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One of the above is a real news article mocking rumors, the other is mock news “reporting” real news…which is which?


[NOTE: Both articles were long, I winnowed out quite a bit, but the excerpt from each article is considerably longer than normal, for which I do not apologize. Read a little now, read more later…refer to this as reference source material for explaining the Biblical and Constitutional reasons you can NOT vote for either major candidate.]

Reconsidering My Opposition to Trump

By  |  September 21, 2016, 05:36pm


I realize saying Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is, in my view, “anti-American” offends some or comes off as hyperbolic, but I think her candidacy is fundamentally anathema to and is fundamentally in opposition to basic, historic American values. I believe the founders of this country recognized individual liberty as negative liberty. It was not what individuals could do if government helped them that made this country great. Rather, it was what individuals could do if government left them alone…
…Gertrude Himmelfarb wrote, “What was once stigmatized as deviant behavior is now tolerated and even sanctioned; what was once regarded as abnormal has been normalized . . . . As deviancy is normalized, so what was once normal becomes deviant. The kind of family that has been regarded for centuries as natural and moral – the ‘bourgeois’ family as it is invidiously called – is now seen as pathological.” Clinton’s Presidency will lock that in….
…In short, I see the election of Hillary Clinton as the antithesis of all my values and ideas on what fosters sound civil society in this country. Further, she should be in jail…
…So I should at least here and now, as the race draws close, reconsider my opposition to Trump…
In so doing, I have to admit that while I may view Hillary Clinton’s campaign as anti-American, I view Donald Trump’s campaign as un-American
Clinton offers a tyranny of the minority and Trump offers a tyranny of the majority. Clinton offers neither safety nor freedom and Trump offers safety at the expense of freedom. While I see Clinton as having no virtue, I see Donald Trump corrupting the virtuous and fostering hatred, racism, and dangerous strains of nationalism…
…More importantly, while I think Hillary Clinton will do long term damage to the country, I believe Donald Trump will do far more damage to the church, which must be my chief priority. A Clinton Administration may see the church besieged from the outside, but a Trump Administration will see the church poisoned from within…
When I see Christians defining deviancy down to justify a political decision, I see a real problem for the church. When I see Christians saying we have license to choose bad men because God chose bad men, I see the sparks of apostasy. Many of my friends have turned themselves over to the anger Trump displays. I see friends on twitter in meltdown, tweeting profanity at others, spending their time on radio attacking friends by name for refusing to yield. That is not healthy. But not only is it not healthy, it reeks of desperation.“This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world” (James 1:27). Trump has openly championed funding an organization that would murder the would be orphan and sell his organs while he has cheated widows and single moms of their money. And more and more Christians are championing his stains while staining themselves…repentance stands in studied contrast to Donald Trump who has three times said he never had to ask for forgiveness and only recently said his advance of the church, if he is elected, might be the only thing that gets him into Heaven…
…So many pastors who email me to beg me to reconsider and so many others who write do so because they think this is the last best chance to get this nation right. They think we will turn a corner after which we cannot turn back. While I concede they may be right, what I see is a level of desperation causing them to place their trust in one strong man instead of God. And, in truth, I do not concede they are right, but have concluded we are already past the point of redemption when the best either party can do is offer up Clinton or Trump. We are beyond the point of looking to five black robed masters to save us from ourselves when we put up either a Clinton or a Trump. The seriousness and virtue of the voter is in the grave already and my Christian brethren for Trump yearn for an idolized past that never existed in a future that is not theirs, but God’s, to shape…
…Christians looking for a strong man to protect the church instead of the strongest man who conquered death is a terrible thing to see. Many Christian leaders are engaging in a kind of syncretism, trying to blend patriotism with Christianity. They seemingly argue that if the nation falls, the church falls and for the church to rise the country must rise. But Christ has already risen so the true church is in no danger of falling. The gates of hell shall not prevail…
…Seeing men like Wayne Grudem and others beclown themselves trying to justify support of a man like Trump makes me weep for the shallow faith of a church more wrapped up in its Americanness than its Godliness…
…Scripture tells me (and you) that believers should have nothing to do with any person who holds himself out as a Christian and is unrepentant.

But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church[a] whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

1 Corinthians 5:11-13

We instruct you, brothers, in the name of [our] Lord Jesus Christ, to shun any brother who conducts himself in a disorderly way and not according to the tradition they received from us.

2 Thess 3:6

…It is not just because of my values, but for Donald Trump’s own salvation that I cannot embrace him. For Wayne Grudem and Janet Parshall and other Christians to support Trump in his present rebellious state against God to serve their political interests is selfishness.

Here now is a man in Donald Trump who sees no need to be saved and has no understanding of a faith he professes. And he sees Christians cheering him on in his rebellious state, defending him when they blasted others for the very same sins.

The whole purpose of shunning the unrepenant sinner is to drive him to God. Yet, Christians in America are cheering on this rebellious sinner providing him no reason at all to repent. American Christians in politics are so busy trying to save their political interests they are ignoring scripture and losing a soul to hell…
…That I see so many Christians justifying Donald Trump’s immorality, defining deviancy down, and turning to anger and despondency about the future tells me I cannot in good faith support Donald Trump because his victory would have lasting, damaging consequences for Christianity in America. We harm our witness and the testimony of the strength of our Lord by embracing the immoral, unrepentant strong man. We harm our American virtue by buying into the idea that one man can make America great again. Further, we risk losing Donald Trump’s soul for the sake of our selfishness.

Lastly, for those who compare Trump to Cyrus, God never asked his people to support Cyrus’s cause, only to accept him as their ruler. God never asks his people to choose between the lesser of two evils. God uses all men, from pharaoh to Trump. And he can do so without making Christians endorse the person’s sins…
I think Hillary Clinton will do lasting damage to the country. I cannot vote for her.

Having reconsidered my opposition to Trump, I think Donald Trump will do lasting damage to the witness of the Church in America and I therefore cannot vote for him…


If You Are a Trump Supporter These Are The 9 Things I Assume About You

But this is not about Donald Trump.  No, this is about you.

For the Donald has said and done a number of things that many analysts have stated should have knocked him out of the race.  But rather than causing him to lose ground with you, you have stood faithful.  In fact, with each successive event, you not only did not let it bother you, you applauded him all the more.

Therefore, I can assume that the things he has said and done are not only acceptable to you, but are the kinds of things you think will make America great.

So while I get the frustration, I just want you to be aware – if you are a Trump supporter, these are the things I assume about you:

1) You think a great America consists of disrespecting our nation’s veterans, particularly our POW’s.
On July 18, 2015, Trump said of former Navy pilot and POW John McCain, ““He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Also worth noting, around the time McCain was being held prisoner after voluntarily enlisting as a Navy pilot, Trump had received four student deferments from the draft and a medical deferment after school, though he’d been active in sports.

So I can only assume since, after all this, you are still very excited to place Trump as the leader of our nation’s military,  and that respect and support for our military personnel and veterans is not that important to you.

2) You believe that in a great America it’s okay to mock people with physical disabilities.

At a rally in South Carolina last year, Trump mocked Serge Kovaleski, a reporter known to have a condition called arthrogryposis which affects joint movements.  Because Kovaleski denied that a 2001 article he’d written supported one of Trump’s claims, Trump publicly “imitated” Kovaleski, jerking his arms about in a manner reminiscent of the disability’s symptoms.  Though Kovaleski had covered Trump extensively during the 80’s and early 90’s, meeting with him repeatedly and knowing each other on a first name basis, Trump denied he was mocking Kovaleski’s appearance, claiming that he didn’t even know him….

…In other instances, Trump has been accused of mocking Charles Krauthammer, who is paralyzed from the waist down, and of making fun of a protestor for being overweight.

For any other public figure making such disparaging remarks it could be almost career ending.  But since you not only seem to have given him a pass but applauded him along the way, perhaps it even says something about you.  Could it be that you thought his mockery was quite funny, too?

3) You think a great America is where a woman’s purpose is to be a beautiful piece of a**.

Trump & womenTrump famously said in an interview with Esquire in 1991, “”You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of a**.”  Granted, that was in 1991, but while his views of many different things have frequently changed throughout the years, there’s no evidence that his views on women have.

And while he doesn’t hesitate to compliment the physical appearance of women, he also just as easily degrades them as well: insulting the face of Carly Fiorina, saying a female columnist had “the Face of a Dog,” calling a lawyer “disgusting” for needing a break to pump breast milk, and implying debate moderator Megyn Kelly was asking tough questions because of menstruation.

This is not to mention disrespecting his own first wife Ivana by having an affair and marrying his mistress who was 17 years his junior.  Ironically, Trump tweeted in April of last year, “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” So if it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault that her husband had an affair, was it Ivana’s fault Trump had his?  Should we assume that his 2nd marriage didn’t last because she didn’t satisfy him either?  To his “credit” he seems satisfied for now with his 3rd wife whom he married when he was 58 and she was 34…

It is also difficult for me to understand why so many women support what he says.  Could it be if you are female and support him you simply think less of yourself, and could it be if you’re male and support him you’re just less of a man?

4) You hope for a great America that strongly dislikes or refuses to accept entire people groups (and there’s a word for that).

nazi trainLast year Trump made controversial comments that Mexico was sending us drug dealers and rapists as an argument for why we should round up and deport millions of illegals and build a wall.  He also proposed that we put a ban on all Muslim immigrants.

Many, as a result, have accused him of being a “racist.”  That’s a tough label to stick on those statements alone, however, because officially he is arguing for the segregation of illegal activities and ideologies rather than any specific race – though, it’s hard to deny that his proposals would end up affecting large groups of certain races or ethnicities.

But it’s the continued pattern of activities and statements over a period of time that has many designating the label.  Perhaps it was because he tweeted out a graphic falsely claiming that the majority of white murders are perpetrated by blacks.  Perhaps it was because he was his complicit in the beating of a “Black Lives Matter” protester at one of his rallies.  Perhaps it’s not just his own actions but the fact that his own father was involved in a segregation scandal through his real estate business.

Yes, in our PC world sometime we get a little hypersensitive, but when the verbiage and actions of an individual keep adding up, there’s a point in which you simply have to call it what it is.

But if that label of “racism” won’t stick, there’s another word that should.  Its definition is:

a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.: a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, that word is “bigot.” has the broader definition of “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.”  With his aggressive attack style, it’s hard to imagine a person more intolerant of other’s beliefs or opinions than Trump.

As Dana Milbank states in his Washington Post article, “It might be possible to explain away any one of Trump’s outrages as a mistake or a misunderstanding. But at some point you’re not merely saying things that could be construed as bigoted: You are a bigot.

As a Trump supporter you have not only failed to hold him accountable for any such statements or actions, you have often openly cheered him.  Is it possible that one of these definitions also fits you?

5) You look forward to a great America that is politics as usual.

In the last two decades Trump has gone from being a Republican to an independent to a Democrat and back to Republican.

trump-and-clintonsHe previously supported universal healthcare but now opposes it.  He once proposed a tax increase on the rich but now stands against it.  In 2010 he praised President Obama as having done a good job but now describes him as “incompetent.”  In 2008 he supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign and In 2012 he said she was a terrific woman; but now he states that she is “the worst Secretary of State in the history of our nation.”

He once said he was “very pro-choice” and now he says he is “very pro-life.”  In 2000 he supported longer waiting periods on gun purchases and a ban on assault weapons but now is against those.

Up until 2011 he had made more financial contributions to Democrats than to Republicans. {NOTE: ALL of the Republicans DT has supported are Liberal R.I.N.O.s.]

Just on the recent campaign trail itself he has flip-flopped on issues such as ISIS, Syria, Afghanistan, Planned Parenthood, military spending and the flat tax.

Despite the overall impression he has of being a straight-talker there is no way anyone can know where he truly stands on any issue.  Instead of being the outsider, he ultimately ends up saying what people want to hear rather than standing firm on anything.

Many Trump supporters will defend that politicians change their positions all the time.  I rest my case.

Trump is politics as usual and you support it.

6) You fight for a great America where the ends justify the means and things like faith and character do not matter.

In your frustration and desperation for change you have compromised some of the very things that were once important to you.

There was a time where the particular faith of the President was of extreme importance to you.  Right or wrong, many of you even questioned in the last campaign whether we could trust a Mormon president.  You questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s faith, arguing that he is really a Muslim.  But now you strongly endorse a candidate who is clearly not Christian.
Yes, I said it.  I am almost always one who declares you cannot judge another person’s heart – that we will be surprised in the end who will actually make it to heaven.  But in this case, aside from his recent misstatement of “Two Corinthians” instead of “Second Corinthians;” aside from the truth that in spite of his claim that the Bible is his favorite book, he can’t name a single favorite verse; aside from the fact that the church he claims to attend has said he is not an “active member” (not one of these alone would necessarily disqualify a person from being a “Christian”) he also has admitted that he never asks God for forgiveness – a central tenet to the Christian faith.  Add in his questionable moral behaviors, his “love of money,” his ultimate lack of humility, and his complete disrespect for others (all indicators that he does not follow Christ nor represent his character) and I’ll say it again: Trump is not a Christian…
…Many of you were the first to question President Clinton’s legitimacy to the office because of his extra-marital affairs and yet you still “stand by your man” when it comes to questions about Trump’s past love life… 

…In addition, 22 writers for National Review, considered the bastion of conservative thought, just came out to declare that Trump is not a true conservative and, in fact, is a “huckster” and a “menace to American conservatism.”… 

…And as much opposition Trump has expressed toward so many leaders at home and abroad, the one person he has expressed admiration for is Russian president (some would say dictator) and communist Vladimir Putin.

In short, in your effort to try to make America great, you have compromised on all that you once believed…or maybe you never really did…

7) You believe in a great America in which the best way to win is to bully (and maybe you’re a bully, too).

We promote anti-bullying campaigns in our nation’s schools and put out statistic showing its links to teen suicide.  Yet many of you are making a hero out of one of America’s most well-known bullies.

It’s no secret that when challenged, Trump’s modus operandi is to attack a person’s character rather than substantively address the issue.  No one who has questioned him is free from his degrading wrath.

HIs decision to publically give out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number and social media bashing brings to mind the maturity and scheming of a teenage Mean Girl who belittles everyone around her.  Only this Mean Girl you want to make into the school Principal…
…As clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis says in the article, “To degrade people is really part of a cluster-B personality disorder [which Narcissism is part of]: it’s antisocial and shows a lack of remorse for other people. The way to make it O.K. to attack someone verbally, psychologically, or physically is to lower them. That’s what he’s doing.”

Narcissists also have a tendency to be dishonest.  Licensed clinical social worker Wendy Terrie Behary, states, “Narcissists are not necessarily liars, but they are notoriously uncomfortable with the truth.”

Michaelis adds, “He’s applying for the greatest job in the land, the greatest task of which is to serve, but there’s nothing about the man that is service-oriented. He’s only serving himself.”…

So why support a narcissist and a bully?  Is it, again, because the ends justify the means and you’re happy for him to do the dirty work?  Or is it, like in all the movies, bullies have their sidekicks?  If you’re a supporter, are you a bully, too? …A lot of what he says may be funny now, but if you ever disagree with him, some day he might be bullying you…

8) You dream of a great America with a strong central government that monitors and controls civil liberties such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press (and possibly even the right to bear arms)…

…Trump has already hinted he would use Executive Orders to the same degree President Obama did, for which Obama “led the way.”

He has also said that we should place surveillance on certain houses of worship and has been open to the idea of keeping a database on people in the U.S. who practice a particular faith.  For many of you this idea of the Federal government monitoring and tracking these individuals and places doesn’t bother you because he was referring to Muslims and Muslims right now scare you.

But what happens when an extremist who claims your faith does something terrible and the Federal government decides it’s time to start monitoring you? 

And in terms of speech, Trump has already demonstrated he’ll use whatever means necessary (giving out a person’s cell phone #, having protesters thrown out, verbally assaulting and social media bullying, and even boycotting debates) in order to silence his opponents…

…Furthermore, there was his questionable statement about closing down the internet:

“We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that Internet up in some way… Somebody will say, ‘Oh, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”

In regards to the press, Trump has threatened to sue the Washington Post for reporting on one of his bankruptcies.  His own lawyer once warned a newspaper that if they reported about rape allegations against Trump, he was going to mess up the reporters’ life.  He stated, “Tread very f—ing lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f—ing disgusting.”

Now if he’s currently willing to use whatever weapons he has available to him to try to quell any opposing views or press reports, what happens when he has the chief lawyer of the land (the Attorney General), Homeland Security, the FBI, the Bureau of Land Management, the IRS, the ATF, and other Federal offices at his disposal to continue to do the same?

Trump claimed he was so much loved, he could stand in the middle of a street and shoot someone and not lose any votes. …

…First, does he think families of shooting victims really find that funny?

Second, why is he even thinking about shooting anybody?

Third, what does that mean he is saying about you?  Does he really think you’re that blind of a follower that you just wouldn’t care?

Fourth, what are the implications for putting a bully, so sure of himself he feels he has zero accountability, in charge of the highest office in the land?

Will he then feel he is able to order the shooting or removal of anyone he wants and never lose your unwavering support?

That said, if you are a Trump supporter I also assume of you one of the following two possibilities:

9a) You think a great America is one that looks like Hillary Clinton.

clinton testifyEarly on, many speculated that Clinton hoped for Trump to be the GOP candidate because he is the one she could most easily defeat. …Trump has indeed deeply divided the Republican party with many conservatives coming strongly against him.  He has also alienated a large portion of the Hispanic vote.  And neither he (nor any GOP candidate) ever really had the African American vote; but because of his bigotry and racism he’s quickly losing many of the white voters who care about them….

…If the eventual nominees, however, end up being Clinton and Trump, I will not in good conscience be able to vote for either one…My vote, therefore, in good conscience would have to go to an independent or a write-in…and there are many just like me.  Translation: the eventual winner would be Clinton; so I assume Trump supporters are comfortable with that….

9b) You think a great America is one that looks like Donald Trump.

angry trumpTrump has promised to “make America great again,” invoking the idea of making it great like the past.  Most discerning people now recognizes that there are things in our past that were good, such as things your “momma” or “daddy” taught you about honesty, hard work and respect, and there were things in our past that were bad, such as bigotry, misogyny, and abuse of power.

So far Trump’s demonstration of “great” seems to be a return to our past in what was bad, while ignoring the things that were good.

Many conservatives themselves, including “Tea Party” leaders, have said that Trump is actually dangerous for America…

…And yet, you as a Trump supporter, so far have ignored this, along with all the other warning flags…

…While he may not claim to be a prophet, Libertarian author David Boaz heeds a similar warning now for us when he wrote for the National Review:

Not since George Wallace has there been a presidential candidate who made racial and religious scapegoating so central to his campaign. Trump launched his campaign talking about Mexican rapists and has gone on to rant about mass deportation, bans on Muslim immigration, shutting down mosques, and building a wall around America. America is an exceptional nation in large part because we’ve aspired to rise above such prejudices and guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to everyone. Equally troubling is his idea of the presidency—his promise that he’s the guy, the man on a white horse, who can ride into Washington, fire the stupid people, hire the best people, and fix everything. He doesn’t talk about policy or working with Congress. He’s effectively vowing to be an American Mussolini, concentrating power in the Trump White House and governing by fiat. It’s a vision to make the last 16 years of executive abuse of power seem modest.


But it’s not so much Trump I am concerned about as the people.  Are we really now the kind of people who want such a king?  Does this person really represent our values?  Does he really represent you? … 

…Now if you are a Trump supporter, perhaps I’ve made some wrong assumptions….And if I’m wrong, prove me so.  Stand up to him now…

…If Trump were to get the nomination and then go on to win the presidential election, that means one thing: that Trump (through his actions and his words) represents what the majority of Americans have become and want more of.  That means Trump is America and America is Trump.

If that is the case, then America not only will not be great…I’m not even sure America is or will be even any good.

So the question is…America, are you great or are you Trump?

I guess we’ll start to get a picture soon, beginning Feb 1 (pronounced “first).


This is just me now…


Whine and boo-hoo all you want about this being a broken-record, more-of-the-same, same-song-different-verse…

I will say it AGAIN:


THIS is the most critical election since 1860, IF we get this wrong then America will have completely passed the point of NO return…if we haven’t already.


So, read, and use as reference material or…don’t read and go back to “whatever”…



 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.





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    1. Larry Wallenmeyer Post author

      Among many other places where I said what TO do/how to get it RIGHT the answer is found summed up in the last paragraph of this article I did a week ago:

      In summation what TO do/how to get it RIGHT is:
      1) Pray.
      2) Seek God’s Word in prayer.
      3) Think, believe, talk, act and vote accordingly.
      4) Many Scriptures AND many practical reasons are given in the above articles for guidance.
      5) Based upon a prayerful and studied understanding of God and His Word NO Christian can with a clear conscience before God vote for either of the two major party candidates, both are equally vile, wretched and Liberal to the max.
      6) I am voting, and urge EVERY Christian and Conservative and real Liberty-LOver to vote for Evan McMullin, the only Christian and Conservative IN the race.
      IF EVERY Christian and EVERY (real) CONSERVATIVE would vote for Evan he would win…IF…
      But, my personal observation of the social, political, moral and economic landscape in the light of history and The Bible says we have a very good chance of getting this REALLY WRONG…

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.