On Monday, this nation celebrated the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  America created two of the most incredible documents, setting the stage for freedom and liberty, the world has ever known.

Unfortunately, in many parts of America, liberty is on the wane.  This is especially true in the so-called “Blue states” where the dominant Democrat Party is obsessed with destroying the rights of real Americans.

Leading this assault on liberty is the state of New York.  Its governor, Andrew Cuomo told people who are conservative, pro-life and pro Second Amendment that they “had no place in New York.”

The New York state Senate has passed a bill to create a terrorist registry.  What could possibly go wrong?

The registry makes public information about people who are put on it, much as the sex offender registry does.  Except there is a catch.  People put on this list include not only those convicted of terrorist offenses, but it also adds people who are merely suspected of terrorism.

The bill authorizes the state to go and obtain a current photo, fingerprints and a DNA sample from the “suspect.”  Perhaps New York has never heard of the 4th Amendment.

To call this bill an Orwellean nightmare is an understatement.

Based solely the word of some nameless, faceless bureaucrat, an American citizen can be added to a “terrorist registry.” Without any proof, other than the word of some nameless, faceless bureaucrat, they are required to submit to being fingerprinted and have a DNA sample taken from them.

The registry will be open to the public.  Anyone can get online and search.

In the pantheon of stupid ideas, this one is pretty far up there.  For someone who is convicted of terrorism related activities by a court of law, their photos, fingerprints and DNA sample

What happens to the poor American added to the registry without any proof of terrorism?  What happens when his or her neighbors, friends or employers discover they are on this registry?

If there is one truth about government programs, it is that they always grow. The real question sane Americans need to be asking is, where does this program go, once it is created?  What is next? Will the state start restricting where someone can go because they are on this registry?  Will someone who has never been convicted of a crime, but put on this registry suddenly be told you can’t fly.   Oh wait, we already have that. The no fly list has not captured a single terrorist but has made it impossible for some two year olds to fly.  Will Americans who have never been convicted of a crime, suddenly be told you can’t pick up your child at school because you are on this list?

The problem with the list is the massive potential for abuse.  Lois Lerner, in her decades of abusing the rights of American citizens, showed us how this is possible.

Liberals have proven over and over again, they are quite willing to abuse the rights of real Americans to help them gain political power.  Now they want a terrorist registry.

What could possibly go wrong?


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  1. MUG

    Wasn’t it the Obama Administration that wanted to include veterans as a category in their list of potential terrorists? Aren’t there politicians and academicians who want Christians on the list? Doesn’t Cuomo think gun owners as a category should be on the list? Isn’t this just going to be a list of Enemies of State to the Progressive Republic of Whatever?