Radicalization begins at home. It begins in the mosque. It just ends with ISIS.


After some of its quarter of a million Muslims headed to join ISIS, Quebec decided the answer was a $2 million anti-radicalization center headed by a specialist in cultural sensitivity. But if you’re about to be beheaded by a masked ISIS Jihadist, a specialist in cultural sensitivity isn’t going to help you much.

Western governments nevertheless keep rolling out their culturally sensitive approaches to fighting ISIS.

The key element in Obama’s strategy for fighting ISIS isn’t the F-15E Strike Eagle, it’s a Twitter account run by a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer which claims to “Counter Violent Extremism” by presenting moderate Islamists like Al Qaeda as positive role models for the Islamic State’s social media supporters. [NOTE: Um, who in their right mind thinks and calls Al Qaeda “Moderate”?!!]

So far 75% of planes flown on combat missions against ISIS return without engaging the enemy, but the culturally sensitive State Department Twitter account has racked up over 5,000 tweets and zero kills.

Cultural sensitivity hasn’t exactly set Iraq on fire in fighting ISIS and deradicalization programs here start from the false premise that there is a wide gap between a moderate and extremist Islam.  Smiling news anchors daily recite new stories about a teenager from Kentucky, Boston or Manchester getting “radicalized” and joining ISIS to the bafflement of his parents, mosque and community.

And who is to blame for all this mysterious radicalization? It’s not the parents. It certainly can’t be the moderate local mosque with its stock of Jihadist CDs and DVDs being dispensed from under the table.

The attorney for the family of Usaama Rahim, the Muslim terrorist who plotted to behead Pamela Geller, claims that his radicalization came as a “complete shock” to them.

It must have come as a truly great shock to his brother Imam Ibrahim Rahim who claimed that his brother was shot in the back and that the Garland cartoon attack had been staged by the government.

It must have come as an even bigger shock to Imam Abdullah Faaruuq, the Imam linked to Usaama Rahim and his fellow terrorist conspirators, as well as the Tsarnaev brothers, who had urged Muslims to “grab onto the gun and the sword.”

The culturally insensitive truth about Islamic ‘radicalization’ is that it is incremental.

There is no peaceful Islam. Instead of two sharply divided groups, peaceful Islam and extremist Islam, there is a spectrum of acceptable terrorism…

…The latest tragic victim of radicalization is Munther Omar Saleh; a Muslim man living in New York City who allegedly plotted to use a Tsarnaev-style pressure cooker bomb in a major landmark such as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Saleh claimed to be following orders from ISIS.

Media coverage of the Saleh arrest drags out the old clichés about how unexpected this sudden radicalization was, but what appears to be his father’s social media account shows support for Hamas.

Likewise one of Usaama Rahim’s fellow mosque attendees said that Rahim and another conspirator had initially followed the “teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood” but that he had been forced to cut ties with them when they moved past the Brotherhood and became “extreme”.

Despite the media’s insistence on describing the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate organization, it has multiple terrorist arms, including Hamas, and its views on non-Muslims run the gamut from the violent to the genocidal. 


Let me take Two “Money Quotes” from this as a Question and Answer for a REAL look at Islam:

1) There is no peaceful Islam. Instead of two sharply divided groups, peaceful Islam and extremist Islam, there is a spectrum of acceptable terrorism, 

So, what  IS that “spectrum of acceptable terrorism” ?

2) The Muslim Brotherhood, so-called “Moderate Islam”, has multiple terrorist arms, including Hamas, and its views on non-Muslims run the gamut from the violent to the genocidal. 

For those not able, or not wanting to make the connection let me make it even clearer:

There is NO peaceful Islam. ONLY a “spectrum of ACCEPTABLE TERRORISM” that runs from VIOLENT to GENOCIDAL!!     


You don’t believe me?

The thought of branding any “religion” as vile, violent and genocidal makes you squeamish?

Eh, I’ve plenty of proof…

Iran and North Korea's Nuclear Threat Increasing is leading us to believe there might be cooperation.


Iran. If their “Death To America” chants and latest missile launches weren’t enough, we now have North Korea’s nuclear threat increasing. As a result of their recent nuclear test, our Dear Leader has “condemned” Pyongyang, however, he did not do the same with Tehran. Both of these isolationist countries are advancing their nuclear tech at an alarming rate. What I find more alarming, though, is that most major news outlets don’t even beg to question that the two nations are working together.

Let’s start with the year 2007. An article from The Daily Mail nodded at the 2002 State Of The Union speech where George Bush had said Iran and North Korea formed an “axis of evil” along with Iraq. They had, at that point in time, been seeking plans for over a decade to be a state sponsor for terrorism. Now, fast forward almost fifteen years later. Iran has been planning and making deals with North Korea for over two decades.

I sit here, being 25 years old, and I can’t help but think: in my lifetime, nothing has been done about this. And outside of the Iraq War, I’m correct.


So, I SUPPORT Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration…but…there’s more… 

Iran and North Korea have not only helped each other, BUT both have been aided by Russia and China. Hmmm….

Now, HERE is where we, America, have a BIG problem.

Trump might come down hard on China, might. Though he has already backed away from recognising Taiwan/China.

BUT, here is the “fly in the ointment” so to speak. Even though it has been grossly under covered in the news, it HAS been strongly and clearly established that Trump is deeply, entangled and ensnared with Putin, Russian and the Russian mob. See HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, AND HERE.

That may cause Trump to balk, to hesitate, and in a game of nuclear WW III that is a recipe for defeat, even annihilation.

ALL this was known and knowable to anyone who dared to look and listen.

The fact that so many otherwise sane Conservatives have NOT and WILL NOT look into this is disturbing. And then these otherwise Conservatives join in with Trump, “The Alt-Right”, aka Liberals/R.I.N.O.s, and parrot “FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!”…

I am not doing this to be popular, nor liked. This has the opposite effect in today’s “Conservatism”.

But I am embracing and proclaiming the same Biblical-Christianity and same Constitutional-Conservatism that I have since 1976. I have NOT changed to mitigate to the current fads and fancies. I do NOT, and WILL NOT wet my finger and stick it in the wind to see what “New and Improved Modification” of (so-called) Conservatism is being blown about in the winds.

Right is and always has been and always will be Right.

It changes for NO ONE, at NO TIME- EVER.

And by the grace of Almighty God I will forever stand on The Authority of God’s Holy Word, the Bible, and upon America’s Founding Documents, and the principles and values they espouse.

So, even if I’m scorned and rejected as a crank…I will continue to seek, research, and present truth supported by facts and reality…not the latest Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report, Limbaugh version of truth. God’s is the ONLY truth. All else is judged by it.


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.



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