Conservatives often accuse establishment Republicans of not wanting to win. According to conservatives, they would rather lose than see a conservative win.

A funny thing has happened in the new post Obama world.

The same thing might now be said about conservatives.

I was a part of the Never Trump movement during the campaign. I didn’t support Donald Trump for one simple reason: I did not believe he would govern as a conservative.  Then something shocking happened.  Donald Trump won and started acting like a conservative.  President Trump nominated conservatives for most of his cabinet positions.

Had Ted Cruz won the election, his cabinet would be different but not by much.

Conservatives, who are still members of the Never Trump crowd have berated Trump since his election.  Shortly after being sworn in, President Trump issued some executive orders. He is freezing regulations. He issued an executive order directing the administration to unwind regulations created by Obamacare to help businesses and individuals.  The White House website now touts the new administration’s support for law enforcement as well as support for the Second Amendment.

What here isn’t good enough?

Donald Trump isn’t a perfect President. But neither was Ronald Reagan.  He’s started off right and is doing a lot of things right. He will undoubtedly be wrong from time to time and conservatives need to oppose him if he is wrong, just as conservatives opposed Reagan when he was wrong.

But those who are still spewing the never Trump rhetoric need to grow up. This is not about a man nor is it about them.  It is about America, liberty and advancing a conservative agenda.

Today, we are advancing a conservative agenda.  For some in the conservative movement, that simply isn’t good enough. For them, the leader must be perfect.

Conservatives have two choice here. We can work with the administration, when it is right, and we can advance a conservative agenda. Or, we can simply go sit in the corner, like spoiled, petulant children and accomplish nothing.

I vote for a conservative victory. I vote for freedom and liberty. I vote for working with President Trump and his administration when they are right.

There are some in the never Trump movement who will not work with the Trump administration, no matter what.  For those folks, here is a simple message: Grow up!  We have much more at stake than your fragile ego.  We must win.





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  1. Dennis LaGrua

    I cannot visualize a more conservative cabinet than President Trump has picked. These people will no doubt support and drive his agenda. Its about time that we start to support those who have contributed to making this country prosperous and not continue to shift the middle class prosperity to foreign bloodsucking “friends” that have only used the USA and contributed nothing to it. We must also be thankful the balance of the supreme court will be held conservative for a generation to come. On many train trips into Americas cities and across the country I have witnessed firsthand the thousands of rusted factories and the devastation to our once mighty industrial base. This was a keynote of the presidents speech last night and he is right on the money. We must change the direction away from globalism and towards Americanism.

  2. Larry Wallenmeyer

    Where DT governs and acts as a Constitutional-Conservative I WILL support him-
    where he governs and acts as himself I WILL NOT.

    FYI, this is from The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol:

    Bill Kristol ‏@BillKristol 23h23 hours ago
    Terms that don’t appear in Trump’s address: liberty, equality, freedom (though “freedoms” used once), duty, Constitution, self-government.

    Before someone says that’s nit-picking…READ THOSE OMITTED WORDS AGAIN.

    -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

  3. Larry Wallenmeyer


    Here are just a few of the reasons many Conservatives are still #NEVERTRUMP… myself included:

    Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

  4. Larry Wallenmeyer


    Here are just a few of the reasons many Conservatives are still #NEVERTRUMP… myself included:

    Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

  5. MUG

    I agree wholeheartedly Judson. I am bowled over by how quickly Trump went to work and what he has accomplished.

    His cabinet picks are impeccable.
    Somehow it’s comforting that our Secretary of Defense is a general with the nickname Mad Dog.
    Obamacare is already on the way out.
    The White House website on Climate Change has disappeared.

    Our new First Lady, Melania, displays an immaculate elegance reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, yet with her own distinctive air of sophistication. And by the way, I think highly of Michelle Obama as First Lady, but I have no use for her husband.

    There has not been widespread civil disobedience.
    Ostensibly Hollywood is “on strike.” How great is that.
    I wonder who will replace Whoopi and Rosie when they flee to Canada.

    The bust of Sir Winston Churchill is back in the White House, although I understand it is only on loan. It was a gift to President Bush by Prime Minister Tony Blair, but Obama insulted Great Britain by returning it to the British embassy telling them he didn’t want it in the White House.

    It hasn’t been 24 hours but I’m sure I missed a lot and can’t wait to see what has been accomplished by Monday.

    I too, Judson, am tired of the sullen, whiny, crybaby, mean spirited, pouting and complaining by the Never Trumpers. They are sounding a lot like the Democrat losers and can’t seem to take their eyes off the rear view mirror and look out the windshield to see what is happening. It’s time to quit dwelling on the past and work for the future. Support President Trump when he governs Conservatively and oppose him if and only if he doesn’t.

    1. Larry Wallenmeyer

      I will support when and IF DT does govern and act as a Constitutional-Conservatimve…BUT I posted and linked to REAL articles with REAL/SERIOUS concerns based on REAL facts.
      It is foolish to ignore DT’s entire LIFE, including up to now to take comfort in the mere words of a life-long, habitual liar, who BRAGS about his lying.
      It is foolish to trust America’s life, it’s future to a life-long liar and Liberal based on words that HE HIMSLEF has bragged are (very) often lies.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

      1. MUG

        Reverend, I too have concerns. I’ve been to this dance before and know that I might get my feet stepped on or someone might cut-in and leave me out in the cold or the tune might change to one I won’t dance to. I’m aware of the concerns and issues with Trump that you keep bringing up, but it’s time to quit harping and beating the past to death. If we can’t get over the past we can’t move forward. I’m glad my past doesn’t define me. I’m headed in such a different direction than I was before I learned to trust Jesus and God. It’s time to move forward and see what happens. Give it some time Reverend and see what God has in store.

        1. Larry Wallenmeyer

          It is precisely because I learned to trust and follow The Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Bible that I do not support DT., please read II Corinthians 6:14-7:1. It calls all believers to come out and be separate from the unrepentant.

          When Jesus Christ changes His Holy Word then I can change…that is NOT going to happen. God meant and still means what HE said.
          I and many millions more will choose to follow The Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Bible, and NOT the whimsy od a lying Liberal named Trump.

          Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

          1. Larry Wallenmeyer

            It’s not just DT’s past…he’s still a lying, arrogant Liberal.
            Bannon, Mnuchin, Flyn, Tellerson…$15.00 an hr. Minimum wage, nationalised Single-Payer Healthcare.. NOT Conservative.

            -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

      2. MUG

        “The Object of Our Hope.”

        There seems to be a new song resounding across our nation these days. The words are unique but you will likely recognize the tune:

        My hope is built on nothing less
        Than Donald Trump and Michael Pence
        I dare not trust the liberal’s game
        But pray they’ll all be put to shame

        With all my right wing friends I stand
        All other views are sinking sand.
        All other views are sinking sand.

        For this week’s devotional on “The Object of Our Hope.” CLICK ON: Weekly E-Devotion with Rev Daniel Henderson

  6. Agi Yaeger

    Judson, I couldn’t agree with you more. One of the reasons I have not responded for a while is because I had the feeling that members who have a change of mind since the election were not very welcomed, anymore from those who have been commenting.
    I, too, was a Cruzer all the way, however, I began to re-evaluate the situation after Cruz endorsed Trump. I must confess I was not in favor of populism, but after reading and listening to Trump’s agenda and plans, I began to listen closer.
    I like and respect his conservative staff and cabinet choices, hopefully his selection of the SCOTUS, too.
    We’re still at the very early stages of his presidency and I have a wait and see attitude.
    I’m impressed by the speed with which he began to tackle the unraveling of the last 8 years of Obama’s horrible policies. Now if we could only get rid of some of those democrat left over obstructionists in Congress, I’d be really satisfied.