By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

For years conservatives have decried the rampant voter fraud evidenced across the country. That hue and cry has been met with deafening screeds from the Democratic left accusing anyone who wanted an honest and accurate vote of racism.

The Obama Regime’s IRS has persecuted those who would clean up the election process and demand voter IDs. The Dems have set up their now famous echo chambers accusing those who would “True the Vote” as delusional right wing nuts. Unfortunately, for the cheating left, they have been caught in their own web of deceit. The New York City Board of Elections Commissioners has had one of their own confirm what conservatives have been alleging for years.

Manhattan Board of Elections Commissioner, Alan Schulkin, has admitted on tape during a Project Veritas undercover video that there is rampant voter fraud in New York. But apparently the Democrats have no interest in actually cleaning up voter fraud in New York City because the Democratic-controlled Board of Elections Commmissioners moved with lightning speed to terminate Mr. Skulkin’s tenure as an Elections Commissioner in a secret behind closed doors ’emergency’ meeting.

“The Manhattan Democratic Party convened an emergency meeting today to nominate a replacement for New York City Board of Elections Commissioner Alan Schulkin, who rocketed to prominence when a conservative nonprofit caught him on hidden camera alleging voter fraud is rampant in New York City’s minority neighborhoods. Under the eye of Assemblyman Keith Wright, chairman of the New York County Democratic Committee, members voted unanimously to nominate Jeanine Johnson, his chief of staff and attorney-who received a drunk driving charge last year, according to the New York Post.”

Here’s the bottom line. The NYC Board of Elections, charged with assuring honest and fee elections, removed a commissioner from New York for the unforgiveable sin of getting caught telling the truth about how rigged and crooked the NYC elections really are. They immediately replaced him with someone who just last year was cited for a DUI, but who will no doubt, at least if sober, keep their mouth shut when it comes to the rampant voter fraud Mr. Schulkin had admitted to.

This is the party of inclusion? The party of the people? The party of transparency? It is clear to any who is willing to look objectively that this party is transparent only in their absolute corruption, their complete disregard of the American people, honesty, integrity, and honor.

The party of inclusion now includes a circus of leftist LGBT nuts, Marxists, hate-America, anti-Christian, anti-life clowns who have forgotten all about the everyday Americans who run the trains, build the cars, grow the food we eat, fix the plumbing, lay the bricks, and who bakes our daily bread. They have become a party of elitists, whose constituency is the Wall Street crowd, the megabankers and international financiers. They cater to the Communist Internationale, and the extreme one-world leftists, like George Soros and his dark web of non-profits and globalist financiers, Tom Steyer and his labyrinth of one world governance extremists, using “climate change” as their rallying cry, and hedgefund billionaire, Jim Simons, who is a reliable anti-American, Democrat, big check writer.

In summation, the Democrats have been caught on tape in voter fraud from New York to California. Additionally, the evidence produced by Project Veritas, which exposed the dark, ghoulish, baby body parts black market, is undeniable.

Their agenda has nothing to do with jobs for average Americans, wages, fixing the economy so that the nearly 100 million people who are no longer in the work force can find decent jobs with a living wage. Instead, they promote open borders, which bring with it crime, disease, job stealing, and drives wages for many Americans below a living standard. The promotion of the perversion of homosexuality, transgenderism, and the gay and lesbian community is putifyingly far left.

Democrats are now concerned only with a Barnum and Baily, leftist, anti-American, anti-Christian, freak show that destroys our military, our heritage, and our Judeo-Christian values which is, in fact, the foundation upon which American exceptionalism has been built since before there was a United States.

It has become evident that the ruling elite of the Democratic Party are determined to end the life of the world’s last superpower, replacing it with a one world government.  


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