I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I always look both back and ahead, personally and at the greater world.  It is amazing the difference a year makes.  A year ago, after the end of the Cruz campaign, I was convinced Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump won the election. He has yet to win the hearts and minds of all of the Republicans, much less a majority of the nation.  But his advocacy for draining the swamp has made mortal enemies of the so-called “deep state” and bodes ill tidings for the future.

A few days ago, multiple media reports indicated that the so-called “special prosecutor” was investigating the President for obstruction of justice, was a game changer that few realized.  Before that, I thought President Trump, regardless of people’s opinions of him, would make it through his first term and quite possibly a second term, if he wanted it.

Now I believe the chances of him surviving his first term are at best 50-50.  Obstruction of justice is one of the most nebulous charges in the United States Code.  It is easy to charge, often easy to obtain a conviction on, but harder to save the conviction on appeal. But by the time the appeal is done, the damage is permanent.

The sole purpose of the special prosecutor is to drive Republicans from office. Specifically, they want to drive Donald Trump from the White House. The special prosecutor’s office has been loaded with radical, left wing Democrat attorneys and they have no limits on their mandate.

Assuming they are successful, and I put the President’s chances of survival at no greater than 50-50, Mike Pence will become the 46th President of the United States.  But Pence has already lawyered up, which is a smart move on his part.  Pence could well be the subject of at least an inquiry.

But remember, the goal of these special prosecutors is not simply legal victories. They all supported Obama and Clinton. They want political victory.

And that is why I see dark clouds on the horizon.

While political violence was quietly encouraged by the Obama Regime, in the last year, we have seen an explosion of that violence from the radical left. Even some liberals who object to violence are noticing and complaining.

The Democrat Party has moved so far to the left, they are now full blown socialist and Marxist.  They do not believe in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They do not believe in liberty or freedom. They believe in power and tyranny.

If the Democrats ever get power again, this time they will not let it go.  There is a reason why the Democrats fight voter integrity issues every time. They do not believe in the will of the people. They believe they should rule.  The key word there is rule, not govern.

Imagine a future where Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi hold the levers of power.  Most of the rights guaranteed under the Constitution would be meaningless.  The Democrats have already shown they want to subjugate the rights of Christians to other members of their coalitions, including the radical LGBTQ groups and Islamists.  They want to regulate speech and deny the right to speak to anyone they deem engaging in “hate speech.”

When Republics fall, they are almost always replaced by a dictatorship.  The danger signs are here.

While I don’t agree with President Trump on every issue, I support President Trump. At this point, there simply is no other choice.

If President Trump is driven from office, the radical left wins.  They may or may not drive Mike Pence out but it won’t matter. What will matter is they, with their willing allies in the media, will try a replay of the 1974 and 1976 post-Watergate elections, where the Democrats took absolute control of government.

If that happens, America will become like California.  America will become a one-party state because the left will not allow Republicans to win another national election.  And as the GOP loses the national elections, they will start losing state elections as well.

There is very little time left.

By the time I celebrate my birthday next year, the issue will probably be decided.

And then we will know if liberty and freedom will survive in what was once the freest nation in the world.


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  1. MUG

    You are scaring me Judson. I keep thinking things are on the verge of turning against the Democrats. Trump’s popularity is apparently now higher than Obama’s (Rasmussen). Midterm elections next year are hopeful if the economy continues improving and healthcare is stabilized. Where is the military in all of this? They are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Don’t you think the Supreme Court would expedite and overturn an unlawful impeachment. Do you think it will provoke an armed citizen uprising if Trump is impeached? I agree it feels helplessly like a crap-shoot, but I know from our history books that there was a darkest hour before dawn when defeat seemed inevitable, but when the sun rose our flag still flew over Fort Sumter. I am not a Pollyanna, but I will not yet give up hope.

  2. DAHL

    Every day we hear unrelenting negative criticism of the president by the radical left
    media and it never lets up. Do the majority of the people really believe this scurrilous false B.S.? Certainly the Communists and the Socialists love it, but is the opinion of the average working Joe being swayed? I think not. If I said only negative things about you Judson and never said one thing positive, only the most ignorant people would believe it. That’s whats happening with the fake news. The globalists tried to take President Trump down during the election and failed. They are just continuing that strategy and I believe will fail again. You can’t win anyone over with a constant negative fake news narrative and as more people turn to the internet the truth gets out. .