We need to take a tip from the Leftist MSM and stop reporting on the Soros/DNC/Communist Party sponsored riots. They don’t just want publicity, they MUST HAVE it, if their goals are to be achieved, but we have them by the “ying-yang”, as my Daddy says, the Leftist MSM can’t afford to report the riots in more than a passing, understated-type spin, because those riots puts their party and their agenda in a bad light. As a result they’re trapped into the necessity of relying primarily on the Conservative Media, broadcast, web and social, to get the word out.

All our lives Conservatives have lived mostly in a vacuum of silence, our ideas never actually discussed in the common public square, thanks to the Leftist MSM’s total blackout. That game can be played in both directions. It’s time we gave them what they’ve been giving us for decades and shut them out of the national discussion! The false Anti-Trump riots are a good place to start.

We need to practice self-control. Yes, the destruction being paid for by the Leftists is news. However, the Left has almost no self-control in any arena other than messaging. In that area they are in tight control of themselves at all times across the board. Think about it, the most explosive stories of NATIONAL importance, perhaps the biggest blockbusters EVER, one after the other constantly, have come out through Conservative media but, in total, the Leftist MSM has refused to whisper any more than the least offensive tidbits. Is that normal for real news reporters? Of course not, but they have managed it. Their message was what was important, and they weren’t about to report REAL news if it diluted or damaged the Leftists’ anti-Trump, anti-Conservative, anti-Patriotic, anti-Christianity and Christian Values message. Stories of the century(ies) or not, they would be blacked out and they were.

Are the riots real news? No, actually they’re not. A bunch of people without jobs and nothing better to do jumping at the chance to make some money just walking around carrying a sign, maybe with opportunistic looters thrown in? Groups of high school students offered… (by teachers and school administrators who have a Leftist agenda and have lied to the kids about the reason for their “outrage”)… a chance to skip class if they join the march, maybe even get some extra-credit for participation? That’s news? Not unless we allow them to become news. The real news is that our public schools have been taken over by Leftist hate-mongers pushing a Communist, anti-Christian, anti-freedom agenda that doesn’t include actually educating our kids in the critical life-skills they will need to survive in the adult world. Everytime you see a group of dutifully “protesting” kids, the first thing that should come to your mind is, “Why did the school officials allow those kids to leave school during school hours?” Answer that and you have the answer to the primary question we’re facing today: “How did we get into this situation in the first place?”

It’s time and past time for a total news blackout on the Leftists’ fully-funded astroturf anti-Trump riots. Then we start in earnest on the real instigators of our chaos, by blacking-out the Communist Leftists and their anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Family agenda.


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