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[NOTE: This is a compilation of already known and knowable facts that have been grossly under-reported.]


Adam Khan

1. Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page–plus Manafort and Stone–are under federal investigation for Russia ties
Call me old-fashioned but I’d like to know why Trump adviser Page met with sanctioned Russians, esp dude collecting intel on US elections

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2. Steele dossier notes Page was negotiating lifting of (Hillary-backed) sanctions with Putin-Tillerson pal Sechin

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3. Underreported: Carter Page himself was *personally* impacted by US sanctions on Russia because of his investments Always follow the $

4. Carter Page was back in Moscow in December, just days before (ex-KGB) Chief of Staff of Sechin (CEO Rosneft) was found dead

5. After impressing with his ties to a Ukranian oligarch, Page is moved to Moscow in 2004, right when Manafort also began working in Ukraine

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6. Before moving to Moscow, Carter Page used to work at the Pentagon-was he groomed by Russian intelligence?


7. At 2013 Moscow Miss U contest, Trump gets private meeting with CEO of Russia’s biggest bank, Sberbank, which finances Russian intel ops

8. While Putin didn’t appear himself at Miss U, he sent all the right people to meet with Trump, including his personal banker Herman Gref

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9. During the meeting in Moscow with Putin’s banker and other Putin pals, Trump discussed breakup of EU–a Putin goal


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10. So Sberbank–now on US sanctions list for funding Putin’s intelligence ops–sponsored Trump’s 2013 Moscow Miss U

Trump Moscow 2013 pageant was merely a cover for bigger dealings beyond a “Trump Tower Moscow”

Exhaustive, ever-growing Trump-Russia dossier created by turned into easy-to-read format by

Russia? What Russia? Never Heard of It.

Throughout the election and transition period after his win, Donald Trump has consistently claimed he has “nothing to do with Russia”. Scott Dworkin demonstrates that this isn’t exactly the case by looking into decades of ties.

Putin crony, friend to money launderers, head of 2nd largest lender in Russia, VTB Bank, to Trump: Lift sanctions-need to “compensate” us

To deny ties between DT, his hand-picked admin team and cabinet with Putin and Russia is a foolish denial of known and knowable FACTS…and very dangerous.

Will DT drop the sanctions as quid pro quo as he has already said he would?

IF so one must ask, “What nation is DT President of?”


-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.



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