by Mac Slavo

{} ~ Earlier this year we reported that Texas game wardens on the southern border have been issued radiation detectors due to concerns that a nuclear or radiological device could be smuggled into the United States through the porous Mexican border… It appears that the Department of Homeland Security is also taking the potential for a nuclear-based weapon of mass destruction seriously. According to a new report from NextGov the government has ordered some $20 million worth of wearable intelligent nuclear detection (WIND) units in an effort to boost domestic security:…



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  1. Kenny Sono

    Mac, that’s pretty rare. In the last Several Years, this is one of the first times I’ve heard anything positive about the Federal Government doing anything!

  2. MUG

    Did the government know that armed rebellion was coming?……. A few years ago the government was preemptively buying up ammunition and firearms. Then they distributed Armored Personnel Carriers and Tanks to government agencies and some law enforcement groups. A more sinister theory was that government was planning for Martial Law.

    The fact that they are monitoring radiation does not necessarily mean they are trying to prevent entry of potential nuclear terrorism devices, it could mean they want to see it coming so they can let them in and in no way hinder them. Our government is not about our safety but about taking their place in the “New World Order.”

    1. Kenny Sono

      Mug, I’m not too good at conspiracy theories, but……I might see your point / at least partially:
      If nothing else, somebody like Hillary Clinton (steered by Obama and his corruption crew), might see such a find (as somebody coming in here with some evidence of a device or something similar)…… as an opportunity to:
      Make a big media video out of it, right after they……
      A. Seal off huge areas of the Border(s) to fully occupy them with government forces, and
      B. Collect plenty of “political enemies” and combine them with ordinary illegals as they wander by, and …..
      C. Spread fear into the general public but especially in the hearts and minds of people THEY consider to be potentially dangerous (probably anyone on any site like this for example), and…….
      D. Start to systematically re-direct all our ABC agencies to root out more and more “political enemies” even as they continue to make friends with those we generally considered to be enemies prior to the Obama take over of the Executive branch.
      This is one of the most feasible scenarios I can imagine but I suppose it could get a lot worse if/when something like that happened, as time went on.
      Here again, this is yet another reason I will vote (however disjointed I may be at the time) for Trump. Trump has me hoping his focus will be on actual enemies and will use the ABC agencies and all other forms of law enforcement on actual enemies. Sure, I’m guessing some of the Trump people in the DOJ somewhere would keep an eye on the hard core Trump haters, but probably no more than any security people do as part of their job, routinely. In short: Trump’s security detail would know who Larry and Mr. Blades are / but Hillary’s would make them disappear.

  3. Rudy Tirre Post author

    Its really hard to know what this administration is doing let alone what they are doing and thinking. For they have been born to lying and continue to lie. But if this is true we are in a lot of danger and we need to be alert and active and not depending on this government until we elect another administration who is not afraid of expressing the facts to us all