Two years ago, the Tea Party was riding high.  The Tea Party had cheered the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. The Tea Party had brought about a Republican majority in the Senate, much as it had done for the House four years earlier.

Yet today, we face a stunning defeat.

How bad is this loss and can anything be done?

Since 2009, the Republican Party has become remarkably responsive to the influence of the Tea Party. Liberals like Arlen Specter are gone from the Republican Party.  Until recently, Republicans talked about limited government, reducing the size and reach of government and keeping government within the constraints of the Constitution.

No more.

Today we have Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee. Whether you like him or don’t like him, pay attention to what he is saying. He is not even giving lip service to the idea of shrinking the government.  He is not even talking about cutting government or cutting taxes.  Trump talks a lot and says very little.  He has it talking points of, “make America great again,” but he does not go into a lot of detail about that.

In light of the recent murder of five police officers in Dallas, an old clip of Trump was recirculated.  The quote he gave in December 2015 said that if he were elected President, he would issue an executive order mandating the death penalty for killing police officers.

99.9 percent of all homicides, including the homicides of police officers, are state crimes.  States set their laws and their penalties. Does Donald Trump now propose that the federal government is going to override the states on these issues?

While Donald Trump is talking about the “Twelfth Article” of the Constitution (there are only five), perhaps he has forgotten about the Tenth Amendment.

Our founding fathers warned us that liberty would remain safe in this nation only as long as the federal government was restrained. They created a form of government and a constitution to do just that.

Today, both major candidates want to expand the size and scope of the federal government.

For each, the only question is how much.




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  1. Bill589

    I think Donald is the right person for the Conservative job.
    Ted has lied way too often to be believed anymore.
    (“I will support the nominee.” – TC lying again.)

    Over and over I keep hearing that Donald is destroying the Republican Party – but they say it as if it is a BAD thing….

    The Party of, by, and for the Permanent Political Class must be destroyed in order for it to be replaced with a Party of, by, and for The People. And ‘destroy’ is the right word, because these corrupt GOPe bast**ds have not and will not give up without a fight.

  2. Kenny Sono

    How many times (in Life) do we all have to choose between doing nothing or picking between ONE or the OTHER choice? It’s all too often. It’s not usually our own fault, but is routinely the fault of the “collective” and their lack of “wisdom” and/or character and/or knowledge of principles of Conservatism, common sense and ideas put forth by the Framers, the Bible, and our ancestors.
    This is such a time. I am forgiving and understanding of Donald Trump and his frequent disappointments. Most of that is motivated by the crystal clear Devastation to America that Hillary Clinton embodies. Pick Trump or watch America sink like the Titanic under Hillary’s supervision. That is our choice. Not MUCH of a choice if you ask me and yet, pretty obvious which way to go.
    Meanwhile, if any of you can convince yourself to make Trump your choice, then you need to realize (Like Judson and Blades for example) that non stop pot shots at Trump is NOT going to help. It is in fact, only going to further the chance Hillary will win and if she wins, we’re so totally screwed…… it will probably take several decades to fix, by which time most of us will have left the planet.

  3. MUG

    Judson, your article is about Trump not limiting government and increasing government authority at the expense of our Constitutional Freedoms which makes him unacceptable as POTUS. Those who support Trump only have one argument, and that is that Hillary is unacceptable. They know that Trump is just as unacceptable as Hillary, so they must have a motive for continually insisting that Trump is the lesser evil. I would like to hear a reasoned objective argument from them as to why big intrusive government with Trump as POTUS would be better than big intrusive government with Hillary as POTUS. Neither of them is acceptable! Period!

    1. Kenny Sono

      Mug, IF you look for a pattern and for connections to things that are happening and have been happening for a few decades now… will see why Hillary is the Queen of things that need to stop / not to accelerate.
      The white house lit up with gay colors because (actual rumors from real people in D.C.) Hillary is gay.
      George Soros is behind Black Lives Matter and he wants so much chaos, we will have no choice but to allow Socialism / Communism to calm the waters in the US.
      Hillary is not against white men or black men; she and the Left are simply against Men. They’ve done their will on black men / they’ve taken everything from them including respect. Now, they want to drive the nails in the coffin on the rest of men. Sixty million dead babies helps women stay in jobs and in power.
      Deflating sex roles allows women to rise to the top.
      Ending manufacturing and huge unemployment the media can’t (won’t) prove even exists is part of this.
      Trillion of dollars going to WHERE? Enormous networks of fake help from and for Government (tax) dollars are at work and some people are getting rich skimming the cream off the top of the American economy.
      This is a clear strategy and it could only work BETTER if Hillary becomes President. That would cement all the corruption and basically kill the middle class, the family, religion, the economy, and our military. Everyone would become so sad and so deflated, we would have no choice but to accept the Socialist arrangements of Hillary, even as she demonizes the entire Congress / except the Liberal women.
      If you’re not seeing any of this, it’s simple: You’re not LOOKING.

      1. MUG

        Kenny, I see all you say about Hillary. I don’t dispute anything. But, I am not wearing blinders that limit my vision to Hillary. Read Judson’s article again and tell me that it’s all wrong and you dispute it. You can’t. So tell me why Trump’s version of big intrusive government is preferable to Hillary’s. Don’t tell me how bad Hillary will be, I already know. Tell me how good Trump will be. I say neither is tolerable. Just because Trump does not have an out in the open political history does not mean he will be a better POTUS than Hillary. His behind the scenes political maneuvering over the years reveals his true sympathies. “Actions speak louder than words.” He is a Progressive Liberal trying to mimic Conservatism. He is using his vast negotiating skills to convince voters to vote for him in spite of his record. He is like a little kid who is trying to convince Mom that he can be trusted not to get into the strawberry jam in spite of the fact that he regularly steals cookies from the cookie jar. If he were a committed Conservative now would be the time for him to step up and be a leader. Most of the country wants a leader they can get behind who will demand Hillary be prosecuted and punished and lead us into battle if necessary.

        1. Kenny Sono

          Mug, I agree with all your points, but……… let’s just admit this about Trump. He’s like a big guy in a bar that may have had too many shots of whiskey. As this continues, some people get tired of him and get even louder than him and start a food fight and the entire bar starts to take Sides.
          Ultimately, some middle aged Lesbian with a Chairman Mao pants suit on gets up and says some really nasty things about Trump. Soon, there are half a dozen “girly men” standing behind her and Trump gets tired of the whole thing, and he invites her to send ALL the guys behind her into the alley out back.
          You sound like somebody who might just pay his check and leave quietly out the front door. Personally, I want to go out back for two reasons: I want to see if Trump can take all those Liberals single – handedly. I really don’t much care how reckless he is, how loud he is, or how obnoxious his drunken behavior might be. Also, I want to consider making sure Trump doesn’t end up in the dumpster at the hands of half a dozen Liberals.
          So, OK sure…..he’s not the President I would have picked. I wanted Cruz. I would have been happy with half a dozen others including a few women, a few Blacks, and I would even have been OK with Rand Paul. But this isn’t up to me anymore, and so: I’m going to pick. I’m not staying home. I’m not letting hard core left wing Feminism destroy the country in the name of Liberal Progressive Socialism….if I can help it. The Congress would excel with Trump in power. The Congress would shrivel up and cave on nearly everything / even worse than they did with Obama, if Hillary wins. The Supreme Court is going to be worthless for fifty years if Hillary wins. The economy could take off if Trump wins; it will crash and burn if Hillary wins. The military will be completely gutted and/or filled to the brim with gays if Hillary wins. If Trump wins, we’re BACK on the planet again. So some things are really different, and OK maybe other things are just seriously concerning.

        2. MUG

          Kenny, I like you. You are the kind of guy I would trust my back to. I agree trump comes off like a barroom brawler, and it seems natural to him. Your contrived bar fight is believable in today’s world. If I was with friends I would stay and watch their back, and I do have friends in this fight. The only point you make that I pay attention to is SCOTUS. We know for sure what Hillary will do. We know what Trump says he will do. We don’t know for sure what Trump will do. I don’t trust him to do what he has said. The final ballot is not yet printed and things can still change. I’ve said before, when I fill out my ballot, it’s nobody’s business but mine. Meantime, I do not support Trump.

          1. Kenny Sono

            Mug don’t get me wrong. When I vote for Trump I won’t be bragging about it. I won’t easily admit that I did. That approach may be the first Vast Right Wing Conspiracy we’ve ever actually accomplished; hundreds of millions of people are likely to vote for Trump and not admit it!

  4. Glen Saunders

    I don’t think that’s what Trump means at all and your article is nothing more than a rag based response to a Liberal mindset. Your rationale is not what the Tea Party is about and is not representative of what the American voter is looking for in our next president. Clinton is a lying crook and the very last person we want as a Commander in Chief. Trump may not be an ideal choice but he is certainly better than what we have now and what Clinton represents. Republicans have the majority in the House and Senate now. What do we have to show for it? They rolled over and gave Obama everything he wanted in a budget. They turned their backs on the American voters that elected them. Then put a speaker in place that’s more Muslim than American….Don’t bad mouth the only chance we may have. If you can’t support him just go away……You are certainly not helping us.

  5. okieturkeyhunter

    I dislike and distrust Donald, he does NOT understand the Constitution and/or the limitations it places on the Executive branch of “our” government. Having said that, I FEAR Hillary, and will hold my nose again and vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ and hope that he is truly that.

  6. Dennis

    True Judson but if Trump is not elected what do we get from Hillary, Sanders, Warren and all the other far left liberals that will influence or control government? Your argument assumes that one person can/will run it all. This cannot happen and with Donald Trump the Tea Party will still have a voice in both houses of congress. At least with Trump we get a platform on halting illegal immigration, bringing jobs back from China and Mexico, fairer trade, a conservative supreme court , the end of Obamacare, the protection of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and better law and order. Bottom line is a no vote for Trump is a yes vote for Hillary. I hate to break the bad news to you but there are only two candidates on the Nov ballot that have any chance of winning the presidency.