Yesterday, Donald Trump almost won the Presidential election.

Such a comment would have been almost unthinkable three weeks ago.  Three weeks ago, Hillary Clinton, nominee of the Party of Treason, had an almost insurmountable lead in the Electoral College.

In the last three weeks, Trump has mostly stayed on message and Clinton has self destructed. But yesterday changed everything.

What happened?

Yesterday, there were multiple terrorist attacks in this nation, and but for the grace of God, we are not looking today at a huge body count.

In New Jersey, a five kilometer race was being run to benefit sailors and marines. Shortly before the race was to begin, a suspicious package was discovered. The race was cancelled. Later, a pipe bomb exploded on the race course. Had the race not been cancelled, runners would have been passing that spot as the bomb went off. Reports say shrapnel was thrown 150 feet from the bomb site.

There is no question there would have been casualties.

Later in New York City, there was a bomb explosion that injured 29 and a second explosive device, made from a pressure cooker, was found. A pressure cooker was the device of choice of the Boston Marathon bombers.

And in a mall in St. Cloud Minnesota, a Moslem went on a stabbing rampage before being killed by an off duty cop. He stabbed eight people. Before stabbing one, he asked if they were Moslem.  And he shouted “Allah Ackbar” as he stabbed.

The lap dog media, instead of telling America what really happened, is more concerned about Donald Trump. Trump immediately called the New York bombing, “a bomb.”  On Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane, an alleged “journalist” tossed Clinton a softball question about Trump jumping to conclusions.

Fortunately, the terrorist attacks were not as successful as the terrorists wanted them to be.

If they had been, Donald Trump could start measuring the curtains in the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton is running as Barack Obama’s third term. The last time that worked was when Ronald Reagan was President. America loved Reagan and thought we were getting more of the same from George H.W. Bush.

The Party of Treason falls all over itself to deny Islamic terrorism.  Obama cannot even mention those words.  One of the original Trump promises that resonated with millions of real Americans was his promise to block Moslem immigration into this nation.

America is only one terrorist attack away from a Donald Trump landslide. Whether you agree or disagree with Trump, that is the cold, hard truth.

Islam is the enemy of America. It opposes freedom and liberty.  The Obama Regime has been importing Islamists at a brisk pace and not deporting those who should be. It is only a matter of time before another major terrorist attack hits America.

If that happens before the election, you will see a Trump landslide.

For the Trump camp, there is something they need to remember. If that happens, and smart people think it probably will, Trump had better keep his promises. Because if he does not, the American people will turn on him faster than they have turned on Hillary Clinton.



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  1. Dennis

    To his credit Donald Trump is now saying the right things at the right times. We must realize he is now managed by a strong long time conservative in Kelly Ann Conway and it seems to be making a difference. He has chosen a strong Conservative as his VP in Mike Pence. Trump may not be the ideal Conservative but he seems to be listening to what people are saying. I tell the anti-Trump Conservatives that I meet to vote for Donald Trump not because he is that good but because HILLARY CLINTON IS THAT BAD! Trumps populist platform will finally propel a Republican to the White House. Now if he would only talk about the constitution a bit more.

  2. Kenny Sono

    You are right again Judson. Stepping back from all this mess just a little: It’s fairly amazing that anyone could get enormous credit for simply stating he will enforce our laws. That IN ITSELF should be instructive to those undecided people / who don’t need to look very hard to see what the Status Quo is up to……..

  3. MUG

    Judson, you are so right, Trump is now resonating with the right message and seems to be staying on message. If he prevails and convinces the doubters that he is not just as bad as Hillary, he will win. If he wins and follows through he will stand as tall as Reagan. If not he will find himself relegated to the company of Obama and such.

    1. Larry Wallenmeyer

      Words and script mean NOTHING.
      Trampo is STILL Trampo.
      ALL that has been exposed and reported about Trampo did NOT “disappear” because he is now staying on script…he is still a Hard-Left, corrupt, Marxist, egomaniac.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.