by Burt Prelutsky


The honest answer to that question is yes and no. I always knew the John Birch Society wasn’t filled with anti-Semites and racial bigots, as it was often portrayed in the media, because I happened to know a few of its members. It’s true that I never signed up to be a member myself, but that’s because I never want to have others speaking on my behalf. If I’m going to be embarrassed, I’d prefer it to be with my own words.

I will confess that I’d be less embarrassed as a Bircher than I often am as a Republican. For one thing, the John Birch Society supports the Constitution as it was written by James Madison and not as it is interpreted by the likes of Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

My only connection to the Society is that I read its weekly magazine The New American, often cover to cover. I first became aware of it when one of my thoughtful subscribers gave me a gift subscription. I have since re-subscribed.

People are free to say what they will about the John Birch Society, but what I do know is that if Congress were filled with Birchers, liar-nObamaCare would have been gone by now, Trump’s big beautiful wall would already be built and the majority of our elected representatives wouldn’t be working themselves into a dither on behalf of people brought illegally into our country by their scofflaw parents.

⦿ The good news is that Gina Haspel was confirmed by the Senate. Now we can just hope that Trump did a better job selecting someone to head up the CIA than he did when it came to picking people to run the FBI and the Justice Department.

The confirmation vote exposed the moral vanity of Rand Paul and rino-Jeff Flake, who voted against Haspel because she had played a role in waterboarding terrorists who had killed a great many Americans. It also exposed the Senate Democrats who are the most worried about their chances of being re-elected in November. Anyone who is gulled by the likes of Joe Manchin, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Warner, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly and Bill Nelson, voting to confirm Ms. Haspel, into thinking that these liberal party-liners have experienced a conversion, should don a dunce cap and take a seat in the corner. With the exception of Warner, whose term doesn’t end until 2020, these are Democrats who are running for re-election in November in states where Trump remains very popular.

Speaking of elections, I have to laugh when Democrats insist they won’t base their campaigns entirely on their hatred of Trump. Some have said they will run on the issues, particularly the economy. That should be a laugh riot. I can’t wait to see the clowns playing down the historically low unemployment rates, the record high Stock Market, the increased salaries and corporate bonuses and the public’s general optimism about the Republicans having lowered the tax rate entirely on their own, while extolling America’s economy under liar-nObama.

⦿ Has it occurred to anyone else that if the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un takes place next month in Singapore it will bring together the two men with the funniest heads of hair in the world? At least they’ll have that in common and, based on my own experience, it’s always good to have an ice breaker on hand when you’re meeting someone for the first time.

⦿ The NRA finally took my advice and went on the offensive last week with a TV spot featuring Steve Willeford, the man who shot and killed Devin Kelley after he’d shot up the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26 parishioners and wounding 20 others. It’s one thing to say the best antidote to a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun, but it’s far more effective to show the good man.

⦿ I understand that Democrats favor Palestinians over Israelis by a 2-1 margin. But, considering how much liberals claim to care about ecology, wouldn’t you think they’d have second thoughts when they saw the Arab rabble setting tires on fire during their recent attack on the Israeli/Gaza border?

The only thing I can imagine that is more toxic than burning rubber is the combination of hypocrisy and anti-Semitism so prevalent among liberals and the Jew-hating members of the United Nations.

⦿ Is some Washington dentist offering to straighten teeth at discount prices? How else to explain that on the very same day I spotted Fox’s Martha MacCallum and Kimberly Guilfoyle, along with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, all wearing braces on camera?

⦿ Remember when Donald Trump was called crazy and ridiculed when he claimed that liar-nObama spied on his campaign and even wiretapped the Trump Towers? It turns out that occasionally when people claim they’re being stalked, it’s not paranoia, it’s a matter of fact.

Perhaps, I can’t help thinking, if the FBI hadn’t spent so much time working initially to defeat Trump and then, having failed at that, trying to bring down his administration, they might have been doing the job they allegedly signed up for – such as preventing Stephen Paddock and Nicolas Cruz from killing 76 people and maiming nearly 900 others.

⦿ rino-John McCain was no great shakes as a senator even when he was showing up for work. But he hasn’t even cast a vote since December 7th. Wouldn’t you think he would have resigned by now so that Arizona could be fully represented in the U.S. Senate? It would be win-win because instead of worrying about getting back to Washington, it would give him more time to work on the guest list for his funeral.

⦿ Although the members of the mainstream media let the world know how offended they are when Trump refers to them as purveyors of fake news, they can’t resist the opportunity to prove that, as with his claims against the FBI, he is right again.

Otherwise, why would the NY Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, the AP and even C-Span, have all pretended that when the President called the swinish members of MS-13 “animals” he was slandering all the illegal aliens?

Still, even I would say he misspoke in referring to the vicious gangbangers as animals, none of whom, to the best of my knowledge, wield machetes and make a practice of raping teenage girls and turning them into prostitutes.

⦿ As much as I dislike having to listen to Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Leslie Marshall and Marie Harf, on Fox, the person I dislike the most at the network is Chris Wallace because, unlike the others, he tries to disguise his leftist beliefs by posing as an objective commentator.

The fact is Mr. Wallace is a registered Democrat and a Never-Trumper. When questioned about his party affiliation, his mealy-mouthed response was that it was mere pragmatism. “It’s the only feasible means of participating in the political process in heavily Democratic Washington, D.C.”

That is such a blatant and foolish lie, I can’t even bring myself to ridicule it.

One thing I did learn about him is that after divorcing the mother of his four children, he married the ex-wife of Dick Smothers of Smothers Brothers fame.

⦿ Joe Neuner submitted a few of Will Rogers pithy observations about politics that prove that America lost a national treasure when his plane crashed in Alaska, and that our political landscape hasn’t changed much, and certainly not for the better, over the last hundred years:

“Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we pay for.”

“Last year we said, ‘Things can’t go on like this,’ and they didn’t. They got worse.”

“The taxpayers are sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. It might be worth the expense except they keep coming back.”

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress convenes.”

⦿ Finally, the answer to the question you have all been dying to ask me: I distinctly heard “Laurel…Laurel…Laurel.” However, just as distinctly, my wife heard “Yanni…Yanni…Yanni.”

But, all the while I was thinking “and Hardy…and Hardy…and Hardy.”



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