The left loves to go bat guano crazy over what they like to refer to as “white privilege.” It is their myth that white people get special benefits in this society because of their race.

If you want to go after a real privilege, how about going after Clinton Privilege.  What is Clinton privilege? It is the special way Hillary Clinton is treated, particularly by the media.  There is a stunning example of that that has popped up in the last few days.
What is it?

In the last couple of days, a photograph has emerged of Hillary Clinton being helped up the stairs of a house in South Carolina. Hillary Clinton is 68 years old. In the photo, she looks like an 88 year old woman.

Rumors about Clinton’s health continue to swirl, including new photos that purported show a physician walking with Clinton, with an anti-seizure injection pen ready to help Clinton if needed.

The photo, that was taken by a photographer with Getty Images made the rounds but there was something about that photo that most people missed. The photo wasn’t brand new. It was taken in February in South Carolina, while Clinton was campaigning there.

Think about the timing of that photo. It was right in the middle of the Bernie Sanders surge. The Democrat National Committee was doing its best to help Clinton defeat the 74 year old Communist.  This kind of photo might have had a huge impact on voters. Clinton’s health, as the health of any presidential candidate, should be a major campaign issue.

Yet the media is mostly silent.

Arguably the media buried this story.

Clinton’s health is a huge problem for her and the campaign. In recent years, she has fallen several times. She suffered a concussion and a blood clot to the brain.  She has instances of uncontrolled coughing and there is a video shot a few weeks ago that make it look like she had some kind of seizure while speaking to the media.

The media will not talk about Clinton’s health. It is just another bit of bad news about Hillary that gets swept down the memory hole. The media will not talk about Benghazi, nor will they talk about the Clinton Foundation or the email scandal.

And they won’t talk about putting someone in the White House whose health is arguably as bad as Franklin Roosevelt’s health was in 1944.

After all, if they talked about any of those things, it might hurt Hillary’s campaign. If the media had talked about those things this spring, Hillary Clinton might not be the nominee today.

Talk about Clinton privilege.



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  1. MUG

    Judson, Hillary was an activist during the 60’s and 70’s. She is acutely aware of the Nixon missing minutes on his tape. Why did the tape exist? Because Nixon privately and secretly recorded his Oval Office conversations. They were subpoenaed as part of the Watergate investigation. She is a lawyer. She knew her private email could be subpoenaed and it was against the law to delete them. There is no doubt in my mind she knew she was violating national security law as well as plain old common sense when she received and emailed classified information on her private unsecured server. The Clinton Privilege is not just in the media, but extends to the DOJ. For the FBI to say there is no evidence of intent is moronic on the face of it. Clinton Privilege includes Whitewater, Foster, Benghazi, email, national security, health, and all of Willy’s escapades.

    1. Kenny Sono

      Of course, “Nobody CARES” except conservatives, some Republicans and some Independents……. but Mug, you actually missed the biggest scandal of all!
      It’s quite ironic to me that the Queen of the “we CARE” party has a non profit FOUNDATION (so called Charity) that is a diversion trick from the very WAY the Clintons siphon off millions / possibly Billions of dollars from that “charity” to line their own pockets.
      If I might take a shot at it, I’d like to see if I can make a classic sound bite for the media here, to explain all that:
      Clintons show CARING – Big Time (provided you PAY them).
      Under those circumstances, another classic Democrat move is to start poking at the “horrible” rich people as if they’re automatically sinister and greedy even AS the Clintons succeed in this effort. Blaming others for what THEY are DOING is S.O.P. for Democrats and it is probably the essence of every formula in their play book.

      1. MUG

        You are right, I missed one that ought to take her down with those she has indoctrinated with the idea that the rich are evil. The entire Progressive agenda is about acquiring undeserved riches by stealing from those who earn and or create riches.

        1. Linda Dupere

          The Clinton’s are the untouchables! They can do whatever they please and not be held accountable ! The FBI and CIA are in their pocket! They are very dangerous! She was not held accountable for her e-mails and now the Justice Dept. has refused to hold her accountable for all her and Bills erroneous contributions to their foundation.
          Welcome to the USSR of America! We are heading down a sure path to the destruction of a once great nation!
          Obama said he would fundamentally transform America and now the Clinton’s will be elected to carry his platform to further the destruction of a once great nation! God save America!