Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.orgIn the Tom Cruise-starring science-fiction-future-flick “Minority Report”: “A special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes.” These were called “Pre-Crimes.”

Objection, Your Honor: Assuming facts not yet in evidence.

But Democrats aren’t letting that stop them. Donkeys and Hollywood have for decades been hyper-intertwined. And the Donkeys are now taking this harmonic convergence more than a mite too far.

To wit: We have the nigh endless Democrat persecution of petroleum company Exxon Mobil. Which began as an assault on the First Amendment.

Democratic Attorneys General to Police Climate Change Dissent: “A coalition of Democratic attorneys general…announced Tuesday an unprecedented campaign to pursue companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change narrative, raising concerns over free speech and the use of state authority to punish political foes.

“Standing beside former Vice President Al Gore, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the state officials are committed to ‘working together on key climate-related initiatives,’ including queries into whether fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil have committed fraud by deceiving the public and shareholders about the impact of man-made carbon dioxide emissions.”

Ah, the global warming – oops, I mean climate change myth. Lost not is the irony of myth pushers haranguing Exxon for pushing a myth – actually, for pushing back against their myth.

An activity which our Constitution guarantees Exxon (and all of us) the right to do – completely free from any government entity or official doing anything about it.

But Democrats haven’t let that stop them.

Senate Democrats Slam Exxon, Fossil Fuel Industry on Climate Change Denial: “A group of 19 Democrats took the Senate floor yesterday to call for an end to the fossil fuel industry’s ‘web of denial’ on climate change, particularly singling out Exxon Mobil for criticism.

“A resolution introduced by Sen. Whitehouse claimed that fossil fuel companies had used a ‘misinformation campaign to mislead the public and cast doubt in order to protect their financial interest,’ and attracted support from the likes of Senate Minority Leader Reid and Sen. Schumer.”

How very censorious of all of them.

These dozens-of-Democrat attempts to circumvent the guaranteed right to speak freely – have gone absolutely nowhere. (Save for the millions of dollars Exxon has had to waste fending off these frauds.)

So these Democrat paragons of virtue – have now turned to trying to prosecute Hollywood Pre-Crimes.

Exxon Mobil Fraud Inquiry Said to Focus More on Future Than Past: “For more than a year, much of the public scrutiny of Exxon Mobil was captured by the #ExxonKnew hashtag – shorthand for revelations about decades-old research on climate change conducted by the company while it funded groups promoting doubt about climate science.

“(I)n an extensive interview, Mr. Schneiderman said that his investigation was focused less on the distant past than on relatively recent statements by Exxon Mobil related to climate change and what it means for the company’s future.

“In other words, the question for Mr. Schneiderman is less what Exxon knew, and more what it predicts.”

Democrats want to prosecute Exxon for predictions? That’s an interesting (not to mention abrupt) new tack – given the global warming climate change predictors’ terrible track record:

“Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.” (From an Associated Press report published in The Washington Poston Nov. 2, 1922.)…

“On July 5, 1989, Noel Brown, then the director of the New York office of the United Nations Environment Program, warned of a ’10-year window of opportunity to solve’ global warming or ‘entire nations could be wiped off the face of Earth by rising sea levels if the global-warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.’”

The climate change freaks – not so much with the predictions. Whether they’re predicting warming – or cooling.

“‘If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but 11 degrees colder by the year 2000,’ claimed ecology professor Kenneth E.F. Watt at the University of California in 1970. ‘This is about twice what it would take to put us in an ice age.’…

“In 1971, another global-cooling alarmist, Stanford University professor Paul Ehrlich, who is perhaps best known for his 1968 book The Population Bomb, made similarly wild forecasts for the end of the millennium in a speech at the British Institute for Biology. “By the year 2000 the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people,” he claimed. “If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000….’”

Democrats have spent more than a year – and millions of dollars of money taxed away from us – persecuting Exxon Mobil for engaging in free speech.

That having failed, these Asses have now turned to real life imposition of Tinsel Town Pre-Crimes – persecution for making predictions.

All in defense of a climate change myth – rife with decades and decades of horrendously erroneous predictions.

Hollywood would never green light this mess. Because of no amount of suspension-of-disbelief is sufficient to pretend to make it plausible.

This first appeared in Townhall and Red State.


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  1. MUG

    Seton, why don’t you understand? By calling it CLIMATE CHANGE they are still RIGHT even when they turn out to be WRONG and you are always WRONG if you disagree with them even if you turn out to be RIGHT . So it’s only RIGHT that you be pre-punished. Surely you don’t think you have the RIGHT to a trial where you are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    You are right, the world is becoming a Hollywood version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” where the sane are locked up with the insane in a prison run by the criminally insane.

  2. MeMikeT

    The democrat party liberal MOS is not concerned about anything but power. This is just one tool they believe will help them attain some power to control people, the people. Like if there weren’t the people there wouldn’t be devastating climate change. How do they explain the huge climate change that took out all the huge animals, aka, dinosaurs before there were people. I have said it before….IMHO, if or when there isn’t climate change, there must be something huge taking place in the cosmos, like Earth not going around the Sun or has stopped spinning on her axis. So, God bless climate change. Thank you.

  3. J Spar Harmon

    I hate ideology — so, so crippling of clear thinking!
    Caught in a hurricane in a small craft on open water, you will not be thinking of hurricane theory, or even how to take the relative temperatures of wind and water, or whether things would go better with liberal or conservative at the helm.

    All extrania drop away and only the means of survival have relevance.

    This article is much weakened by conflating the debate between theories of geophysics, sub-category: global weather, with the wrangling between political ideologues.
    The product is an incoherent mess of rant.

    A pox on all!!

  4. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    To an ant on a tree, there is no concept of fire. When Mount Saint Helens erupted, Harry Truman at Spirit Lake, a very old man by our standards, said, “That mountain has never done a thing in my lifetime, and I ain’t moving!” They never found him, nor the lake again.
    This Earth has gone through thousands, upon thousands of changes in its four billion years of existence. We, Modern Man, have only been here for a brief moment of time, and in all probablility will not remain, but will be replaced as were those species before us.
    Planets change and die, as will the Earth, and the Sun. It is far easier to just accept and adapt than it is to attempt finding reasons and placing blame, and endlessly, and follishly trying to correct and stop these changes.
    I question why we respond so well in panic to these, so called, changes? Perhaps it is because that is all our Media talks about? Maybe that is why it is so good an excuse for our politicians to abuse our Bill of Rights?
    We all seem to have forgotten that our Bill of Rights were put in place to protect us, the people, from our own Federal Government. All Ten Amendments!
    The Federal Government does not have the ability to censur nor stop the freedom of expression of anyone, or any entity, including business, and churches!
    The second Amendmend and the wording of Militias was for the Individual States to be capale of gathering their own amries to protect their Sovereignty from the Federal Government and attack from Federal Troops. This is the only reason for the Individual’s Right to Bear Arms. Mening, in actuality if pressed, the Federal Government has no Constitutional Authority to prevent any citizen from purchasing and owning any weapon available to our Federal Military members.
    Now as the Federal Contitution and its Amedments cover rights and laws upon the Federal Government and the People, what is left to the States must remain within but not take away from the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    As I have said previously, even among our own Baby Boomers, few know of the Magna Carta. Our Founding Fathers did. They knew the flaws and failures.
    For example, the Magna Carta has its own Bill of Rights for the People, but, instead of saying, “Shall Not,” it is worded, “Should Not,” and thus leaving a choice to parliment and the King.
    At this exact moment, it is illegal for any English Citizen to fly the English Flag, “The Union Jack,” and if they do, they will receive a fine of 100 Pounds and up to six months in jail. The reason for this, the English Government does not want to insult foreign immigants. The Queen, “Should,” be fined, as the flag flies wherever she is in residence.
    Could this be done here? Absolutely, if the United States keeps allowing muslims to come into our Nation, and to become a Political Force, as they have much already in most of Europe! Mainly because we, the People have allowed our own Federal Government to disabuse our Bill of Rights for far too long!
    If we, the Baby Boomers, do not correct this with our unanimous vote for Trump, then the following generations will allow it to happen, for they know no better.