By: Dr. Jake Baker -TapWires News Servie

When I think of all the nonsense of the hard left and then am presented with an absurdity like this, it makes my day … It is absolutely perfect!  Our Muslim in Chief is passing out the Presidential Medal of Freedom like it was candy to every leftist he can find.

Like many LGBT pervs, Ellen DeGeneres was the proposed recipient of the aforementioned PMOF. Right on time she shows up for morning prayers at the White House to receive her participation medal but poor Ellen had a little problem. This dolt forgot her ID.

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They haven’t let me in to the White House yet because I forgot my ID. #NotJoking#PresidentialMedalOfFreedom

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“Jim Long ‏@newmediajim 23h23 hours ago

@TheEllenShow we’ll save you a spot!”

About that time Senator Cruz notices that she has been locked out of the White House because she forgot her ID and Mr. Cruz decided to make a poignant observation about the irony of the situation via Twitter.


Ted Cruz ✔ @tedcruz

“I thought Obama didn’t believe in photo ID?”

8:59 AM – 22 Nov 2016

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Whether you are a Cruz fan or not … you gotta love this. The one constant on the left is their iconic hypocrisy. You don’t need an ID to vote, but one of the best-known faces in America can’t get in to see the president because to enter a federal building you need an ID. Apparently, the ID requirement doesn’t just oppress minorities, but also hurts stupid white people, which makes up the vast majority of the Democratic Party’s constituency. 

I can now see why they are against the voter IDs.

Cruz hammers it … and I thank him for the morning chuckle.


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