For law enforcement, last night was the worst night since 9/11.  Five Dallas police officers were murdered in a coordinated operation. Six other people were wounded.

There are three questions to be asked today. What happened, who is responsible and who do we blame?

From the Washington Times:

Nationwide protests against police shootings turned violent Thursday night as two snipers, with the aid of multiple accomplices, executed a planned ambush during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, killing five police officers and wounding six others.

“Tonight it appears as if two snipers shot 10 police officers from elevated positions during the protest,” Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown said in a statement that he later amended to say that one other officer plus a civilian were also hurt.

CNN reported around 3 a.m. that a fifth officer had died.

In an earlier Friday news conference, Chief Brown said the snipers were part of at least a four-person team.

Three suspects were in custody and the fourth was pinned down in the El Centro parking garage in downtown Dallas before he was fatally shot by police.

The fourth suspect “has told our negotiators that the end is coming,” has threatened to kill more police and said there are “bombs all over the place in this garage and in downtown,” Chief Brown said before the suspect was killed.


According to other media reports, the three surviving suspects are refusing to cooperate with law enforcement.

Who are they? There are only two real possibilities.  The first is they are associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and the second is they are Islamic terrorists.  While the second is still a possibility, most Islamic terrorists freely admit their motives for jihad.

Who is to blame for the Dallas shootings?

It is Obama and the radical left.

Obama has praised the radical racists of BLM and demonized the police. He and the radical left have made it open season on cops.   99.9% of American cops are good people. They took a job to make their communities a better place.  Cops never know if any day they go to work will be the day that marks the end of their watch.

Many conservatives refer to the Democrats as the Party of Treason. The name is absolutely right.  The Democrats grovel and bow down before the BLM terrorists.  They enable and embolden them. Is anyone shocked when something like Dallas happens?

The blame for this belongs fully on the Democrats, Obama and the radical left.

Because of the Democrats encouragement of the BLM movement, Dallas will not be the last act of terrorism against police officers in this nation. As we mourn the police officers who fell in Dallas, let’s remember why this happened and hold those who made it happen accountable.


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