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It wasn’t all that long ago that citizens would refer to themselves as just plain Americans. Of course, sometimes they would hyphenate themselves as Italian-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Irish-Americans, especially if they weren’t welcomed to our shores quite as warmly as they would have liked.

But that began to disappear once their children or grandchildren began being born here.

That all started to change, though, once the dummycrats-Democrats saw an advantage in dividing us and playing identity politics. Focusing their attention on isolating ethnic, racial, sexual and economic, groups, so they no longer regarded themselves as Americans with a proud history of freedom and liberty, but merely as victims.

The Left encouraged people to think of themselves as gays, blacks, single women, the elderly, Muslims, transgenders, college students and Latinos — each with its own grab bag of grievances, which left-wing politicians could use to their own partisan advantage.

⦿ The pinheaded pundits at MSNBC and CNN have their hair on fire because President Trump refused to kneel to the member nations of NATO, and, instead, continued insisting they begin paying for their own defense.

Frankly, I don’t even know the reason for NATO. It seems to serve even less purpose than the human appendix. The removal of that totally unnecessary bodily part has at least served to help pay down the mortgages of countless surgeons over the years. But why is NATO still hanging around?

Decades ago, it was to protect western Europe from being gobbled up by the ravenous Soviet Union, which had already placed hundreds of millions of Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Lithuanians, Latvians and East Germans, under its bloody boot.

But it’s been 30 years since the Soviet Union was dissolved, thanks, in great part, to President Reagan’s unflinching resolve. These days, when Russia can’t even conquer Ukraine, a nation of just 44 million people, roughly the population of California, I don’t see Putin, in spite of his KGB past, as another Stalin.

Proof that Europe is unafraid of Russia is that Germany will henceforth obtain 70% of its energy from Vladimir Putin’s pipeline. Would a nation voluntarily place itself at the mercy of its archenemy for its oil and gas if it truly regarded the supplier as an existential threat?

And would that same nation spend so little money in its own defense that its army is only slightly larger than Switzerland’s?

Inasmuch as Europe has already rolled out the red carpet for the Islamic invaders, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for the U.S. to spend even another dollar to protect it from Russia. I mean, what the heck do they think Russia would do that would be a lot worse than what they’ve already done to themselves?

As for those who accuse Trump of being Putin’s puppet, do they really believe that Russia’s strongarm really appreciates that Trump is demanding that the 24 European freeloaders pony up what they owe to keep NATO afloat?

Either NATO is the bulwark against Russian aggression they keep claiming it to be or it’s not. If it is, they should hail Trump for his attempts to make them pay their fair share; if it’s not, the sooner we stop making up the shortfall, the better.

⦿ Here at home, the dummycrats-Democrats are still pretending that Donald Trump is the root of all evil. They continue to pretend that Russia successfully manipulated the 2016 election. Worse yet, in spite of 20 million illegal aliens, many of whom are being encouraged to vote, and an FBI, an IRS and a Department of Justice that went berserk under Barack liar-nObama and were encouraged to illegally spy on and harass, not just members of Trump’s campaign team, but reporters and ordinary law-abiding Americans, the libs would have us focus all our attention on the Kremlin.

I still have no idea why neither Trump nor Jeff Sessions has sent Rod Rosenstein packing. This is the schmuck who played an important role in using the phony Trump dossier to not only get Robert Mueller his gig as Special Counselor, but to get the Fisa warrant that has led to all this madness.

In his latest attempt to foil President Trump’s agenda, Rosenstein has ordered the Justice Department’s attorneys to research Brett Kavanaugh’s history to find out if there’s anything that clown-Schumer and his trained seals can use in order to smear the Supreme Court nominee and prevent him from being confirmed.

⦿ The NFL Players Union has filed a grievance against the team owners for demanding that if the players aren’t going to stand for the National Anthem, they should remain in the locker room until the music stops.

Of course, it’s not that the owners are such patriots, but they took a hit where it hurts the most — their wallets — when attendance and TV revenue dipped by 20%, and they were merely looking for a way to get past the very expensive controversy.

Feeling as I do about the players, the owners and the sport, I hope the battle between white billionaires and black millionaires goes on and on. It’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than watching a game that has a 60-minute clock and always takes 200 minutes to play out.

⦿ Peter Strzok had ample opportunity recently to audition for hosting a show on MSNBC while being grilled by a House committee. According to the latest of the snarky villains who had been hiding in the woodwork at the FBI, his texts didn’t really show political bias. But even if they did, his only concern was in safe-guarding America.

Although he has a lot in common with James Comey and Andrew McCabe, the person Strzok reminds me of the most is former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman. As you might recall, during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the defense tried to picture Fuhrman as a racist whose testimony was not to be trusted. It didn’t help Fuhrman’s cause when after he denied he had ever said “nigger,” the defense brought in a tape on which he’d used the word 41 times. The tape was one of many that had been recorded by a young North Carolinian would-be screenwriter named Laura McKinney, who had interviewed Fuhrman extensively for a script she was working on about cops.

Clearly, Fuhrman had tried to impress her with the tough cop talk, no doubt to get her into bed.

Similarly, I always assumed that the texts between Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page was their bizarre idea of pillow talk. Instead of talking dirty about sex, they turned each other on by talking dirty about Donald Trump. Different strokes, as they say, for different folks.

So, when Strzok claimed that he was motivated solely by a desire to protect baseball, burgers and apple pie, I assumed what he left unsaid was “and maybe get a little nooky on the side.”



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