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I never saw any reason to hold Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz in particularly high esteem, aside from the fact that unlike a lot of Jewish intellectuals, he openly supported Israel.

Aside from that, I only knew that Dershowitz had signed on to help keep O.J. Simpson from going to jail for two murders that couldn’t have been committed by anyone else; and that he never met a left-wing politician he didn’t support. Heck, the schmuck even donated money to liar-Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But now, simply because he has dared argue that Trump was within his constitutional rights to issue a travel ban, he is being ostracized by his former friends and colleagues and is, as a result, being hailed as a hero by conservatives. Alas, what fools these mortals be.

Those on the Left are foolish to banish one of their own on such trivial grounds, and we conservatives are equally foolish to turn him into a sacred icon for merely interpreting the Constitution correctly.

But I have to hand it to Dershowitz for managing to inflate a non-story so shrewdly that the New York Times has twice made his social life front-page news, and Fox is tripping all over itself to get him on as many of their shows as possible.

I mean, who really cares if Dershowitz is or isn’t being invited to cocktail parties on Martha’s Vineyard? Even Dershowitz, when asked about it, claims he doesn’t care about parties, although I tend not to believe much of anything he says.

Besides, there is only one party he really cares about and that’s the left-wing one he’s been supporting for his entire life.

⦿ Interestingly enough, something similar has been taking place on the other side, where George Will, backstabber-Bill Kristol and Max Boot, have cast aside their conservative disguises and urged Republicans to repudiate Trump by voting for dummycrats-Democrats in November.

Frankly, I can’t imagine many Republicans or any conservatives taking them seriously. Apparently, those who see themselves as the keepers of the flame have never forgiven Trump for the fact that he never knelt before the editors and writers of the National Review, begging for their benediction, and that he never paused on his way to the White House to say he owed it all to William F. Buckley and Karl Rove.

That he has instead insisted that his debt is solely to the fishermen of the Southeast, the farmers of the Midwest and the unemployed millworkers and coalminers of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the folks who voted for him and continue to support him, has cast him beyond the pale, so far as the effete elitists are concerned.

Compounding matters, he didn’t graduate from Yale, Harvard or Princeton, or immediately enter politics upon graduation, but, instead, made billions working in the bareknuckle construction business.

It’s no wonder that the Republican establishment can’t stand him. After all, here is a guy who understood that for the sake of getting things done in New York, he had to donate to dummycrats-Democrats, just as he had to pay graft to the mob-run unions.

The fact that he has gone on to prove himself not only more conservative than Ronald Reagan, but more proficient at getting things done, galls them no end. If someone who played the game according to their rules, someone like Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore or John Kasich, had become president and not done a tenth of the things Trump has accomplished, these same dipsticks would be praising him to the skies.

Anyone who doesn’t believe the GOP is better off without the likes of Will, backstabber-Kristol and Boot, needs to have his head examined.

⦿ I was delighted to see Sen. scumbag-Dick Durbin (D, IL) calling for his liberal colleagues to commit political suicide. There’s nothing like blatant hypocrisy on the Left to get my 78-year-old juices flowing.

Apparently, the minority whip felt obliged to tell his fellow dummycrats-Democrats, at least those running for re-election in states Trump won decisively, to sacrifice their political careers by opposing Trump’s choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

He announced: “Beyond the procedure, beyond the gamesmanship, there are life and death decisions that will be made by the Court on so many issues. Stopping Trump’s nominee is more important than the upcoming midterm elections.”

I wonder how that was taken by such vulnerable dummycrats-Democrats as Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, Wyoming’s John Barrasso, Indiana’s Joe Donnelly and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, all of whom are running for re-election in states won handily by Trump. It must have been particularly galling coming from scumbag-Durbin, who isn’t running until 2020, and even then in a state liar-Hillary Clinton carried by 17%.

⦿ There are so many things wrong with liberals, it’s hard to know where to begin, and once you begin, you’ll find there’s no end in sight.

For instance, when it comes to abortions, the two sides will never agree about them in terms of morality. To me, the real question I never hear anyone asking is why in 2018, all these years after the invention of the Pill, when so many prophylactic items are cheap and readily accessible, and when so many hours of classroom time have been devoted to sex education starting in grammar school, abortions haven’t gone the inevitable way of Hula Hoops, lava lamps and Nehru jackets.

Just how dumb do you have to be to still be getting pregnant accidentally?



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