Last week, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

While most Republicans voted for this bill, a few did not. Some of them are good people, who had solid reasons for doing so. But some stepped up to support a bill that is good for the nation, at the cost of being attacked by the radical left.

One of those who stood up for America was Congressman Paul Cook of California’s 8th Congressional District.

Many in California opposed H.R.1 because it severely the deduction for state income taxes, which helps subsidize liberal states like California.  Congressman Cook took a stand and pointed out that 90% of his constituents would see their taxes go down.

Since the vote, Congressman Cook’s office has been inundated with left wing hate calls.  The Democrats are screaming revenge against every Republican who voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs bill. They are even screaming for vengeance against those who voted against it!

On the conservative side, we have a real problem. We are very quick to attack people who don’t agree with us.  Congressman Cook is not always with conservatives.  However, he exhibited great courage when he fought the liberal establishment in California and voted for America and the tax cuts this nation desperately needs.

Tea Party Nation thanks Congressman Cook for his courage in voting for tax cuts and American jobs.   Congressman Cook’s Washington phone number is 202-225-5861 if you want to call his office and thank him for helping to make America great again.


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