by Bob Bennett

#BlackLivesMatter is more than a noisy protest group chanting about frying cops like bacon. Now they’ve gone global and revealed their true agenda.

No, it’s not just about cops; it’s about capitalism. BLM’s new platform, approved the first week in August, is strangely similar to that of the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party; it features “Divestment from exploitative forces including prisons, fossil fuels, police, surveillance and exploitative corporations.” This includes:

1. The retroactive decriminalization, immediate release and record expungement of all drug related offenses and prostitution.

2. A constitutional right at the state and federal level to a fully-funded education – special protections for Queer and Trans Students; free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education

3. A divestment from industrial multinational use of fossil fuels

4. A cut in military expenditures.

5. A progressive restructuring of tax codes at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth.

The platform also includes reparations, in various forms:

1. A guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people

2. Corporate and government reparations for the wealth extracted from our communities through environmental racism, slavery, food apartheid, housing discrimination and racialized capitalism [no clue what some of those mean.]

3. Mandated public school curriculums that critically examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism and slavery

A common purpose between BLM and President Obama is self-evident. For further proof, the White House has hosted #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Patrisse Cullors on February 20, 2015 when she met with First Lady Michelle Obama; hosted BLM leader DeRay McKesson on February 18, 2016 and again on May 17th.

#BlackLivesMatter is actually using what Glenn Beck called “the oldest Communist trick in the book”: “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out.” It works like this: the leftist government – the Top – initiates high-level radical change, while in the streets, the Bottom – activist groups, unions, thugs demand changes the Top wants – by softening up the populace with perpetual demonstrations and riots. The public is unaware that the Bottom is covertly aligned with the Top. Onetime Obama administration “green czar” Van Jones, an admitted Communist, used the term here.

BLM’s anti-Semitic Israel policy

The platform described above is decidedly Marxist. Along with that, is the required position of hard leftists: hatred of Israel. There’s no explanation for siding against a Jewish nation fighting terrorism except anti-Semitism.

The proof is, BLM not only opposes our support of Israel, it also aligns itself with terrorists, by disapproving of our War on Terror:

“The US justifies and advances the global war on terror via its alliance with Israel and is complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.”

BLM supports its position with lies both blatant and pathetic:

“Palestinian homes and land are routinely bulldozed to make way for illegal Israeli settlements. Israeli soldiers also regularly arrest and detain Palestinians as young as 4 years old without due process.”

Perhaps this plays well with the double-digit IQ set, but everyone else knows Israel demolishes the homes of terrorists – not to make way for settlements. And arresting 4-year-olds – really?

In August of 2015, Cullers joined “1,000 black activists, artists, scholars, politicians, students, ‘political prisoners,’ and organizational representatives to sign a statement ‘proclaiming their solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and commitment to the liberation of Palestine’s land and people,’” reported DiscoverTheNetworks. Among other falsehoods, it compared the Palestinians to incarcerated black criminals in the U.S.:

“Israel’s widespread use of detention and imprisonment against Palestinians evokes the mass incarceration of Black people in the US, including the political imprisonment of our own revolutionaries.”

BLM has Marxist ties and aims to destroy our civil society

According to DiscoverTheNetworks:

“Founded by Marxist revolutionaries in 2013, #BlackLivesMatter depicts the United States as a nation awash in racism, sexism, and homophobia, and openly promotes the murder of white police officers.

“BLM is closely allied with numerous groups that are fronts for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), a Marxist-Leninist entity that calls for the overthrow of capitalism. James Simpson has identified [19 of the many] FRSO fronts that are tied to BLM.”

#BlackLivesMatter’s activities have helped make high-profile martyrs of criminals like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and inflamed widespread hatred of police among blacks. This heightens the charged atmosphere generated by Obama’s anti-police rhetoric and the media, all of which has led to the fatal and nonfatal shootings of police in New York, Dallas and other cities. writes: “What matters most to BLM is finding a spark – e.g., allegations of police vigilantism – that can be used to ignite a race war; to take America back to the ‘long hot summers’ of the 1960s, when criminals were seen as radical ‘heroes,’ police had a bull’s-eye on their backs, and the streets of America’s inner cities ran red with fantasies of ‘revolutionary violence.’”

Support from radicals in government

A number of political leaders fed into this mission – President Obama, former AG Holder and New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. On December 7th, 2014 he launched a sneak attack – on the NYPD: on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, he said this:

“What parents have done for decades who have children of color, especially young men of color, is train them to be very careful when they have a connection with a police officer.”

Two NY cops were murdered following his rhetoric and protests that included BLM.

On the day she launched trumped-up charges against six police officers, in connection with Gray’s death, Maryland state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby made common cause with the protestors who had been allowed to run wild for at least a day:

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace,’” Mosby said in a nationally broadcast statement on May 1, 2015. “Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.” Five of the officers have since sued Mosby for defamation – The Washington Post

After Judge Barry G. Williams, himself black, acquitted three of the officers for lack of even a scintilla of evidence supporting the indictments, Mosby dropped charges against the other three. Clearly angry over the outcome, she vowed to work on changing the rules to deny defendants the right to choose a bench trial. Maryland is one of 16 states allowing that choice without the prosecution’s permission.

BLM now a part of an international movement

Investigative reporter Aaron Klein reports that #BlackLivesMatter is now active in several other countries. On August 5th, ten BLM protesters were arrested for blocking an access road to Heathrow airport, and five more were arrested in Birmingham, blocking access to that city’s airport. “The excuse for the latest civil disobedience was the fifth anniversary of the police shooting a 29-year-old unarmed black man in Tottenham,” wrote Klein, in Breitbart.

He also reported BLM activity in “Germany, the Netherlands and Canada.”

All of this indicates a coordinated attack on our civil society. Let’s face it: Anyone seeking to neuter the police is seeking anarchy. If you’re wondering how #BlackLivesMatter, a group formed online, only three years ago, can now cause unrest in five countries: they had help. Bigtime.

A massive hack and leak of documents from George Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) “confirm[s] that the Open Society last year approved $650,000 to ‘invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.’” –

This was not necessarily the sole funding OSI provided for BLM.

“The information was contained in a detailed 69-page Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting held in New York,” October 1st and 2nd, 2015. In part it said:

“Building on our existing networks and programs, OSI-Baltimore will focus investments on: 1) creating a culture of accountability for policing in Baltimore, recognizing the pervasive racism, disrespect and lawlessness that gave rise to recent events; and 2) building the capacity of activists in Baltimore to demand and achieve immediate and long-term reforms…” [Emphasis added.]

This is but one document among thousands released in the leak. These documents indicate a possible worldwide scheme to undermine societies in scores of countries. Breitbart London reports:

“A document entitled “OSIFE-Justice Initiative Portfolio Review – Ethnic Profiling in Europe” shows a coordinated effort to fund reports and advocacy to accuse European Police of discriminatory behaviour. This follows revelations in the United States that Mr. Soros and his foundation have been actively funding groups who are aggressive toward police, accusing them of discriminatory behavior toward minorities. [OSIFE = Open Society Initiative for Europe.]

“ ‘To date only OSF is willing to fund controversial documentation and advocacy that accuses European police of discriminatory practices,’ the report brags and details how through the Fund to Counter Xenophobia (Xen Fund) and the Justice Initiative (JI) the foundation has spent in excess of 1.7 million dollars on creating reports and funding advocacy groups who’s [sic] purpose is to undermine the reputation of the police and accuse them of discrimination.

“In the UK the foundation claimed that a study they had commissioned in the wake of the 2011 Tottenham riots,… along with their funding of the StopWatch campaign had led to ‘galvanized political action by the government.’ The StopWatch campaign [successfully] pushed for a decrease in the number of stop and search[es] made by police.” [Emphasis added.] The 2011 riots are the ones BLM commemorated in their recent Birmingham protest, as noted above.

This is precisely the same tactic used in the U.S. to fight “Stop and Frisk,” in places like New York City.

Anti-police protests likely aim to make black neighborhoods less safe

In a 2013 WSJ article by Heather MacDonald, the leading commentator on the neutering of police, she credits S&F with nearly a 75% drop in major felonies and an 80% drop in murders in NYC. The piece carries a photo of Al Sharpton leading a protest against New York’s S&F policy and discloses that:

“San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, after a discussion with [then-]New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, [who supported S&F] proposed upping San Francisco’s stop, question and frisk activity to combat a spike of shootings in the city’s housing projects. Protests broke out immediately. Local activists called police stops the ‘New Jim Crow.’ ”

Breitbart adds:

“[OSI’s] Xen Fund and the Justice Initiative spent hundreds of thousand[s] of dollars between 2011 and 2014 in France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. While the Black Lives Matter movement originated in the United States, the work of the Open Society foundation to lay a groundwork narrative of racial discrimination by police could explain the movement’s growth in European countries.”

If we intend America to survive as a free and safe country, we must act to block this malignant meddling in our society, and we must have zero tolerance for groups like BLM. The First Amendment guarantees “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

But: the Library of Congress Law Library tells us:

“The First Amendment does not provide the right to conduct an assembly at which there is a clear and present danger of riot, disorder, or interference with traffic on public streets, or other immediate threat to public safety or order.” – Jones v. Parmley.

Freedom must not include the freedom to destroy America.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Bob, I heard an amusing woman on the radio recently talking about somebody who said, “take that Sht to the suburbs…..” (in reference to rioting in her city). The woman on the radio was saying that won’t happen in the suburbs because:
    White people are armed and because:
    Police are protecting the people with more money.
    She had me thinking about that, and I realized that AS any group who is inspired by mayhem gets bigger, it must create enough trouble to get in the news or it will not succeed in getting enough attention to gain a single thing. Therefore, there WILL be violence by such groups and they will likely go after those they most typically resent (in this case Whites and/or Police).
    Police are armed so it’s kind of difficult to attack them without serious retaliation. So, like the moslims of the world, they may start going after softer targets / softer whites, in time. I suspect for example if Trump wins, they’ll start going after Trump people in no time at all. I also suspect BLM groups will go after any group openly admitting to be conservative and/or traditional Americans (especially reading your points above). So, in order for each and every person who MIGHT be cornered by this type of violence…….any time for any reason, it might be nice to be somewhat prepared.

    For Examples:…2694.8312.0.8631.….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.16.1186…0j0i10k1j0i10i24k1._JY7-ZAKQJo….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.20.879.KpPtkD2Ms-E….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.20.879.KpPtkD2Ms-E#tbm=isch&q=police+whistles….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.20.879.KpPtkD2Ms-E#tbm=isch&q=Emergency+self+defense

  2. Kenny Sono

    So Bob: What did you think of Donald Trump throwing down the gauntlet against Democrats total neglect of inner cities? To me, that is exactly what he should do FOR the benefit of blacks who are struggling to get ahead (and possibly even OUT of the inner cities). Also, he should probably come right out and state this as well:

    Tell inner city people how to get ahead starting RIGHT NOW:

    Step 1: Find a career or a person that does what YOU want to do.
    Step 2: Find out what people in that career position KNOW and immediately try to LEARN it.
    Step 3: Get books, magazines, on line courses, night school, college courses, and just ask people and take notes…….. and LEARN what those people in that career position KNOW. Learn it / start right now!
    Step 4: Make a plan to GET a job in that career field / and be humble and ready to start at the bottom. Even if you start sweeping the floor in a place you want to work, you can work your way up, one step at a time.
    Step 5: Put all aspects of your life aside so you can focus and getting and then keeping that job.
    Step 6: Work as hard and often as possible. Keep up great habits, be polite, helpful, and appreciate what you have. Always get up early and ALWAYS show up at work.
    Step 7: Never stop trying to learn MORE and trying to improve the position you have to get to the next position, up the ladder of success.

    1. Bob Bennett Post author

      I fully agree. What Democrats have done to black Americans, in order to establish a permanent underclass is a crime against humanity. Trump is the only one to call them out.

      1. Kenny Sono

        Well, I no longer think Trump has any chance of winning. Michelle Obama should get an instant Oscar for her half crying performance about Trump being a loser….. that stuff works.