The commentary below is well worth reading, so I’ve transcribed it here, with permission of the writer, James Hovda. 

A social medium blocked it and blocked him. To honor the First Amendment, please share it.


In 2016, Americans overwhelmingly elected a president to fix America. The election was fair and just. The laws of the Constitution applied. Only the three largest metropolitan areas gave the popularity towards the opponent.

For over 18 years, Americans have been beat and battered economically, religiously, culturally, educationally, spiritually, and morally by a socialist Leftist movement of “hope & change”. Since 2001, there has been a coup to fundamentally transform this nation into the opposite of its founding. The progressive-communist-globalist ideology that was introduced back in the Wilson administration has now come to fruition, leaving America a shell of what was intended to be a nation that stood above all others by giving its people the freedoms and liberties to become whom they wanted, go where they wanted, and live how they dreamed without abuse, tyranny, and retribution by its own government of, by and for the people.

Piece by piece, America has been dismantled. A nation founded upon religious ideals and principles has now become brainwashed into a belief that to live in the Judaeo-Christian lifestyle makes one a bigot, racist, and neo-Nazi fascist. To have conservative values also makes one the same. A nation that once pride itself on standards, values, morals, and principles has now become one that demeans such practices in favor of hate, envy, jealousy, greed, and retribution.

America once stood on top in education, science, technology, business, finance, manufacturing, innovation, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and military strength. All categories today find themselves having become dramatically lowered, as America now fights for any of its past recognitions.

America once set standards and practices. It has been America that people of other nations gave everything up in order to make it here to live the American dream in the American way. They once came here to assimilate. Today, they come here to change it.

Americans once lived in security. We trusted our family, friends, neighbors, businesses, communities, and governments. Greed and corruption have now removed that trust, as our security has dwindled to fear, anxiety, and frustration. Crime now pays. Victims become the criminal, while the criminal now becomes the victim. Justice has removed her blindfold. Lawmakers break the multitude of laws they enforce upon their public, as they live as kings and queens on the people’s money, while abusing their powers without remorse, remittance, or retribution.

Americans once left their doors and windows open, their keys in the car, their packages on the seat, their valuables on the dresser. The White House never had gates for decades, as it was the “people’s house” for all who wished to enter. Police once never carried a gun, as a bullet-proof vest, metal helmet, and tactical gear were worn only by soldiers in war. Bars were only found in jailhouse walls, and safes were only found in banks. Today, there has to be a camera at every corner, and alarm on every building. Door have security locks with special access. As facial and vehicle ID scanners are now watching everything that moves, and where it goes… no one goes unwatched. We are tracked by our phone, our messages, and our purchases. We are watched by hidden camera, satellite, and electronic devices once of James Bond fiction. Freedom and liberty have now become an illusion. Despotism now the reality.

So, where do we go from here? We certainly can’t go back. Are we destined to become a “brave new world” in a Huxley-Owellian “1984” world, where A.I. becomes the masters, and we their servants… controlled by an all powerful central government with tyrants and despots behind the controls? Is there to be a New World Order, whether we want it or not, as GHW Bush told us? Are we to abide by U.N. doctrine that reshapes our future into a Vision 2050? Are we to now promote socialism/communism/globalism as the Utopian dream of Lenin, Marx, and Alinsky for all? Are we to declare this “experiment” of a constitutional Republic of individual freedom and liberty a failure? Are we to surrender what we work for, what we fight for, and what we dream, only for the visions of those who will become our rulers, and we their slaves? Are we to forget the past to never learn from its mistakes, and to make everyone an equal regardless of who they are, their abilities, and their aptitude? Are we to burn our Bibles for the Qur’an?

I listen to news and talk radio practically all day. I hear the discussion about the problems, but rarely ever hear any solutions. I read books daily in search of an answer, yet everyone has a different opinion… no solutions are being applied. If America is supposed to be a Republic of, by and for the people, then how come we aren’t? Why are we told that we are the real power, yet we cower in our corners too timid to raise our hand to ask a question? Why do we let THEM get away with all they do, over and over, and over again? Why do we look to others to solve the problem, when it is in our own hand all the time? Are we all sadomasochists?

I come to you to pick your brain. I know you have an opinion, and I’m sure you have thoughts of how better we can make things. There are only but a few forums where we can go to great lengths to discuss things, rack our brains together, and seek a solution. College campuses certainly won’t allow it. Twitter and Instagram doesn’t allow the space. Here on FB we can give long answers, but few want to go no further than one small sentence, and emoji or meme. Here on FB we can reach each other, from coast to coast, easily. We like to post the world events, and share horrible tragedy, yet there only seems to be a few who will go beyond the FB status quo to discuss them.

I would like your thoughts and possible solutions, regardless who you are. Certainly, you have something to say, something to give. We, as Americans, do share this nation together, but we are quickly going into a division beyond mending back together. By the posts and brief comment you all give, we share the same ideals. We are frustrated and at our rope’s end, together. To quote a mentor of mine, “Nothing changes until we change”. By sitting quietly in our reclusion, nothing will change. We once made a lot of noise to change things, but were intimidated into silence by our enemies. We can rise up again… it all depends if we have the guts and fortitude!

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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