by Burt Prelutsky


It occurs to me that the European Union is a perfect example of what the United Nations would be if it were ever allowed to negate our sovereignty, which just happens to be scumbag-George Soros’ vision of Paradise.

In exchange for their freedom, liberty and religious traditions, 28 European nations have accepted the fool’s gold of free trade and the promise that their neighbors won’t invade them, at least until next Tuesday. Boy, talk about stupid! But, then, multi-national pacts tend not to be worth the toilet paper they’re printed on.

Look at NATO, a European defense pact cobbled together because of their fear of Russia. And yet, they accept the inclusion of Turkey, an Islamic theocracy ruled by a despot closely aligned with – you guessed it! –Russia.

In the case of the EU and its highly questionable currency, the euro, I expect it will soon start losing members now that England has shown there is life after Brexit.

And, yet, although the British people expressed their disdain for the bureaucratic bullies in Brussels, PM Theresa May and her stooges in Parliament continue to bristle over their ouster from the ranks of the European elitists.

In their latest attempt to curry favor with Belgium, the Brits arrested and imprisoned journalist Tommy Robinson for the “crime” of reporting on the court trials involving rape gangs made up of young Islamic predators who have turned England into a haven for sexual degenerates who regard any female not wearing a hajib, including 11-year-olds, as fair game.

The European Union has already lost its luster so far as Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are concerned, mainly because of the EU’s open-door policy when it comes to Muslim refugees.

Considering the soaring crime statistics in places like Germany, Sweden and France, and the endless number of jihadist attacks Western Europe has experienced in recent years, I’m amazed there haven’t been far more resignations from the EU.

But I suppose it makes sense that the former Iron Curtain countries would be wiser than the others. After more than 60 years of oppression by Germany and the Soviet Union, they have said a resounding “Enough!” to foreign invaders, be they Nazis, Communists or Muslims – and “Never again!” to being bossed around by tyrants in Berlin, Moscow or Brussels.

⦿ Speaking of which, no doubt you’ve noticed that whenever a European politician, particularly if he or she is running for the presidency or premiership in France, England, Germany, Holland, Sweden or Poland, openly opposes the Islamist invasion, he or she is immediately labeled a right-winger. It seems to me that it would be simpler and more appropriate to just call them right.

⦿ A question preying on my mind is why Trey Gowdy insisted that the FBI had done nothing wrong when the Bureau inserted spies in Trump’s campaign. How can it possibly be okay for the FBI to actively engage in partisan politics? So far as I’m aware, Rep. Gowdy hasn’t bothered to explain his peculiar conclusion.

Perhaps his departure from Congress next January won’t be as unfortunate as I had previously believed.

⦿ Even though there were seven killings and about 30 shootings over the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel bragged that things were getting better in the Windy City. It would appear that he is basing his optimism on the fact that only 23% of the shootings resulted in homicides.

So, if I’ve got this right, the Mayor is taking bows because his city’s black thugs are lousy shots.

⦿ So far as some of our banks and manufacturers are concerned, they’re so terrified at the prospect of losing China’s 1.3 billion potential customers, they’re only too happy to let China call the shots.

In the case of GAP, as reported by the intrepid Tucker Carlson, the clothing company was even willing to let China call the shirts. In this case, it was more a recalling of the shirts; specifically one bearing — for reasons I can’t begin to imagine — an outline of China.

The sin, in the eyes of the world’s largest prison camp, was that the shirts failed to include Taiwan and the disputed man-made military installations in the South China Sea.

It seems that China’s tentacles even reach into Hollywood, where Richard Gere is having trouble getting work because of his efforts on behalf of liberating Tibet and returning the Dalai Lama to his homeland.

Gere’s campaign deeply offends China and they have made their displeasure known to Hollywood. So, just as Tinsel Town pandered to the Nazis during the 1930s by refusing to produce any anti-Hitler movies during the decade, lest they lose the German market, today they’re only too happy to kiss China’s butt.

Instead, the paper tigers display their courage by calling Trump a dictator and firing Roseanne Barr, even though it cost a hundred innocent people their jobs.

That’s Hollywood’s idea of necessary, but unavoidable, collateral damage.

⦿ Although I don’t agree with Alan Dershowitz about many things, including his child-like belief that liar-Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Donald Trump, I give him points for acknowledging that the Mueller investigation is misguided and that the President, whoever he happens to be, has the constitutional right to fire the director of the FBI and has the authority to fire any member of the executive branch, if he feels like it.

I also agree with his take on civil liberties when it comes to the Constitution. He calls it the shoe-on-the-other-foot approach: If you condemn actions and statements by Democrats, you have to condemn them when Republicans are the guilty parties, and vice versa.

Otherwise, you’re just a partisan hack who lacks moral and political honesty.

⦿ Which reminds me that hanoi-Jane Fonda, whose photo should illustrate “hypocrisy” in the dictionary, confessed she lacked “the courage to speak up about Harvey Weinstein.”

One, I can’t imagine what a Hollywood has-been would think she was risking by calling out a rapist, unless, of course, it was the friendship of the movie mogul’s gal pals nOprah Winfrey and liar-Hillary Clinton.

Two, perhaps hanoi-Jane used up her quota of courage 50 years ago when she consorted with the Viet Cong and betrayed our POWs.

It leads me to suspect that the reason liar-Hillary Clinton doesn’t appear to be worried that she will ever have to pay for her crimes is because hanoi-Jane Fonda is still walking around free half-a-century after committing treason.

⦿ A mystery that continues to bedevil me is why it should be that blacks and whites face similar punishments if they rob a bank or steal a car, but when it comes to voicing racial bigotry, white people will always pay a severe price, whereas the worst thing that ever happens to vile black racists like the liar-nObamas, Al Sharpton, mad-Maxine Waters, scumbag-Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Sheila Jackson Lee, is that they are elected to high office or provided with megaphones by the left-wing media.



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