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When the likes of clown-Schumer and Pulosi aren’t shedding crocodile tears over the separation of illegal alien parents from their illegal alien children, they’re carrying on about the plight of so-called illegal alien dreamers.

To hear them go on about them, you would think they’re the best and the brightest America has to offer. I would beg to differ. And for once, I’m not alone. According to the Wall Street Journal, 792,000 of the approximate 870,000 people in the group are older than 26. Of course you would never know it because those whose singular mission in life seems to be to change the United States into a place that would be better-named North Mexico keep referring to them as kids.

Fewer than a thousand 0.11% have served in the military, although, again, interested parties would have you believe that when they’re not earning Phi Beta Kappa keys, they’re in the armed services, defending their adopted country.

Eighty-two percent of them 743,000 do not attend college or have a college degree, and 189,000 of the young scholars dropped out of high school.

It seems that 9,000 are currently serving time in prison.

All told, 657,000 are receiving welfare and paying no income taxes, although we keep hearing how good illegal aliens are for the economy.

Not a single one of them has properly applied for or been awarded U.S. citizenship.

The sad truth is that these people have not in any meaningful numbers improved the country. In fact, by voting exclusively for dummycrats-Democrats whenever they’re provided with the opportunity, as they often are in California, they are doing their best to destroy the country.

⦿ Robert Mueller, whom we keep being assured is a paragon of virtue, recently granted Tony Podesta — brother of John, who was the head of liar-Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — immunity to testify against Paul Manafort.

What makes this so problematic is that the crime for which Podesta is being immunized is the same one that Manafort stands accused of having committed. It would appear that the paragon made his decision solely on the basis of which of the two presidential candidates the men supported.

⦿ It also appears that scumbag/commie-John Brennan, a serial liar and the man who showed his true colors in 1976, when he cast his presidential vote for Gus Hall, the head of the American Communist Party, still has top security clearance even though he’s now a talking — or, rather, shrieking — head at CNN.

It has even been rumored that scumbag/commie-Brennan converted to Islam somewhere along the way, which would certainly explain why he found it so terribly offensive when someone used the word “jihadist” in referring to a Islamic terrorist. According to scumbag/commie-Brennan, the word has a sacred meaning and should never be used in a derogatory fashion, unlike, say, Christian or evangelical.

Apparently other members of liar-nObama’s Resistance Movement, including former spymasters scumbag-James Clapper and Michael Hayden, who no longer work for the government, unless you’re referring to the shadow government known as the Deep State, have also been allowed to keep their top level security clearance.

⦿ The dummycrats-Democrats continue to trip over their own feet when they, on the one hand, condemn Trump for colluding with the Russians in order to undermine our democracy and then turn around and oppose photo I.D.s for no other reason than to enable illegal aliens to commit voter fraud.

If I have to choose between the Russians placing a few ads on Facebook and allowing millions of non-citizens to vote, I’ll take my chances with Putin.

⦿ Speaking of Putin, if we’re so concerned about his evil intentions, why are we still wasting billions of dollars-a-year fighting an endless and pointless war in Afghanistan? The Russians were smart enough to pull out of that shithole more than 25 years ago and we were dumb enough to say, “Step aside. Let us show you how it’s done.” And now, we have the sons of the original soldiers following their fathers’ bootsteps into that morass. I say it’s time for President Trump to announce total victory and to pull us out of that Islamic swamp.

⦿ James Phillips, Chairman and CEO of Nanotech, summed things up nicely when he described Russia, which has the GDP of Italy, as “Mexico with nukes.”

⦿ It seems that we Jews not only control Hollywood and the world’s banks, but the environment. At least according to Jordanian columnist Kamal Zakarneh, Jews were responsible for the earthquake that shook the Al-Aqsa mosque.

He went on to explain that Jews are known to blame nature for the natural disasters they create. I guess that means the word’s out that we are not only all-powerful, but sneaky besides.

In the meantime, an Iranian official, according to Marina Medvin, claims that the drought that his country is currently experiencing is caused by Jews, who have been busy stealing clouds and snow that rightfully belongs to Iran.

The mystery is that these people continue trying to confront Israel. What fools these mortals be! Don’t these people realize that we Jews can do whatever we want and whenever we like? You would have thought they’d have gotten the message when Moses parted the Red Sea with one arm tied behind his back.



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