Jack E. Kemp

I’ve been a big fan of the Canadian tv series “Murdoch Mysteries” which is a Toronto police drama set in roughly the year 1900 with early scientific evidence methods being invented by Murdoch and his wife, a police physician/pathologist. It is technically well thought out and written, up until the episode I watched some of two days ago.

At that time, I rented online an episode from their 9th Season that is described as:

7. Summer of 1875

When a man is shot dead, Murdoch’s childhood friend Freddie Pink, who was also shot at, warns Murdoch that someone may be targeting recipients of the Young Scholars Prize. Murdoch and Freddie connect the shootings to a murder they investigated together as children at a wilderness camp in 1875.


Freddie Pink is a girl and, later in the story, a woman private detective – a liberated woman of her time. Fair enough. But here is where this story turns to pure leftist cultural propaganda and where I stopped watching before the halfway point – and stopped buying these episodes online and even watching the free ones on YouTube.

There are flashback scenes from the present day 1900 (within the story) to the summer of 1875 where these Young Scholars Prize winners are treated to a time camping in the woods together with an adult male supervisor. All the prize winners except “Freddie” are young males who appear to be around 13 years of age. Somehow, when she shows up at the gathering location for the trip to the campsite in the woods no one is concerned – in 1875 British Canada – about the possible violation of her privacy and modesty and the man in charge thinks NOTHING of allowing her to stay the night near these boys rather than immediately sending her back on the same horse wagon she arrived on. And, of course, nothing goes wrong in the first night or so between Freddie and the young boys, although in the afternoon they find a murdered man in some water in the woods. The tv show producers are trying to create a myth that this coed camping was normal, culturally approved behavior in Victorian Era Canada. And of course the parents of this young lady had no objections to this situation. Rubbish and self delusion. But who are they trying to fool and indoctrinate? Basically it is 13 year old and younger Canadians who don’t have the historical perspective of an adult.

To any women reading this I ask: if you had won some academic prize at age 13, along with several boys, would you rush off to spend one or more nights in the woods with that bunch of boys and a man, all with the approval of your parents? That was a rhetorical question.

I could ask the same question to my readers who are the fathers of young girls.

Who was the creative consultant on this tv episode? Anthony Weiner?


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  1. MUG

    Oh but Jack, don’t you realize that Canada and the rest of the world have been “enlightened” all along? I mean everybody except for Israel, and the US that was populated by unenlightened Christian fanatics. That’s the whole purpose of Progressives, to enlighten the US and bring us into the the norm for the rest of the world. They are not trying to exploit anyone, just enlighten them.

  2. Timothy Birdnow

    1875 was the height of the puritanical Victorian era. I sincerely doubt girls attended camp with boys, even in Canada. This is how the Left subtly alters the way people think, by making current standards appear to be timeless truths.

    Great post, Jack!