2013 was a very bad year for Virginia.

The Virginia Republican Party nominated Ken Cuccinelli for governor.  The GOP establishment in Virginia threw a fit because it was supposed to be moderate Bill Bolling’s turn.  The establishment refused to support Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the governor’s race.

Virginia only allows its governors a single four year term. So this year, Virginia must choose a new governor.

Tea Party Nation endorses Corey Stewart to be the Republican nominee for Governor and to be the next Governor of Virginia.

Corey Stewart was Virginia Chairman for Donald Trump and stood up against efforts by the GOP establishment to destroy Trump’s candidacy.

Stewart has been a long time opponent of illegal immigration. He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is a fiscal hawk.

Stewart is opposed in the Republican Primary by Ed Gillespie, or as many conservatives call him, “Establishment Ed.” Gillespie is a former chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Gillespie ran one of the most ineffective campaigns in recent memory when he ran for the United States Senate in 2014.

Gillespie is a moderate in many areas and in the past has supported Amnesty for illegal aliens.  Gillespie has been caught in a controversy in Virginia as radical leftists want to remove civil war era monuments and Gillespie has tried to work both sides of the street on the issue.

Virginia needs a governor who is a strong conservative.  Thanks to Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton barely won Virginia last year in the Presidential election. McAuliffe pulled every trick he could to increase Democrat voters, including an illegal mass pardon scheme to reinstate the voting rights of Democrat voting convicted felons.

Virginia will be a battle ground in 2020 and Virginia needs a governor that will lead and not try to stuff the ballot box for the Democrat nominee.

Virginia needs Corey Stewart as its next governor.

Tea Party Nation is proud to endorse Corey Stewart to be Virginia’s next governor.


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