This year is a tough year for the Republicans in the United States Senate. The GOP is defending 24 seats, while the Democrats are only defending 10. To maintain a Senate majority, the GOP must lose a few seats as possible and it would be nice if they could even pick up a seat or two.

In Colorado, an incredible conservative is running against far left wing Democrat Michael Bennett.

His name is Darryl Glenn.

Darryl Glenn is a retired Air Force Colonel.  He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a strong conservative.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz went to Colorado to endorse and speak on behalf of Colonel Glenn.

Colonel Glenn says his priorities are freeing opportunity for Americans, forcing the federal government to live within its means, strengthening our national defense and working to repeal Obamacare.

Colorado was a traditionally red state. Over the last two decades, the Democrats worked hard to turn it blue.  They were succeeding but in 2014, the Republicans took one of the Senate seats away from the Democrats when Cory Gardner was elected to the US Senate.  Now we have the chance to take both seats away and turn Colorado red again.

This is an uphill fight.  While Colorado is now only nominally Democrat, all of the major polling groups show the seat as a “Likely Democrat” seat this fall. We can change this.

Go to Darryl Glenn’s website and contribute or volunteer. Share the word among your friends about Darryl Glenn.

Tea Party Nation endorses Darryl Glenn for the United States Senate from Colorado.





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  1. MUG

    Thank you Judson. Bennett is as bad as they get. Glenn is rock solid, but he is not getting the support of the RINO establishment and the media is airing Bennett ads more favorably.

    Trump says he is unifying the Party and “HE” will accomplish amazing things. But, I have yet to hear him come out in support of specific Candidates for the House and Senate. I have yet to hear that he is making appearances and boosting Candidates. How is “HE” going to accomplish his amazing feats of magic without support in Congress? If he has to rely on a Liberal Democrat controlled Congress, will he change course and be their leader instead of leading the Conservative Republican Resistance?