that there were a lot of honest tax-paying black people who feared for their lives in white neighborhoods, whereas I was sure there were millions of them who were afraid to venture forth in their own community. That would certainly explain why I see so many bars on the windows of their homes when I’ve had occasion to drive through south central L.A. The bars certainly aren’t there to discourage white burglars.

Howard Last, the pistol-packing Jewish cowboy who rides the range in Cheyenne, Wyoming, recalled that it was Jesse Jackson, who admitted that if he was out walking at night and heard several footsteps behind him, he was greatly relieved if he turned around and saw that it was white guys, not black ones, behind him.

The only blacks Jackson ever wanted to have behind him was the crew he paid to serve as a backdrop when he was delivering a speech during his presidential campaign.

⦿ Recently, I experienced a falling-out with someone I had considered a friend, a fellow we’ll call Norman. Hearing about a dispute I’d had with someone we both knew, Norman leapt to the conclusion that I was in the wrong and the other guy was right.

Although I twice took great pains to explain the situation, filling in the details that Norman obviously knew nothing about, he refused to budge.

Getting wind of it, a mutual acquaintance wrote to say: “People change. I’ll never understand why, but they do. I always hope that ‘misunderstandings’ are at the heart of disagreements, but all too often that’s only my wishful thinking.”

I replied: “I’m not sure whether people really change all that often or if certain assumptions are made early on in relationships and accepted as true until circumstances put them to the test and they are proven false.”

⦿ President Trump, the master of the deal, likes to take credit for saving the U.S. taxpayer a fortune when it comes to such things as refurbishing or replacing Air Force One or building the new American embassy in Jerusalem, but the savings don’t stop there.

Recently, when the Trump administration released its annual report on White House personnel to Congress, we discovered that there are 140 fewer White House employees on staff than there were under scumbag/liar-nObama, accounting for a savings of over $25 million.

Melania Trump has a personal staff of five; Michelle scumbag/liar-nObama, rivaling Madame Pompadour, had 44 hand maidens.

And putting his money where his mouth is, President Trump donated his $400,000 salary to the Department of the Interior, where it will be spent for repairs and improvements at military cemeteries.

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