If you think every debit card comes with monthly or yearly charges then you are wrong. This is not true. However, I know, most of the traditional banks charge annual fees and charges for letting account holders using debit cards. But, luckily, this is not the case with Square Cash App. Yes, Cash App which is one of the most popular apps at this point of time provides its users with safe, fast, and reliable debit card services. If the truth to be told, debit card service is one of many premium services offered by the Square Cash App.

A Cash App card can be beneficial in many ways for Cash App users. Anyone who has an activated Cash App card can enable Cash App direct deposit and get salary from employer, tax refund and stimulus check from IRS. Plus, you can enable boost and save a few dollars on every purchase. Lastly, but more importantly, Cash App does not charge any monthly or annual fee for offering debit card services. All the benefits anyone can avail by creating an account on Cash App. Only setting up an account on Cash App is not enough. You will be required to activate a Cash card as well. 

How to activate a Cash App card on a phone using an app?

If you have received your brand new Cash App debit card then you have two options to activate your card. First simple method is all about scanning a QR code and the second simple method is using your card details. You can adopt any of the methods according to your convenience. As the first method to activate a Cash App card by scanning a QR code is simple, so let’s understand this step first:

Navigate to the Cash App mobile application on your phone.

. Then, the next step is to select a cash-card icon available on the home screen from the left corner.

. Further, from the drop down menu select “Activate cash card” to add a life to it.

. Now Square Cash App might ask you to grant permission to access your phone’s camera.

. Allow Cash App to have access on your phone’s camera to scan a QR code.

. Now set your phone camera’s focus on your QR code and scan it.

. Upon successful scanning a QR code, your cash card will all set ready to spend money.

Important Note: Select the activate Cash App card with CVV instead if you can’t activate your Cash App card by scanning a QR code. And then do as mentioned on the screen. In this method of card activation, you will require to use your card number, CVV code, and expiry date. Make sure you enter all details correctly and carefully. 

How do I activate my Cash App using this site?

Sorry to say, the task of activating your Cash App card is possible only using a Cash App mobile app. Cash App official website also does not say anything about activating a Cash App card using a site. In future, if it becomes possible to activate a Cash App Visa Debit through the site, I will update this post. But, as of now you will have to manage with a Cash App mobile application. For more information, get in touch with Cash App customer service.


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