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Somewhere along the way, the Left has decided that the highest priority of any college, workplace or nation, is something they refer to as diversity.

That would be odd enough all on its own, but what makes it so truly bizarre is that their notion of diversity is so, well, un-diverse. It’s nearly always limited to blacks and Latinos, although there is nothing that marvelous about either group in the main.

That is to say, there are wonderful people who happen to be black and probably more who are Latino if only because there are far more of them in America.

But why anybody would believe they bring more to the table than Brits, Swedes, Germans, Taiwanese or East Indians, remains a mystery, unless, of course, it’s because large numbers of them are low-skilled and basically illiterate, making them easy marks for dummycrats-Democrats looking to replace blue collar workers lost to Trump with potential voters looking for government handouts.

As Professor Edward J. Erler said in a speech he delivered last April at Hillsdale College: “Diversity, of course, marches under the banner of tolerance, but is a bastion of intolerance. It enforces its ideological liberalism with an iron fist that is driven by political correctness, the most ingenious and insidious device for suppressing freedom of speech and political dissent ever invented.

“Political correctness could have been stopped dead in its tracks over three decades ago, but Republicans refused to kill it when they had the opportunity. In the presidential election of 1980, Ronald Reagan promised to end affirmative action with the stroke of a pen by rescinding the executive order issued by Lyndon Johnson that created it. This promise was warmly received by the electorate in that election. But President Reagan failed to deliver his promised repeal. Too many Republicans had become convinced that they could use affirmative action to their advantage—that the largesse associated with racial class entitlements would attract minorities to the Republican Party. By signing on to this regime of political correctness, Republicans were never able to mount an effective opposition to its seemingly irresistible advance.

“Today, any Republican charged or implicated with racism—however tendentious, outrageous, implausible, exaggerated, or false the charge or implication maybe—will quickly surrender, often preemptively. This applies equally to other violations of political correctness: homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and a host of other so-called irrational prejudices. After all, there is no rational defense against an “irrational fear,” which presumably is what the ‘phobias’ are. Republicans have rendered themselves defenseless against political correctness, and the establishment wing of the party doesn’t seem overly concerned, as they frequently join the chorus of dummycrats-Democrats in denouncing Trump’s violations of political correctness. Only President Trump seems undeterred by the tyrannous threat that rests at the core of political correctness.”

Normally, I wouldn’t give up so much space to an academic, but that’s because so few of them have the sense they were born with.

⦿ As for Trump, I keep being dazzled by his brilliance. People who insist he should stop tweeting are merely displaying their naiveté. He is like a master stage magician who has mastered the art of misdirection. While he’s busy settling Putin’s hash, squaring off with China and teaching our so-called trading partners that the days of playing Americans for saps is over, he tosses out a tweet about Peter Strzok or Omarosa, knowing it will keep the fake news media occupied, in much the same way that grown-ups, who have important things to do, will sit the kids down in front of the TV to keep them occupied watching cartoons.

⦿ Speaking of Omarosa, nobody, including President Trump, seemed to know what she was doing in the White House, aside from breaking the law by secretly recording people such as Gen. John Kelly in the Situation Room.

Ever since she was sent packing, I have sat by my phone awaiting the call to replace her as an advisor. I can’t imagine what sort of advice she gave or who would take it, but I figured I couldn’t do a worse job. And because I have absolutely no technical ability, nobody would have to worry about my recording them. I wouldn’t know how.

Today, I heard she had been paid $180,000-a-year. If I’m offered that kind of money and given any authority at all, let’s just say that scumbag-Jim Acosta, lowlife/ scumbag- Adam Schiff, Chuck clown-Schumer, Nancy Pulosi and Robert Mueller, would be wise to consider an early retirement.

⦿ I recently wrote that Sam Houston died at the Alamo, confusing him with Jim Bowie. Needless to say, I heard about it. A lot. In fact, I filled up a blackboard writing 100 times that Sam Houston didn’t die at the Alamo…once for each Texan who set me straight.

⦿ Something I’ve never really understood is why when people practice shooting at a firing range, they wear earplugs or earmuffs to save their hearing, but when people need to fire their guns in an emergency, their ears will be uncovered. Does that really make sense? If they aren’t accustomed to hearing the noise, won’t that first shot discombobulate them?

To me, it seems like a football team that never practices tackling and being tackled until they take the field against 11 guys who want to treat them like wishbones, or baseball players who practice batting by hitting balls off a tee and then having to face guys hurling 100 mile-an-hour fastballs up around their chins.

If you want to respond to Burt… burtprelutsky@icloud .com 


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