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      1. steve blades

        my issue is ….who are you to decide who gets a 2nd amendment right???

        this is how a liberal side steps law…

        maybe next you’ll say blacks shouldnt have guns…or mexicans…


        pretty simple

        1. Larry Wallenmeyer Post author

          Um, Blades, do you not understand humor, irony and sarcasm?
          LIBERALS are the ones killing.
          LIBERALS are the ones calling for gun control left and right.
          The IRONY is the ones most vile and violent are the one’s calling for gun control in the name of “Public Safety”.

          If you had a question as to the intent of the article WHY not ASK instead of a rush to judgment? WHY take it to the most extreme possible rendering and FALSELY accuse me of a belief I do NOT have?

          I do NOT want NOR promote any gun control laws for Liberals or anyone else.

          What is wrong with you Blades? You are always seeing the glass-half-empty, seeing things in the most negative light…WHY?

          -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

          1. steve blades

            if they are criminally insane then why are they not locked up????

            and who are the ones declaring them insane????

            and since when does a law stop a criminal???

            if we go by the current dictators all tea party and republicans are insane!!!!

            if you travel down a slippery slope your guaranteed to fall face first…

            so please apply caution when becoming a dictator for the day!!!!


            pretty simple unless your a fascist

          2. MUG

            Steve, you obviously don’t want to enjoy the irony that the Liberal’s logic for gun control can actually be used to make the case that it should be illegal for Liberals to possess guns. Some of us think it is funny to turn the tables on Liberals and use their stupid “logic” against them. We have laughed before at those of them who want gun control for others while they personally have concealed carry permits and are protected by armed security guards. Lighten up just a little, will you?

  1. MUG

    I like it Reverend. The ones who preach gun control are actually the ones who need to be controlled. I think even the most ardent 2nd Amendment supporter sees the value of trying to keep guns out of the hands of the criminally insane. In light of their record of gun violence, I think we can make a case that the Democrats are criminally insane. This might also disqualify them from elected public office.