by Burt Prelutsky

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Nearly every presidential address concludes with those eight words, although the “and” always makes it sound like an after-thought.

By this time, however, the words are beginning to ring hollow in my ear. I mean, it’s been well over 200 years since God divinely inspired the likes of Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams, to create this nation. With His help, they came up with a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution that was clearly based on Judeo-Christian principles of freedom and liberty.

With such a beginning – a combination owner’s manual and guidebook — how could we possibly go wrong?

But just look at us now. Without even pausing to think about it, parents are handing over their children to left-wing propagandists to be indoctrinated by so-called teachers who have replaced morals, ethics and independent thought in the classroom with politically correct slogans that pit the sexes, races and religions, against each other.

The media wraps inside the Kevlar cloak of the First Amendment, and then proceeds to ignore its essential purpose which is to report the news objectively, trusting citizens of a free republic to make up their own minds based on impartially recorded facts. Instead, like a suppressed press in a tyranny, it presents lies as news, constantly putting its thumb on the scales of truth and justice.

Then there’s the matter of judges, including those on the Supreme Court, who, instead of respecting their oath to respect and defend the Constitution, often voice contempt for the sacred document, and don’t merely rail at its limitations, but flagrantly ignore them by legislating from the bench.

The political class is even worse because they don’t even go through the motions of pretending to labor on behalf of this nation. Their loyalty is strictly to their party and to those portions of the population they rely on at election time, as they go about pandering to whichever voting blocs they have come to rely on and, additionally, stuffing their pockets with money from self-interest groups.

When it came to bestowing His blessings, God truly outdid Himself when He created this land. He saw to it that we had natural resources beyond imagining; two great oceans serving as moats, protecting us from potential invaders; the world’s richest farmland; and ancestors who had the guts to leave the past behind and strike out for the new world.

Having done all that, would it be unreasonable if God may have finally gotten tired of being asked for His blessing? After all, if a poor schnook like me looks around and decides that of its own volition, America is going to Hell in a handbasket, what must God think?

If there’s any truth that we are created in His image, what must God make of a society in which millions of able-bodied people think it’s just swell to have all their basic needs supplied by others; when millions more feel they can’t bear the thought of trying to get through a day without numbing themselves and killing off their God-given brain cells with booze, pot, heroin and pills; when still more millions think getting an education might be okay for some people who have nothing better to do, but that it’s nothing that holds any interest for them; when we have government agencies spying on Americans, not because there is any indication of treasonous activity, but for totally partisan reasons and because a corrupt FISA court system makes it possible; when even at this late date, pornography continues to be a growth industry; when half the nation’s babies are being born out of wedlock and a million more are murdered in the womb; when pedophilia is punished less severely than bank robbery and, occasionally, rapists are let off with a wrist-slap and a wink by demented judges who have decided “she was asking for it.”

⦿ We keep hearing that there is chaos in the White House, and it’s all because President Trump dumps one individual who has never held the job in favor of another individual who has never held the job, hoping it will be a better fit.

I may, based on rumor, think one person is better-suited than others to run the State Department or the Department of Veteran Affairs, but I’m not the one who, inevitably, will have to work with him and, ultimately, be held responsible if he screws up.

The members of the media and the politicians who run in circles, scream and shout, each time some bureaucrat is replaced, are only out to use any weapon at their disposal to bludgeon Trump. It helps, of course, that neither members of the media nor politicians are engaged in a meritocracy, and therefore needn’t worry about being replaced by people far better qualified than themselves.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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