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In case you didn’t hear, the New Testament has been banished from the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base near Cheyenne, Wyoming, in favor of something called the Book of Faith.

It seems that 31 active-duty airmen of “varying faiths and denominations” who are stationed at the base contacted the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and complained about the Bible that’s placed at their mess hall’s Missing Man Table, a table set aside as a tribute to their comrades in arms who are POWs or Missing in Action.

According to Col. Stacy Jo Huser, the book would contain “spiritual writings and prayers from the five faiths recognized by the Department of Defense, plus a page that would remain blank, apparently to appease those who don’t believe in anything. It does make you wonder to whom those chuckleheads address their prayers when their jets conk out at 35,000 feet. Barack liar-nObama, perhaps? Or to Whom It May or May Not Concern?

⦿ I believe that President Trump was right to launch a trade war with every country, including Russia, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany and England, but especially China. The whole bunch of them have been picking our pockets for years, but I wish he could have held off until after the mid-term elections when the tariffs on soybeans, motorcycles, cars, dairy products, booze, etc., could hurt the GOP, particularly in those states where the economies are finally starting to rev up after eight long years of liar-nObamanomics.

⦿ On the chance you might have thought that things could not get any more insane on college campuses, students as well as professors caught using inappropriate pronouns as determined mainly by transgenders and a group now calling itself the non-gendered, face being expelled or fired at the University of Minnesota.

I’m assuming that’s a punishment, although I, myself, can’t imagine why anyone would want to spend even another minute in an academic loony bin.

Things are not a lot better at Southern University of Louisiana, where students are allotted only two hours a week of free speech. I’m not sure what form the speech takes, but I suspect the students had better watch their p’s and q’s, not to mention their pronouns, if they know what’s good for them.

⦿ It occurs to me that TV commercials are always going on about how very spreadable various products, ranging from butter and margarine to jelly and cream cheese, are, but I would contend that none of them is smeared nearly as often or in as many places as Donald Trump.

⦿ Someone recently asked me if I could think of even a single productive thing that leftists can claim credit for, and the best I could come up with is that they make it easier for conservatives to die, knowing they’ll be spared having to see the final tragic demise of their beloved America.

⦿ In the wake of Arab leaders and journalists blaming Israel for everything from earthquakes to droughts, global-warming zealots are blaming soaring temperatures, otherwise known as summer, for an increase in suicides.

Even I would consider slashing my wrists if some smart cookie hadn’t come up with air conditioning, surely the greatest invention of all time, leaving sliced bread in its dust.

⦿ A photo of liar-Hillary Clinton dining alone with Harvey Weinstein shortly after her 2016 defeat recently went viral. Hardly the sort of thing that an alleged defender of women’s rights would care to have seen by millions of people.

All things considered, it would be like someone snapping a photo of Winston Churchill sipping tea with Adolf Hitler in 1943.

One can imagine old Harvey promising to raise even more money for her campaign in 2020, but what could she have possibly been saying to him, unless it was: “Why the hell did you hit on all those others, but never once hit on me?”

⦿ As if America’s well-financed environmental lobby didn’t cause enough trouble while liar-nObama was in the Oval Office, many of them are now on China’s payroll and filing lawsuits claiming that U.S. Navy training missions need to be curtailed because they’re creating environmental havoc. These are the same lunatics who ran amok claiming the sky was falling all because Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accords, which just happened to give China carte blanche to continue building dirty coal-burning plants until 2030.

⦿ The dummycrats-Democrats keep wanting to gin up controversy over open borders and Russian intrusion into our elections. I suppose they have to do something if they want stupid people voting for them in November. It’s a shame, though, that they aren’t sincere about actually solving problems.

If they were, they would simply insist that employers use E-Verify to ensure they are only hiring people who have the right to be here, and then set up machine gun nests at the southern border to discourage people from trying to sneak in. It would be a lot cheaper than building a $25 billion wall, no matter how big and beautiful it might be.

The other problem could be solved by insisting that paper ballots be used at election time and that voting would be limited to those who have authentic photo IDs.

Once that is done, people with dual-citizenship would be given a choice between the two allegiances. If they decide to be Americans, they could stay. Otherwise, they would immediately be deported to their first choice.

Barack liar-nObama could arrogantly insist he was a citizen of the world, but I didn’t notice him paying taxes to Latvia or voting in Bolivia.

If a person sneaks into your house, even if it’s not with the intention of robbing it or committing mischief, it doesn’t entitle him to sleep in your bed, eat your food, invite his relatives to join him or vote for dummycrats-Democrats.

What it entitles him to is a spell in the hoosegow, followed by a bus ride to the border and a warning that the machine guns he’s noticing are in good working order.



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