Barbara Comstock, the allegedly Republican Congressman from Virginia’s 10thCongressional district is arguably the most vulnerable Republican on the ballot in 2018.

Comstock is arguably a politician without a constituency.  She may be one of the squishiest Republicans in the House of Representatives. Liberals don’t like her because she is a Republican.  Conservatives don’t like her because she is, if anything, a liberal.

There is a Republican President in the White House, Republicans control the House and the Senate and Comstock is cheerleading for the other side.   She won’t defend the President. She won’t support the President. She won’t support conservative legislation. She is the poster child for the idea of draining the swamp.

The problem with Comstock is not that she is worthless. It is that she is worthless in a year when every seat counts.  She is not running on the Trump tax cuts. She is not running against illegal immigration. She is not even running on a conservative agenda.

A liberal Republican inspires no one. She won’t get cross over votes and she won’t get the base out. In short, if she is the nominee, that is another district that will go blue.

Control of the House of Representatives is too close to call right now. That is why Republicans need to win every seat possible.  They will not win Virginia’s 10thDistrict if Barbara Comstock is the nominee.

Republicans do have an alternative in the June primary.  Shak Hill is fighting Barbara Comstock. He is a conservative. He does support the President and he will be a vote for the President, not against the President.

Tea Party Nation has previously endorsed Shak Hill.  This is a race that must be won by a conservative.  Conservatives across the nation need to rally to help Shak Hill defeat one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress.


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