Barriers at least seven feet high and said to be unscalable (walls if you will) have been erected around what allegedly objective journalists keep reminding viewers is “our beloved Capitol and symbol of democracy”.

This step was taken following the kerfuffle that though profoundly serious still resulted in less damage to property and human life than the other civil disturbances that have gone on nearly nonstop since about Memorial Day 2020.

If such security measures are the proper response to deter those initiating the violation of law and assorted forms of destruction, then why is a wall around the border not as appropriate?

For ought our country as a whole be just as beloved and a symbol of democracy an an edifice — though awe inspiring as it might be — is at its most basic still just a government building?

Such legislative halls are, after all, the places from which those such as the IRS and DMV that evoke no such warm sentimentalities derive their authority to make our lives more miserable and burdensome.

By Frederick Meekins


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