When incumbent Mac Thornberry in Texas’ 13th Congressional District announced he was not seeking reelection, it opened the door for a new conservative to take an important seat in Congress.

Several candidates are running in the Republican Primary on March 3, but the clear choice is Chris Ekstrom.

Chris has been involved in politics for years. He served as Chairman of the Courageous Conservatives PAC, which has been instrumental in helping get conservatives elected and helping to support the Trump agenda.

Chris is a member of the National Rifle Association and has donated money to President Trump’s campaign, The Senate Conservatives fund and perhaps most importantly, to Texas Right to Life.

In 2021, President Trump will begin his second term.  It is absolutely crucial that we have solid conservatives in Congress and not just convenient conservatives.  We don’t need empty mouthpieces, who support the President and his agenda when they need it to get elected. We need conservatives in DC who will fight for the President’s agenda now and after the President leaves office.

Congressmen Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Ron Wright are all supporting Chris Ekstrom.    The District is R+33, so whoever wins the Republican Primary will be the next Congressman. 

Tea Party Nation believes Chris Ekstrom is the Congressman we need from Texas’ 13th Congressional District.  Tea Party Nation endorsed Chris Ekstrom to be the next Congressman from Texas’ 13thCongressional District.


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