Donald Trump has a reputation for being a showman. You would think that if he really wanted to be President, he would do a better job of showmanship.

But like everything with his campaign, he is not surprising us with anything and what he is doing is very disappointing.

What has Trump done?

Word is now leaking out that Mike Pence of Indiana is going to be his Vice Presidential nominee.  We can only hope the delegates at the Republican convention put an end to this insanity.

To call Mike Pence a disaster is an understatement.  Movement conservatives remember him well. He is a guy who would never stand and fight for anything. He would never run for anything unless he was assured of victory.  Some conservatives in Indiana are already mocking him because many believe he will not win reelection as governor this year and the VP slot is an easy way out.

Movement conservatives will neither forgive nor forget what he did when Indiana passed its religious freedom restoration act.  As soon as there was criticism of that bill, he immediately went into back flips and contortions to appease critics.

Pence is probably the kind of VP that Trump wants. He will not overshadow Trump, nor will he contradict Trump. Newt Gingrich was allegedly under consideration but Gingrich has shown he is willing to stand up to Trump, and that is one quality Trump does not like.

Trump could have reached out to a respected movement conservative to build a bridge. But no, he didn’t do that. He is more interested in reaching the supporters of Bernie Sanders than he is in reaching conservative voters.

Pence is totally milquetoast.  The VP is supposed to be an attack dog.  As bad as New Jersey governor Chris Christie is, he would have been a far better attack dog.

2016 should have been a banner year for the GOP.

Instead it just keeps getting worse.

At this point, the only question is, how bad will the loss be this November?  And will there even be a Republican Party in 2020?


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  1. Dahl

    I listened to Pence speech last night. He sounded strong and presented many of the facts correctly. It was impressive but Pence is a politician and like all politicians finds it politically expedient to appease the voter base. As for Trump he is not a hard conservative but what makes you believe that this is what the American people want? The American people want jobs, opportunity, a better standard of living, to see our manufacturing base restored, to have our country safe, strong, to practice our faith freely, and to keep our first second and forth second amendment rights that we seem to have lost. The people want to keep the violent immigrants out and expel those that are already here. With Donald Trump we will also get the conservative supreme court judges that most of us want. In Nov there are only two choice for president that have any chance of winning. Still don’t like Trump/Pence then vote for Hillary and the third world status that will result